Vector designs can be of different types and can be used for different purposes as well. Frame vectors for example are excellent for encasing pictures. A bow vector is one of the most common and popular vector designs. It is simple and yet elegant.

There is a certain feminine charm to the bow design that cannot be replaced. It is extremely easy to create or get as well.The list of 10 bow vector designs given below is sure to help you in your decorating purposes.

Ribbon Bow Vector

ribbon bow vector

In this design the bows are made from ribbons. This is a very classic design. Each bow differs slightly from the other in color. The riot of colors caused by this gradual gradation of color is extremely soothing and beautiful.

Red Bows Vector Set

red bows vector set

The color red is such a rich and sensual color. It lends a very mature and velvety tone to these bow designs. Moreover this set also showcases variety since each red bow differs from the other in design. This offers a variety of choices.

Vector Bow PNG Illustration

vector bow png ilustration

Bows can be of different types to suit different moods. They can be festive, formal, pretty and sophisticated. This set of illustrations brings together bows of different kinds and shows them together perfectly.

Colorful Bow Vector Art

colorful bow vector art

This type of bow is very complex. It looks very sophisticated because of the complex design. The colors are beautiful. There is a certain metallic feel to it. This type of bow is perfect for putting on top of wrapped gifts.

Bow Cartoon Vector

bow cartoon vector

This type of vector shows a set of bows that have a cartoonish feel to them. These bows are bright, colorful and playful. You can use these for decorating a scrapbook or any type of cover. The young feel of this type of bow is extremely appealing.

Colored Bows Vector

colored bow vector

This type of bow vector is so pretty and elegant that it almost looks like one of the butterfly vectors that can be so commonly found. The bows do not have frills but there is a delicate feel to the bows that is very beautiful. The multitude of colors on display look beautiful and catch the eye immediately.

Bright Colorful Bow Vector Set

bright colorful bow vector set

This type of bow has a silky and satin feel to it. It is extremely shiny and looks rich. There is a sophisticated feel to this type of vector, similar to that found in diamond vectors. These bows can be attached to fabric, clothing or accessories.

Pink Satin Bow Vector Illustration

pink satin bow vector illustration

This bow is perhaps the most feminine and delicate of all the bows. It is simple and yet looks very eye-catching. The double folds of the bow make this bow look even more beautiful.

Realistic Bow Tie Vector Art

realistic bow tie vector art

This is a simplistic and stark type of vector art. It simply shows bow ties of different colors. The neatness of the art has an appeal to it. The detail of the shadows under the bow ties makes the art look even more realistic and eye catching.

Black Bows Vector

black bows vector

This vector art shows black bows of different kinds. Black bows are a classic that can never go out of style. This art shows the different components and some styles of the vintage black bow.

High Quality Bows Vector

high quality bows vector

White Bow Vector Pack

white bow vector pack

Red Bow Vector Illustration

red bow vector illustration

Set of Bow Tie Vector

set of bow tie vector

Bow Ribbon Colorful Vector Set

bow ribbon colorful vector set

Beautiful Colored Bow Vectors

beautiful colored bow vector

Polka Dotted Black Bow Vector

polka dotted black bow vector

Shiny Ribbon with Bow Vector Set

shiny ribbon with bow vector set

Cute Bow Vector Set

cute bow vector set

Polka Dot Bow Tie Vector Set

polka dot bow tie vector set

Silver Bow Vector Set

silver bow vector set

The bow vector has a certain elegance, timelessness and sophistication to it that can hardly be matched. Like the crown vector it is a classic that can never be replaced. You can use bow vector for decorating different things like t-shirts, accessories, laptop covers, mobile covers, scrapbooks and anything else. You are only limited by your imagination.

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