Have you always dreamt about building yourself a different kind of home – away from the chaos in the tranquility of nature? A tree house is not among the most popular ways to bring up a family, but it certainly is among the most unique ways to spend a weekend or have a vacation home. Well, you needn’t worry about the safety! Architects have been able to find a way in between. Here are some tree house bedroom ideas that will offer the experience of sleeping inside the bark of a tree from movies like Avatar and yet have a peaceful, safe, cozy and warm night.

Treehouse Bedroom Furniture Design

treehouse furniture design


The core aim of a Treehouse design scheme is the raw charm of natural materials. Whether you are going to actually sleep in the wood or bring in the essence in your posh home is just a matter of choice. In the case, the home owner has been able to establish the later with a breathtaking interior design, mostly out of timber. All furniture in this example has been made with raw wood and sit unpolished to evoke the experience.

Treehouse Loft Bed Design

treehouse loft bed design


You needn’t leave your kids in the forests for the weekend to experience a tree house living! Here’s a unique way to build your kids a separate hut of their own inside your house. Made out of 100% timber, it’s a unique experience for anyone. The polished rocks on the floor and the tree design silhouette on the wall add to the charm.

Kids Treehouse Bed Idea

kids treehouse bed idea


Here’s another example how a tree house bedroom experience can be cozy in itself. Modifying a loft bed design, the architect has just added the hut terrace to the loft bed to make it more enchanting. You shouldn’t also miss the bean bags on the floor that look like rocks and the ladder that look rather unpolished but is completely safe.

Childrens Treehouse Bedroom Decor

childrens treehouse bedroom decor


Here’s another unique way to install a tree house bed in your kids room. Working on the idea of a loft bed, it is the accompanying décor that transforms the bed into more rustic and wild. you can also see BedRoom Designs For Royal Look

Rustic Treehouse Bedroom Idea

rustic treehouse bedroom idea

Design by : Scott Gilbride/Architect Inc.

It’s not only kinds who love a bit of adventure when they are trying to sleep. This log house can be an incredibly romantic experience for any young couple. You can either seek to create it in your outhouse or have it integrated in your attic! It’s the warm charm of raw wood that makes the difference. The complimenting warm lighting adds to the effect.

Wooden Treehouse Bed Design

wooden treehouse bed design


More of a luxury bed than a Treehouse experience, this design is made out of a low loft bed with high bed pillars. Everything is made of wood and the intricate designs into the panels evoke a raw charm of living. The overall décor looks highly sophisticated and comes with a price.

Indoor Kids Treehouse Design

indoor kids treehouse design


Planning to make your kid’s bedroom more playful? This is a perfect example how the available space can be integrated with a Treehouse and other stuff. Various additions to the décor like the rock climber add the essence of adventure into the room. We bet that any playful kid will love it! you can also see Orange Bedroom Designs

Treehouse Cabin Beds

treehouse cabin beds1


If you have the advantage of a gorgeous view from your top floor bedroom, it’s an incredible idea to bring in more wood into the room. The use of warm lighting and rough textures will always be an added advantage.

Toddler Treehouse Bed Design

toddler treehouse bed design

Design by : IBD Studio

This will be an experience anyone would love to associate with his/her childhood. Made out of bunk beds, this is adventure at its peak!

Wall Decor Treehouse Bedroom Idea

wall decor treehouse bedroom idea


If you are apprehensive of actually putting your child to bed at a height, you can always have the décor of your wall represent a Treehouse to evoke the charm.

Interior Treehouse Bed Idea

interior treehouse bed idea


Interior Treehouse Bedroom Design

interior treehouse bedroom design


Crystal River Tree House bed

crystal river tree house bed


Unique Treehouse Bed Design

unique treehouse bed design


Treehouse Bunk Bedroom

treehouse bunk bedroom


Inteerior Design Treehouse Bed Idea

inteerior design treehouse bed idea


Exterior Look Treehouse Bed Idea

exterior look treehouse bed idea

Design by : Jeni Lee

Tree House Bunk Beds

tree house bunk beds


We hope that you loved our Treehouse bedroom idea. Do let us know if you ever work on them and make living a unique experience!

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