Snakes are mysterious creatures, but an ultimate inspiration to designers of jewelry all around the world to create some of the most amazing pieces. Snake design hides dual expression of good and evil, poison and medicine.  Since the dawn of civilization, the snake symbolizes in different ways: royalty and deity, sexual passion and desire, while the Romans interpreted the snake as a symbol of everlasting love. But one thing is for sure, no one is indifferent to this kind of design. You can also see the Animal Themed Jewelry here.

Victorian Snake Ring

victorian snake ring

As you can see, snake motifs are detailed, natural, but delicate. Pure example how it flirts with sensuality, passion, and danger that gives this kind of snake ring its originality. This explains why it is so popular in the Victorian style, as it adds mystery appearance to you. You may also see Sculptural Jewelry Designs

Silver Snake Chain Design

silver snake chain design

An incredible texture of this silver chain will give you an exposure you are looking for. Due to the aging process, this cute piece will get great patina in years to come.

Antique Snake Cocktail Ring

antique snake cocktail ring

If you don’t have any antique snake ring at home, think about this cute piece. The design incorporates and unites a danger of the snake and the beauty of a generally antique design. It is perfect for a cocktail party.

Cleopatra Snake Jewelry

cleopatra snake jewelry

The observers can make a conclusion that you are strong, yet intuitive women with an attitude. While Cleopatra may be the most notable historic figure to endorse the wearing of snake jewelry, in the modern time this intriguing reptile offers a bit of glam to its owner.

Halloween Snake Jewelry Design

halloween snake jewelry design

What a beautiful piece of snake design right on your finger tip. Paired with a right costume of the wizard or the witch, you will be the best-masked person in the neighborhood.

Snake Pendant Necklace Idea

snake pendant necklace idea

If you are about something original and unseen then have a look at this pendant. Its style takes it way ahead of others because it features the everlasting structure and texture like never seen before.

Snake Jewelry for Men

snake jewelry for men

Look at this great body made of knots wrapped around the wrist as a stylish bracelet, the gold headed snake remains our favorite amongst jewelry designs for men.  It is a brilliantly textured leather and double heads just add to the complexity of the design.

Snake Choker Necklace

snake choker necklace

When it comes to a sexy kind of design, look no further. Incredible details make this choker necklace a perfect gift for your girlfriend or spouse. Paired with deep “V” cut on the bodice, this piece brings out the best in you. You may also see Paper Jewelry Designs

Unique Snake Necklace Design

unique snake necklace design

Snake Bangle Bracelet Idea

snake bangle bracelet idea

Snake Dangle Earrings

snake dangle earrings

Sterling Silver Snake Jewelry

sterling silver snake jewelry

Snake Pendant Design Idea

snake pendant design idea

Beautiful Snake Cuff Design

beautiful snake cuff design

Awesome Snake Earrings Idea

awesome snake earrings idea

Black Snake Pendant Necklace

black snake pendant necklace

Retro Snake Ring Idea

retro snake ring idea

Gold Snake Ring Design

gold snake ring design

Several jewelry manufacturers have even incorporated the serpent into their identity, using it as the main topic in several of their famous collections.  Saying that, we enjoyed these remarkable snake jewelry pieces that demonstrate why this intriguing design continues to endure.

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