The use of texture is a great way to improvise a banner or a photograph to give a dramatic effect. An efficient web designer should have the skill on using textures, and experimenting with them to come up with the most effective one. You can use it as a background for a text or a graphic.

American Football Leather Texture

flat american football leather texture

Football textures have been in use for years. It has been used by interior decorators, graphic designers, artist and photographers. The effects of this texture can be dramatized with the right play of lights, shades and colors.

Solid Football Texture Background

cool football texture

 Football Texture

foot ball texture with lace

American Football Texture

cool american football ball leather texture

The main colors that are used for creating this texture are earthy browns and canvas green. Experiments have been done also with grey and black. It is a seamless texture with a pebbled appearance. This helps in adding depth and dimension to the subject.

 Brown Football  Texture

brown foot ball striped white american textures

Football Leather Texture Background

football leather texture

 American Sports Ball Texture

leather closeup american ball brown texture

Oval Football Leather Texture

oval football leather texture

Football Leather Background

football leather texture1

 Royal Foot Ball Texture

royal foot ball texture

American Sports Football Texture

american sports football texture

Football Leather Texture with white Lace

football leather texture with white lace

 Red Football Leather Texture

football leature texture close edge

Silver Color Football Texture

silver color football texture

Old Football Texture

old foot ball texture

Bamboo Wood Football Texture

rustic bamboo wood football texture

Sports Football Laces Texture

sports football with laces

Basket weave Football Texture

basketweave texture football texture

Black and White Foot ball Leather Texture

black and white foot ball leather texture

You can use Abode Illustrator to create this leather texture of in your own color preference. There are ample sites on the net that will guide you to create your background. You will also get thousands of images and vectors of football textures which you can avail for free or at very low subscription rates. Download and use these seamless textures to highlight your website, image or text and create a powerful impact on the viewers.

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