Sunglasses are a perfect accessory for almost all seasons. Primarily used for protecting eyes against the harmful UV rays, they have also become a major fashion accessory. Holidays are a perfect time to flaunt your sunglasses during your outings. All you need is a pair of sunglasses that suits your face and it will provide an instant edge to your look. Finding the right pair is important which majorly depends on the shape of your face. Here we have few recommendations that we think every woman must have in their accessory collection. We have made our choices based on the facial shapes so as to make the choice easy and handy for you.



People with oval shape has the most advantages with sunglasses. Most of the shapes work very well on their face. So all you women with oval shape faces, you can wear try most of the styles from round, rectangular to oversize and cat-eye. The options given below are a must try.

1. Dior Diorama Club Sunglasses

dior diorama club sunglasses

Round shaped sunglasses are back in trend and these pink and blue Dior sunglasses are perfect for a beach holiday. They are round in shape with a cat-eye frame and will look perfect on an oval face.

2. Burberry Check Detail Sunglasses

burberry check detail sunglasses

These frames will look perfect on your face. They are appropriate for most of the occasions making it a must-have in your eyewear collection.

3. Fendi Hyposhine

fendi hyposhine

For those days when you want to look all playful and carefree. Unleashed your free side with these super cool Hyposhine sunglasses from Fendi.

4. Boss 0853S’ Round Leather Sunglasses

boss 0853s round gradient lens acetate leather sunglasses

Perfectly round sunglasses with a perfect black frame. This is a classic piece but not something that would suit all face shapes.

5. Gucci Oversize Rhinestone

gucci oversize square frame rhinestone sunglasses

Oversize and bedazzled! Try them only if you are bold to pull off. This is something for the ladies who like to style with an edge.



People with round shaped faces should avoid wearing round frames. The best-suited frames for such faces is rectangular, wayfarer style and cat-eye. These frames work very well on round faces and make them look a little elongated.

6. Chanel Cateye Runway

chanel cat eye runway

This pair of sunglasses will very well go with your round face. It has many edges and the shape looks something in between cat eye and square.

7. Boss 678s’ Half-frame Cateye Sunglasses

boss 678s black lenses half frame cateye sunglasses

Half frame cat-eye goes perfectly well with round faces. Even if you have a small size face, go with these frames. They’ll provide you with a perfect fit.

8. Crystal Marina Chain Sunglasses

crystal marina chain sunglasses

Like we told you, sharp geometric shaped frames work best for round shape faces. This is another suggestion from our side, we think will compliment a round face very well.

9. Fendi Lei

fendi lei

This sharp style frame is perfect for a curvy face. It adds an edge to the face shape.



Just like girls with round faces should avoid the round frames, girls with square face shape should about square frames. They should opt for something curvy to make up for your sharp face edges. Experiment with cat-eye and aviator frames for a perfect look.

10. Chanel Pilot Quilting

chanel pilot quilting

We all know aviator style sunglasses are timeless and no matter what the trend is, you can never go wrong with an aviator. But one must make sure it suit their face and for women with a square face, we say, these frames are made for you.

11. Jimmy Choo Vivy 20th

jimmy choo vivy 20th

These cat eye frame will instantly impress you. The nude frame and the detachable jewel clip on is perfect for special occasions. With the jewel clip on you can add an instant glamour to your look.

12. Jimmy Choo Andie

jimmy choo andie

Simple and classy, this is a must-have for all the girls with broad and square faces.



Heart-shape is basically broad brows and narrow chin. The best frames for this kind of faces the one with heavy or exaggerated bottoms. Aviators and parallel shapes like rectangular are next best options for you.

14. Gucci Leather Aviator Sunglasses

gucci leather aviator sunglasses

These Gucci leather sunglasses in aviator style will compliment anyone with a heart shape face. The frame helps in narrowing the broad brow area and make the it appear well balanced with the chin.

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