We are not in a mood to get all technical and twisted therefore we will just begin by explaining that macro photography can be simply translated as close-up photography. Comparatively difficult because of the need of the sophisticated, advanced equipment and lighting, the pictures clicked under the umbrella of this technique puts us up close and personal with various elements and parts of the world which we would generally miss out on a regular basis. If you are stuck for a creative click we have today collected 10 examples that will serve you with the best inspiration.

1. Dandelion Close Up

dandelion close up

Capturing the beauty of the core, the photograph makes the viewer not be swayed away by the common drifting dandelions but actually pay attention to the intricate and detailed ground that holds everything together. The white and brown further lends the perfect contrast to the close-up frame.

2. Snail Close Up

snail close up

Capturing insect and flowers might be too mainstream in macro photography but this snail munching or holding a piece of algae up close shows us the diverse beauty in the nature around us. Even though tiny in reality, the elements captured create a magnificent impact.

3. Vans Close Up

vans close up

As we all have a pair of Vans in our closet so, we would definitely know the value of every worn out pair. This tatty, ragged pair is beautifully captured with a primary focus on the name of the brand. The neutral and timeless black and white contrast further extend the beauty of the image while also adding a story to this casual piece of wear.

4. Bee Close Up

bee close up

This beautiful close-up of a bee on a flower does not just remind us of the important yet largely overlooked component in nature but also the sheer transparency of colours. With the background maintained completely hazy, the subjects effortlessly shine out through the frame.

5. Tulip Close Up

tulip close up

How better can you reflect the true virtue of spring than with a tulip-adorned with the pearls of mother nature in the form of dew drops. The clarity of the drop and the flower without any other disturbing elements make the viewer register the image at the very first glance.

6. Bee Eyes Close Up

bee eyes close up

Looking no less than a helmet placed over the eyes of the bee, the insignificant eyes of the minute creature are brilliantly captured through the macro photography. If looked closely you can even see the grains and texture which add the visual enhancement to the overall click.

7. Clematis Close Up

clematis close up

We know you would agree that the sheer gradient of white, pink and purple bring out the beauty and elegance in the picture. The sparsely spread petals stretch the charm to the whole frame.

8. Ants Close Up

ants close up

We all are aware of the close-knit network and communication of the ants and this clever photograph reflects just the same with ants passing on the collected food with a strategic pattern that is made clear and apparent.

9. Grasshopper Close Up

grasshopper close up

Our personal favourite, this photograph is no less than Van Gogh’s Starry Night, the photograph reflects the silhouette of the grasshopper against the backdrop of a porous leaf which connects the background and foreground with the colour and also as a character performing his act on the stage.

10. Butterfly Close Up

butterfly close up

The grey and black lined patterned wings lay a perfect contrast to the unfocused green background.

Take inspiration from the above-mentioned photographs and don’t hesitate to be bold, and close with your first macro click.

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