The popularity of street art in all its shapes and forms is growing in the recent times. Although street art is commonly associated with spray paint, it is also done through sculptures and yarn bombing. With so many inspirational pieces brightening our neighbourhoods across the world, we have today collected the top 10 street arts which certainly reflect the artistic perfection.

1. Mario Celedon

mario celedon

Mario Celedon, a talented artist from Valparaiso is best known for his incredibly detailed street art. With several colourful artworks seen across the city, the most beautiful and favourite will definitely have to be these intricate illustrations on the steps. The artwork acts much like an open elevated gallery on the street.

2. NeSpoon


Different and detailed, the artwork by Polish artist NeSpoon is not the type you would consider as a street art on the first glance. And, this uniqueness is what makes it beautiful. Decorating the public spaces in Warsaw with these jewelled pieces makes the design one of a kind. The artist is also known to make intricate pieces in paint, yarn and cement.

3. Julian Beever

julian beever

This 3D street art made by Julian Beever is completely made of chalk. Beever’s playful approach is what puts him on the top spot in the 3D chalk world. The colourful play of colours and precision gives a sense of depth and dimension to the artwork.

4. Banksy


Banksy’s thought provoking artwork has made a huge impact on the society. From Bristol, UK, the artist has kept his identity a secret, which has led to a lot of rumours about who he is and how he executes the work. Amongst all the speculation, his artwork is impactful and profound. This artwork is painted on the side of Poundland shop, which was selling cheap Jubilee and Olympics merchandise. Banksy saw this as an opportunity to highlight the issue of child labour in the Third World.

5. Guerrilla Crochet

guerrilla crochet

Guerrilla crochet has been taking the streets by storm with artists covering everyday street furniture with crochet colorfulness. One of the most renowned crochet street artist is Olek, who has covered everything from the Wall Street Bull to London taxis in crochet. This crazy trend is also known as yarn bombing and there is definitely no doubt that we are completely in love with the trend.

6. Camillo Giorgino aka Millo

camillo giorgino aka milo

Millo is known for his large-scale street murals that explore the simplicity in neutral shades of black and white with a slight punch of colour. The artist also incorporated the elements of architecture in his multistory painting. And, this particular painting by the artist shows the heart catapult with the help of the building by a girl.

7. Vinnie


Vinie is one such artist who has been drawing and painting since childhood. The artist is known for painting a female doll who has her hair made out of tags, flops and various other natural elements like the grass. Simple yet impressive, the artworks are extensive and add the touch of beauty with colours and specifications.

8. Kello Goeller

kelly goeller

Kello Goeller is known to create awesome pixelated street art under the project entitled Pixel Pour 2.0. This particular artwork is located on Mercer Street in New York with many people witnessing it as they walk to work.

9. Smug


Smug, who is a Glasgow-based street artist focuses on photorealistic graffiti by using the Scottish city as his extended canvas. With a unique and beautiful style, the artwork by the artist has transformed the walls all over UK, Australia and Europe.

10. Pez


Street artist Pez, which is Spanish for fish has been known to communicate and infect people with positive vibes. The artist uses fish with a huge smile as his signature motif in every street art. We are sure you will not be able to hold back a smile.

With new and exciting areas and mediums of creativity, take inspiration from these brilliant artworks and make sure to carry your passion forward.

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