Night photography is a unique way to add style and character in your projects. Whether it is meant for a web site portfolio or for a book cover, photography will give you stunning results that will make it look chic with a dark twist that can make your projects appealing.  In today’s article we are going to present you with a collection of night photography ideas to inspire your imagination for successful future project designs.

Night Street Photography

night street photography1

This night photography depicts a bus station with a lit street. It is available for download in nine different sizes that come in a jpg format file. It is suitable for magazines and book covers that need a night design.

Night Landscape Photography

night landscape photography

With this design you will get a beautiful starry night sky over the mountains. This photograph depicts a clear sky with constellations as they look right before the moon rise. It is suitable for book covers, magazines and web sites.

Night Wedding Photography Idea

night wedding photography ideas

This night wedding photography design comes in four different sizes to choose the one that fits exactly your needs for style and character. The combination of light and darkness creates a stunning ambience that is available in jpg format file.

Bokeh Night Photography

bokeh night photography

This bokeh design has a mesmerizing look that is suitable for web sites, magazines, blogs and greeting cards. It depicts a busy street during the night with cars waiting at the stop light. The lights and colors add a stunning look.

Black and White Night Photography Idea

black and white night photography idea

This black and white photography design gives you a walking rider with his bicycle that can add a stunning vintage photography to use in many projects. It is available for free download in four different sizes to choose in jpg format.

Night Portrait Photography

night portrait photography

You can get portrait photography with a stunning night setting on a bokeh background that will make the model to stand out beautifully. The light that shines on the model’s face creates a thrilling contrast compared with the background.

Night Stars Photography

night stars photography

This is a startling night photography that depicts a starry night sky. The visible Milky Way that passes right over a rocky terrain makes it suitable to use for desktop background. The picture has 0.9MB size and is available in jpg.

Night Forest Photography

night forest photography

A dark forest is always a captivating element in projects like book covers, posters and brochures. The dark theme creates an ominous ambience that gets complete with low plants and naked branches that can draw all eyes on it.

Miami City Night Photography

miami city night photography

Abstract Night Photography

abstract night photography

Night Train Photography

night train photography

Classic Night Photography

classic night photography

Landscape Night Photography

landscape night photography

Colorful Night Photography

colorful night photography

Summer Night Photography

summer night photography

Dark Night Photography

dark night photography

In photography colors, lights and shadows take a whole new life. In black and white photography you can find many designs that allow you to create stunning and memorable projects. In any case we hope that we managed to spark your imagination with this guide giving you enough fresh ideas.

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