A chain is complete with a pendant and there are many pendant designs but the one we like the most is the floral pendant design. Flowers in general are beautiful and give out a positive vibe. They come in pretty colors and brighten up even a dull place. Just like the flowers the pendants brighten a boring chain and make it look more than just a chain. It makes it look extravagant.

Floral Pendant Necklace

floral pendant necklace


This has a thin chain but a huge pendant and it looks very graceful and nice. The floral pendant is of blue color with flowers used in between. You can wear this with you casual clothes and show it off.

Floral Gemstone Pendant Chain

floral gemstone pendant chain

This is a flower shaped pendant with a gemstone place in between. But the design of the flower outline that is made in a blackish metal gives it a very vintage feel. You can wear this on everyday basis or even with a perfect black gown, this is worth showing off.

Gold Floral Pendant Chain

gold floral pendant chain


The flowers inside the glass make it look so realistic and pretty. We love how beautiful this one look. We couldn’t stop looking at that and that’s exactly how people are going to feel when they look at it on you.

Floral Key Pendant Design

floral key pendant design

They key is attached to a small gorgeous flower. We like how simple it is but there is a lot of intricate work on it that makes it even better to look at. This is made in silver and it gives out a very rustic look.

Beaded Flower Pendant Necklace

beaded flower pendant necklace

The sunflower hasn’t look better. This is bright and looks dazzling. The pearls in between make it look much better. With a chain like this, you are ought to look absolutely glamorous.

This is a knitted flower in a circular flower frame. The flower in between is knitted so perfectly. The pretty white roses and the big red rose, all of it is done so well and this is a very different design that we absolutely loved.

This is a handmade item with an actual daisy fixed in the frame. This looks plain, chic and so nice to look at. This is something you could wear on any outfit on regular basis. This is something worth flaunting and showing off.

Crystal Floral Pendant Necklace

crystal floral pendant necklace


This chain is made of clay and is done so neatly. The maroon color makes it look so bright and nice whereas the small flowers on it is cute. This design is overall very adorable to look at and you could wear this with your casuals or your jeans.

This is made up of flower beads . The design is handmade and well crafted. There is so much intricate work that has gone into it but at the end of it, it is a beautiful piece which you can show off on special occasions.

Handmade Floral Pendant Chain

handmade floral pendant chain


The handmade floral pendant is well designed and executed. It is creatively thought off and the idea behind it is flawless. The work is done with so much perfection and creativity.

Vintage Floral Pendant Design

vintage floral pendant design

Clay Floral Pendant Necklace

clay floral pendant necklace

Wooden Flower Pendant

wooden flower pendant

Light Blue Linen Pendant

light blue linen pendant

Rose Flower Pendant Idea

rose flower pendant idea


Here are ten flower pendants that are cute and some of them are absolutely different and out of the box.

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