For choosing a sturdy and durable wardrobe design, people usually opt for wooden wardrobe designs. Wood is a strong material which can withstand all the different seasons and wear and tear of daily use. Choosing a wooden wardrobe design entirely depends on the taste of the person. There are a lot of different types of woods and different types of patterns and designs to choose from. We will be discussing a few in this article.

White Bedroom Wardrobe Design

white bedroom wardrobe designs

A typical white bedroom will have white ceilings walls and all white furniture. While choosing a while wardrobe one should contemplate factors like the exposure of the room to dust and dirt or simply whether they are up to cleaning the wardrobe more than usual. A white wardrobe is typically beautiful and adds brightness and light to the space and makes it look bigger while it also means cleaning of the same more often.

Transitional Bedroom Design

transitional bedroom design

A bedroom with neutral colors usually comes under a transitional bedroom. Your bedroom will be a calm isolate place for you to relax with such neutral shades. Colors like light brown, beige, gray, dark gray and cream are usually calming and pleasant to the eye.   

Gray Bedroom Wood Wardrobe Designs

grey bedroom wood wardrobe designs

Design by : Chris Snook

For a classic look, you can obviously go for a gray wardrobe and have yellow or any other bright color accent to make the whole thing pop out. Gray is a subtle color which usually gives a soothing vibe to the room. Not only that a well-polished gray wooden wardrobe gives a classic metal look. You can also see French Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Contemporary Bed design with Wood Wardrobes

contemporary bed design with wood wardrobes

Having bright colors is a good option if you want your space to look lively. Red color beds contrasting with cream walls and wooden wardrobes is a classic look one that is very easy to put together and thereby very common these days. Basic colors like red, green, black and blue are usually cheaper than other colors; they are ideal for dorm rooms and hostels.

Modern Wooden Bedroom Wardrobe Design

modern wooden bedroom wardrobe design

A complete wooden bedroom provides a cozy and warm feeling to the room, adding beauty to the whole ambiance of the room. You can choose to have a wooden fireplace in the bedroom to give it the complete cottage look.  

Elegant wood Bedroom Wardrobes with Ceiling Light Designs

elegant wood bedroom wardrobes with ceiling light designs

Light plays an important role to any room, whether it is your bedroom or your living room. The correct placement of light is therefore very essential. Along with placement you also have to make sure that the light are in sync with the mood of the room. Whether you want a more bright room all through the night or whether you want soft and warm light and a bright study light depends on you.

Navy Blue Bedroom Design with Blue Plank Wooden Wardrobes

naby blue bedroom design with blue plank wooden wardrobes

For particular color lovers, you can have the room of your choice of color. Like we talked about a red themed bedroom we can similarly have one with blue themed. In such cases always make sure that you use gradual shading and layer up different shades of blue.

Dark Black Plank Wooden Wardrobes for Elegant Bedroom

dark black plank wooden wardrobes for elegant bedroom

If you want to have a black wardrobe then make sure that you keep the other parts of the room light. It is best suggested to club the black wardrobe with white walls.

Most Elegant Modern Wood Wardrobe Bedroom Designs

most elegant modern wood wardrobe bedroom designs

According to us, an elegant wardrobe is one which is well planned for. You should know how big of a wardrobe you want and how much space you will require for the things you have or might buy in the future. You can also see Attic Bedroom Design

Amazing Bedroom Interior Design with Blackwood Wardrobes

amazing bedroom interior design with black wood wardrobes

Blackwood is great if you are looking for that contrast highly elegant look. White walls and light colored sheets and pillows go well with a black wardrobe.

Wooden Wall Loft Bedroom Wardrobe Design

wooden wall loft bedroom wardrobe design

Modern Country Bedroom Wardrobe Design

modern country bedroom wardrobe design

Design by : Carolyn Parker Interior Design Ltd.

Wood Bedroom Wardrobe Designs

wood bedroom wardrobe designs

Bedroom With Wooden Wardrobe Designs

bedroom with wooden wardrobe designs

Dark Wood Bedroom Wardrobe Design

dark wood bedroom wardrobe design

Master Wood Bed With Gray Wardrobe Design

master wood bed with gray wardrobe design

Classic Bedroom With Wooden Wardrobe Idea

classic bedroom with wooden wardrobe idea

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