Modern menu artwork exists to help restaurant owners use a variety of menu designs for different themes their establishment may have every month. If you’re one of those individuals who wishes to excite customers by creating unique designs, then you’ve come to the right place. We discuss different designs you can easily download, edit, and use to your benefit.

Our food menus are fresh and sleek, perfect for the modern restaurant. If you want the designs to have a more personal look, then you can always tweak and customize them to your liking.


Food Menu

food menu

Modern Menu Flyer

modern menu flyer

Bar and Lounge Drink Menu

bar and lounge drink menu

Look at All These Menu Designs!

It’s amazing to see a variety of modern menu design templates and menu card designs in one location. You are saved from the hassle of jumping from one website to another. Our collection of modern menu designs are just as fulfilling as the food you’re gonna prepare in your restaurant or event.

Food menu template. You can find these types of menu designs in most restaurants or diners, where they typically show you the establishment’s brand or logo on the first page and lets you display your available food and beverages on the next pages. You can also insert images and captions, or a small description about a specific dish or beverage. You could even opt to have a “bestsellers” page.

Bar and lounge drink menu – You can find these types of design templates in restaurants with mini bars or drinking establishments. The details found inside this template focus on all drinks, details about them, and prices.

Minimalist modern menu. These types of menu design templates are often used in parties. It only takes a very short time to create one. As with modern minimalist designs, these templates reflect a simple yet sophisticated look, perfect if you just want your food to speak for itself.


Cafe Menu Pack

cafe menu pack1

Modern Retro Menu Template

modern retro menu template

Trifold Menu Template

trifold menu template

Pizza Menu Template

pizza flyer menu

Fast Food Menu Flyer

fast food menu flyer

Cardboard Bifold Menu Design

cardboard bifold menu design

Food & Drink Menu

food drink menu1

Modern Menu Vector

modern menu vector

Wedding Menu Card

wedding menu card

Cafe Menu Template

cafe menu template1

It’s All in the Menu Details

For business owners who are just starting in the food industry, you might be wondering where you’ll start when it comes to designing your menu. What should be my overall look? What details should I include? I have a vintage restaurant, can I use vintage menu templates? We say YES! Check out our tips below to help you design your own menu:

  • Make use of a template. This will make your work quick and easy, as you can browse over this topic for a modern menu template you may want to use for your design. Don’t worry about designing too much as the template already covers what you need, in which you only need to adjust some details.
  • Place pictures in your menu. It would be advisable to place pictures of the different food and beverages you plan to sell. This is to give your customers an idea on what the dish may look like and how it is presented.
  • Give a brief description. It would give the customers a big benefit by providing them a short description on the different dishes you plan to sell in your establishment. At times, you can also include a best seller page or a daily special page to entice customers to try your new products.

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