Photography is an art that has been evolving year after year. Whether it is how we capture photograph or how we develop them, the trend has been changing a quick pace. As a photographer and designer, it is important to remain updated with all kinds of prevalent photography trends. The year is about to end and with the new year there are going to be some new rules, some new trends that will make their mark in the world of photography. Today we are going to talk about photography trends that are expected to be widely followed in 2017. These trends apply to most of the photography styles.

1. Flash



flash photo

Flash photography has gained a lot of popularity and will definitely be widely used in 2017. Flash photography means bright surroundings and hard shadows. It helps in capturing images where lighting conditions are not much in photographers favour.

2. Use of Complicated Pattern


complicated pattern

Patterns have been an important design element when it comes to artwork and fashion. But now it is gaining popularity in the world of photography too. Patterns brings out the edge from an otherwise boring aura.

use of complicated pattern

Rajib Mukherjee Photography

It helps in holding the onlookers attention for a longer duration. As a photographer one must know how to highlight various layers in a photograph to bring out a pattern that forms a solid photograph.

3. Mobile Photography

mobile photography

photography mobile

There is no getting away from mobile photography. The orthodox school of thought of photography might not agree here but with such technological advancement photographers have started experimenting with mobile phone cameras. It is much more handy and easy to use. No wonder mobile phone brands are coming up with all possible camera

4. Astrophotography



Another photography trend that is going to make its way in 2017 is astrophotography. Capturing the divinity of the universe, this photography style can instantly make anyone a fan! If captured well, the images are mostly surreal and beautiful.

5. Aerial Photography


We can again credit technology for the immense popularity that aerial photography has been able to capture. The significance of drone is not fading away anytime soon and we are going to see much more of the drone photography in 2017.

6. Black and White

black and white1

We have been talking about the impact that technology has had over the upcoming photography trends but some things are timeless. One such trend in photography that we consider timeless is black and white photography. It has a classic appeal that never fades away. Once considered as more of an artistic photography trend, black and white today has gained popularity in mainstream photography too. In 2017, we are expecting this trend to penetrate in mainstream wedding photography too.

black and white


7. Film Photography

film photography

Again, it is the charm of vintage that always manages to hold us back. No matter how many experiments one can do with digital photography, the nostalgia of film photography is something that is hard to forget. At least not until 2017 ends.

8. Natural over Posed

natural over posed


same old posed photographs

We have had enough of the same old posed photographs that looks absolutely made up and sometimes boring. It is the natural photographs that will rule 2017. These photographs captures real emotions and real expressions. The trend is about capturing photographs that are more authentic and have more realness to them.

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