There are some of us who have this extra-added love for all animals. So much so that we go beyond our way to show it and this case it would be in the form of a ring. We found so much love for animals on social media that if they could see it they would be overwhelmed. If you too are an animal lover, here are ten cute animal ring designs in platinum and gold and many other metals for you to fall in love with.

Kitty Cat Animal Ring Design

kitty cat animal ring design

The cat in the shape of a ring is the cutest design we have seen. All cat lovers this would make a perfect ring to express some love for your pet cat. You can wear this on regular days or even to your cat’s pet show.

Cute Animal Wrap Ring

cute animal wrap ring

This wrap ring design has three of the cutest animals on it. We loved the design and the work done on this ring and think it is completely out of the box. This can be worn on special occasions and it would grab great attention. You may also see Heart Shaped Ring Designs

Peacock Ring Design

peacock ring design

This piece of jewelry is very elegant and looks exquisite. This is made in the form of a peacock’s feathers. The peacock’s feathers are known to be the prettiest thing to see. This pink stone with a blend of gold in it only makes it the most gorgeous thing ever.

Animal Ring For Men

animal ring for men

All the men out there here is your chance to get a feel of the world into the wild. The ring with animals is the perfect representation of feeling macho. The wolf and boar together make the ring look wild and amazing.

If you are looking for a unique wedding ring for you fiancé then this gold ring would be the perfect fit for her. If she is an animal lover this is an even better option. This vintage ring, in the form of a snake, looks completely different and out of the box.

Elephant Animal Ring Idea

elephant animal ring idea

This is the perfect definition of antique. In India people worship elephants and it represents a great form. Many temples have elephants craved on the walls and this ring with elephants on the entire band is not something that a lot of people have.

Cute Rabbit Animal Ring

cute rabbit animal ring

If you are crazy about platinum rings you can get this rabbit done on platinum. The studs embedded on the rabbit give it a special effect and makes it look alluring.

Simplicity defines true elegance and this design is gorgeous, exquisite and absolutely a delight to look at. The shape of the deer antler is designed so perfectly. You may also see Message Ring Designs

Dragon Animal Ring Design

dragon animal ring design1

Handmade Rabbit Ring

handmade rabbit ring

Bear Ring Design

bear ring design

Unique Kangaroo Animal Ring

kangaroo animal ring

Beautiful Animal Ring Idea

animal rings

Silver Wolf Ring Design

silver wolf ring design

White Gold Giraffe Ring

white gold giraffe ring

Sterling Silver Lion Ring

sterling silver lion ring

These were some dazzling rings that each is a representation of an animal. Some are wild where as some are subtle and pretty. Which ones did you like?

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