Photoshop text is very useful in many different niche areas and project types. The text is one of the most important parts of the project, and should tie in with the design and theme of the project in order to give it a professional finish. To help you find the best Photoshop text, this list has put together a huge range of different styled text to help you find the option that will fit your project the best.

3D  Photoshop Text Effects

This 3D Photoshop brush uses the design of glass to create this beautiful 3D text that is suitable for use in many different Photoshop projects to create a professional finish.

Gold 3D Photoshop Text Effect

gold 3d photoshop text effect

Photoshop 3D Glass Text Effect

photoshop 3d glass text effect

Cartoon Photoshop Text Effects

This comic book text uses the design of old fashions comic book text to create a fun and playful text design. This cartoon text is ideal for a comic project, or to create fun comic-themed projects.

Free Cartoon Photoshop Text Effect

free cartoon photoshop text effect

3D Cartoon Photoshop Text Effect

3d cartoon photoshop text effect

Water Text Effects Photoshop

This water effect gives the illusion of water that has been spilled. This text is perfect for aquatic themed projects and designs, as it gives a water effect to the writing.

Realistic Photoshop Water Text Effect

realistic water text effect

Water Drop Photoshop Text Effect

water drop text effect

Photoshop Glowing Text Effects

This glowing text effect is a simple luminous text. This text effect can be used for a number of different projects, such as invitations, event announcements, and other fun projects.

Photoshop Glowing Light Text Effect

photoshop glowing light text effect

Electric Glowing Photoshop Text Effect

electric glowing photoshop text effect

Photoshop Gold Text Effects

This gold text effect is a simple 3D gold text. This text can be used in all kinds of projects, but is perfect for things like advertising and product design as it is bold and makes a strong, memorable statement.

Free Golden Photoshop Text Effect

free golden photoshop text effect

3D Gold Photoshop Text Effect

3d gold photoshop text effect

Photoshop Metal Text Effects

This metal text effect is a 3D silver text, which is slightly italicised; this can be used for product design, banners, and shop fronts, as it is bold and very recognisable.

Bold Metal Photoshop Text Effect

bold metal photoshop text effect

Chrome Metal Photoshop Text Effect

chrome metal photoshop text effect

Photoshop Ice Text Effects

This ice text uses the design of clear ice to create this text. This text is perfect for winter or festive themed cards, event announcements, invitations, and banners, as it gives a cold, wintery theme.

Frozen Ice Photoshop Text Effect

frozen ice photoshop text effect

Photoshop Glossy Text Effects

This glossy text design is a cursive text with a 3D glossy design. This design is ideal for more elegant projects, as it is a classy and beautiful text design for incorporating into any project.

Red Glossy Photoshop Text Effect

red glossy photoshop text effect

Violet Glossy Photoshop Text Effect

violet glossy photoshop text effect

Retro Text Effects Photoshop

This retro text gives a vintage theme to any project. This text is more suited for a vintage and hipster style of project, such as party stationary, cards and other project designs.

Vintage Retro Photoshop Text Effect

vintage retro photoshop text effect

Clean Retro Photoshop Text Effect

clean retro photoshop text effect

Photoshop Fire Text Effects

This fire text creates the effect and illusion that the words are on fire. This text can be used in advertising, such as food or barbecues, as it gives the theme of a summer barbecue.

Realistic Fire Photoshop Text Effect

realistic fire photoshop text effect

Red Fire Photoshop Text Effect

red fire photoshop text effect

Grass Text Effects Photoshop

This text effect uses the image of grass to create the text. This text is ideal for advertising products such as grass seed and lawn mowers, but can also be used in a wide range of other projects.

Nature Grass Photoshop Text Effect

nature grass photoshop text effect

Glass Text Effects In Photoshop

This glass text effect uses the image of glass but adds a clever twist in that the writing has some liquid filling it up, almost like a drink. This text is ideal for advertising and product design and development.

Shiny Glass Photoshop Text Effect

shiny glass photoshop text effect

Photoshop Golden Glass Text Effect

photoshop golden glass text effect

Snow Text Effects Photoshop

This snowy design text is a simple white text with falling snowflakes around it. This text can be used on customized Christmas cards and other festive stationary to create a Christmassy feel and bring out the festive joy.

Real Snow Photoshop Text Effect

real snow photoshop text effect

Freeze Photoshop Snow Text Effect

freeze photoshop snow text effect

Photoshop Grunge Text Effects

This grunge themed text set is a bold, black and white text set that gives the look of graffiti. This text set can be used in lots of different projects to give an edgy and striking design and theme.

Photoshop Grunge Metal Text Effect

photoshop grunge metal text effect

Embossed Photoshop Grunge Text Effect

embossed photoshop grunge text effect

Illustrator Photoshop Text Effects

This illustrator text uses the image and style of a fresh orange to create these fun and playful texts. This design can be used for many different projects, such as product development and advertising for things like fruit juice.

Retro Illustrator Photoshop Text Effect

retro illustrator photoshop text effect

Photoshop Glitter Text Effects

This glitter text design uses the design of sequins put together to create the letters. This text design is perfect for party invitations, banners, and other decorations as it is fun and playful.

Sparkle Photoshop Glitter Text Effect

sparkle photoshop glitter text effect

We are confident that this list will be able to help you find the text design and theme that you need to create the perfect finishing touch to your project in order to make it look as professional as possible. These fonts offer a wide range of fun options for you to choose from so that you can find the right one for you.

Use of text effects Text effects are very handy in order to help create the theme and design of a project properly. They can change a project from looking homemade into something that is professional and much better put together.

Advantages Text effects can help create the theme of a project full and create a much more professional finish, so that even the home made project can look as though it was properly designed and professionally created.


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