Technology, when coated with fine craftsmanship can create beautiful results. We have always made an effort to bring out to our readers the best of design from all possible aspect. Now that 2016 is coming to an end we are rewinding the best of art and design from the year for you. Today, we decided to bring to you the most beautiful bicycles from 2016. These are some of the most interesting bicycle designs that you could have come across this year.

1. The Archont by Ono Bikes

the archont by ono bikes

The quirky design with a vintage appeal, the combination is not very easy to get. This bicycle is handcrafted and that adds on to the value. It comes with an electric motor and hence when used with a battery you can use it for your daily ride.Source

2. The G3 by GoCycle

the g3 by gocycle

We talked about technology being coated in craftsmanship and here is a perfect example of the statement. All the battery, cables, and chain are all concealed in the magnesium frame. The headlight and the multifunction dashboard are completely integrated into the handlebar. It is innovation with a dash of elegance. Technologically, it’s a 20 mph electric bike with a 50-mile range.Source

3. The Electric Juggernaut by Rungu

the electric juggernaut by rungu

Here is an interesting play of concept. Technically a tricycle, this brudish bike can go up till 20 miles on a charge and the top speed that can be achieved is 20 mph. Don’t be afraid to use it over the terrains or rocky slopes.Source

4. The Sladda by Ikea

the sladda by ikea

Here is a bicycle with additional 2 tires. Interestingly, the creators at Ikea came up with the idea of creating Sladda Ikea designers after watching their Copenhagen customers struggle to take packages home on bikes. It is efficient and beautiful to look at. Simple, practical and safe, basically everything that Ikea is known for.

5. The Tribel Gran Tourismo by Smikeson

the tribel gran tourismo by smikeson

Another tricycle this time powered with german engineering. In fact, it has 4 tires so it gets very close to a car. The design and look of this bike is simply fascinating.

6. The Ready-Made Road OG1 by Speedvagen

the ready made road og1 by speedvagen

Minimalism is integrating itself into all forms of designs. Look at this bicycle for instance! It comes in matte colors and when one of those colors is lavender it ought to be a part of our list.Source

7. The Cogy Wheelchair by Tess Co

the cogy wheelchair by tess co

Japan has always pushed the limit of technology to bring innovation for constructive purposes. Japanese company Tess Co created this pedal powered wheelchair to help people suffering from stroke, Parkinson’s or paralysis in one leg. It can move in all directions using hand control and requires very slight effort from the upper leg to activate.Source

8. The Volata by Volata Cycles

the volata by volata cycles

Created for the techno enthusiasts, this bicycles will delight them with features like GPS navigation, automatic light, electronic shifting and much more that ensures a safe and hassle free ride. There is a ride tracking smartphone app that you can install on your phone and use it to track your bicycle and also activate a GPS anti-theft system with motion detection. All this in a classic black and white bicycle.Source

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