Since we were children, we were always told by our parents to eat our green, leafy vegetables so we would grow up healthy and strong. Most of us probably said no, since it tasted nothing like the candies and chocolates we love. But as we grew up, we slowly learned that vegetables are indeed very beneficial to our bodies. We realized that they are actually delicious! We just didn’t see it that way because we were too busy trying to hide the veggies under our plates.

On this page, we have around 10 of the best, greenest, and most mouth-watering vegetarian food menu designs online. Our food menus range from photorealistic images, which are sure to stimulate every veggie lover’s appetite, to  colorful clip art images. We even have menu designs that were inspired from chalkboard food menus commonly found around Europe.

Feel free to check out the various vegetarian food menu designs below.


Veggie Resto Food Menu Flyer Design

Take a look at this vegetarian food menu. The front page alone is enough to convince customers that the dishes in this establishment are more than just delicious, they are delightful, exquisite, lip-smacking, but most importantly,  nutritious. Prove to your customers that your restaurant is the best one in the world and download this photorealistic food menu design.


Trifold Vegetarian Food Menu Brochure

Most food menus come in the form of a single-page hard flyer or booklet form. But, you can also use the concept of trifold brochures with food menus. This modern menu design is made more compact and easy to bring around it holds lots of information regarding the dishes and beverages offered in the food establishment. If you prefer, you can even print out copies to give away to your customers in case that they would want to make orders for a food delivery; just make sure to write down your food business’ contact number on the menu.


Amazing Vegetarian Restaurant Menu Design

Importance of Having a Menu in Food Establishments

  • Food menus establish a theme that helps customers know what to expect from the restaurant. Though it may not always be the case, especially if a restaurant chooses to adapt a more unconventional marketing method, it is very likely that the theme for the food menu will be similar to the theme of the whole establishment.
  • Food menus give the customer a better understanding of the food available in an establishment. No customer will order food that is not specified in the menu.
  • Food menus make it easier for the restaurant owner or manager to determine which dishes are selling very well and have helped them make a profit, and those that are not. This way, they can make changes to the menu by removing unpopular dishes and adding new ones.

Green Garden Food Menu Design

Check out the vintage menu above. Instead of using a solid color or a pattern for the background, it uses a pre-rendered vector background of a wooden platform which goes along with the rest of the design. Download this menu design for a rustic approach to your vegetarian food menu design and helps make the vegetables stand out because of its contrasting colors.


Bifold Four-paged Vegetarian Restaurant Menu

Download this minimalist menu design to make it easier for your customers to choose from among the dishes that your restaurant is offering. Organize your dishes according to appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and beverages. To make it even more informative for your customers, don’t just rely on pictures of each dish; also include a short description of what ingredients are used and how the dish is prepared.


Vegetarian Healthy Food Menu Design

If you can’t decide whether to go with a chalkboard design or colorful illustrations for your food menu or not, you can always combine both characteristics and download this artistic food menu design. You get the vintage feel of chalkboard menus, but with a modern twist. This is an ideal design for casual vegetarian food businesses since you only have limited options for you dishes; though you may still make use of this idea for larger restaurants.


Vintage Chalk Illustration Vegetarian Food Menu

Tips When Making a Food Menu

  • Always be familiar with how the competitors do their food menus and get ideas from them, but make sure not to copy their style.
  • Categorize your dishes well according to appetizer, main entrees, soups, and desserts. For dishes under the main entrees, you can also sub-categorize them according to seafood, meat, and vegetables. To make it even more less confusing for the customers, you may enclose each category and subcategory in a box.
  • Place descriptions underneath the name of the dish. This is an even more effective marketing strategy than photos. You should include in the description the different ingredients used, as well as the preparation methods to make the dish, but you don’t need to go into full and specific details.

Simple Green Vegetarian Menu Vintage Design

Keep your food menu simple by limiting the number of colors you use. On this food menu design, the color motif is green but in different shades. The shades range from moss green to army green, which are the lightest to the darkest shades of the color, respectively. For the convenience of those customers who are unable to make up their minds immediately, you may include a “choice of the day” section on the side to help them decide.


Artistic Vintage Chalkboard Vegetarian Menu

If you want a colorful chalkboard-inspired food menu for your restaurant, then download this menu design now. Keep the design simple and appealing by using multiple colors for the illustrations and place those illustrations on a layer over a solid black background. This chalkboard food menu design is best used if your food establishment has only a limited number of dishes to choose from.


Colorful Vegetarian Food Menu Design


Why stick to formal and elegant food menu designs when you can make an informal one by adding a sense of fun into it? Go for something out of the ordinary by introducing various bright neon colors and some unconventional typography on your food menu. It may seem unusual at first, but this design will easily attract people and capture their interests because of its uniqueness.


Health Benefits of Eating Vegetables Regularly

People who commonly choose to adapt a vegetarian diet are either health conscious or those who have health issues and have been advised by the doctor to have a low cholesterol and high fiber diet. Vegetables are naturally rich in fiber, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, and many other nutrients, while also cholesterol-free and low in calories.

Listed below are some nutrients from eating vegetables as well as their corresponding benefits, and the importance of why you should eat them regularly:

  • Vitamin A. Vegetables are good sources of vitamin A, which can help maintain healthy eyes and skin, protect against inflammations, promote cell growth, and provide support for the immune system. Vegetables rich in vitamin A include sweet potatoes, kale, winter squash, and carrots.
  • Vitamin C. Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, tomato, and spinach are high in vitamin C, which helps decrease bad cholesterol levels, repair body tissues, aid in absorbing iron, protect from heart problems, and provide support for a healthy immune system. Recent studies have even shown that vitamin C can also help in the prevention of certain cancers.
  • Potassium. Vegetables are also rich in potassium. This nutrient is commonly found in spinach, white beans, sweet potatoes, and many other vegetables. Potassium is directly involved in keeping the heart healthy since it helps maintain the heart’s ability to beat at a normal and consistent rhythm. Potassium can also help decrease blood pressure; thus, reducing the risk of developing stroke. Another health benefit from eating potassium-rich foods are a decreased incidence of getting cramps since potassium contributes to both muscle and bone strength.
  • Fiber. This is a very important nutrient that should always be present in every diet. Fiber plays a big role in the digestive process and helps keep the bowels function better as well as prevent constipation by softening the consistency of stool. Health benefits from eating foods that are high in fiber include lower the levels of low-density or bad cholesterol in the blood, controlled blood sugar levels thus decreasing the incidence of hyperglycemia or diabetes, and a healthy body weight since it easily creates a feeling of being full without the excessive amount of calories. Vegetables rich in fiber include beans, broccoli, and carrots.
  • Folic acid. Vegetables contain folate or folic acid, which are responsible in promoting the body’s ability to form red blood cells. Because of this, it is a very important nutrient for pregnant mothers to help reduce complications during pregnancy and defects on the infant. Folate can also be used to reduce signs of aging, including memory loss, hearing loss, and weakening of bones. Folate-rich vegetables include green, leafy vegetables such as lettuce and spinach, beans, and peas.

The vegetarian food menu designs above were gathered from multiple reliable sources, and we made sure to pick out only the best ones to be able to provide you with high quality products that are worth your money.

These designs can be downloaded easily! Just click on that red button below every sample and they can be yours for a very reasonable fee.

When it comes to editability, these food menu designs are mostly in high resolution vector format which allows you to fully edit them without worrying on the quality. Vectors are capable of retaining its sharp resolution even when enlarged or shrunk, which is advantageous if you want to emphasize certain elements on the design by enlarging them.

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