As a child, we are always fascinated by art. Children might not take art seriously but they do take it sincerely and know how to have fun with it. In this reference, Pablo Picasso rightly pointed out that every child is an artist but not all remain the same once grown up.
We stumbled upon an extremely talented artist who did not let go of the artistic child inside her. She nurtured that child and expanded his artistic horizons.

Today as a young grown up of 23 years of age, Viktoria Kravchenko travels around the world and creates beautiful water paintings of doors worldwide. Before we go on further, we would like to display magical artwork by this young Ukrainian artist.

Yaroslav Val Street 49b, Kyiv, Ukraine

yaroslav val street 49b kyiv ukraine1

Široká 912, Prague, Czech Republic

%c5%a0irok%c3%a1 912 prague czech republic

Masarykovo náb?. 16, Prague, Czech Republic

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92 Quai Claude le Lorrain, Nancy, France

92 quai claude le lorrain nancy france

29 Avenue Rapp, Paris, France

29 avenue rapp paris france

6 Rue du Lac, Brussels, Belgium

6 rue du lac brussels belgium

Meistaru iela 10/12, Riga, Latvia


For Viktoria Kravchenko, doors are her inspiration and her canvas, she perceives them as an opportunity to explore a mysterious magical world. It is this pursuit that led her to create this collection comprising doors from different parts of the world, seen from a very creative point of view. Her artwork is available on her Facebook page .

Viktoria Kravchenko was born and brought up in Kyiv, Ukraine. At 23, she moved to Milan to study architecture. As a child, she enjoyed painting but never attended art school. It was during her first year in University she found out about watercolors and her group mate made her familiar with the basic techniques of watercolor painting. Since then there has been no looking back for her. She was enthralled by the lightness and transparency of this art and today it is much more than a hobby. It is her inspiration and her work.



Currently, the artist is enjoying working and studying in Milan, Itlay. As an artist, Kravchenko finds inspiration in every corner of the city as the city is known for aesthetics and as a design hub all over the world. Moreover, the city and its people appreciate and treat artists like her with respect.

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