Never heard of wolf rings? Well, now you will. Wolf rings, which come in all kinds of materials like platinum rings, metal rings and silver ones as well, have become very popular in the market, mostly among men. The fashion industry is embracing the robust and bold style of wolf designed rings.

Wolves are symbolic of strength, friendliness and courage. They can strengthen and elevate any outfit easily. Here are a few astounding wolf ring designs:

Men Wolf Ring

mens wolf ring

The times when the option and choice of men’s accessory were largely limited is no more. The Wolf design ring can be made to work with a number of outfits, both party and casual. Animal ring designs add an amazingly unique edge to your look.

Celtic Wolf Ring

celtic wolf ring

The turquoise stone imparts the right amount of sophistication. One shouldn’t be amazed if it just turns out that the ancient Greek Gods actually wore jewellery like this. Celtic rings also look very rustic and vintage.
Celts are a branch of the Indo-European family and this is a ring that is inspired by the designs found in the jewellery worn by the Celts. This exclusive design is absolutely God-like. Oxidised metal or a silver that is less shiny would be apt for this design.

Sterling Silver Wolf Ring

sterling silver wolf ring

Sterling literally translates to something excellent or valuable. In this case, it is both valuable and excellent. Sterling silver has made its distinctive mark in the fashion industry and is quite popular among fashion lovers.

Wolf Face Ring Idea

wolf face ring idea

Hardly seen anyone wear a black ring, right? Well, it’s time to break the fashion rules with a black wolf-face ring design. Wear it with something jazzier to balance the look or simply with a vest and ripped jeans to make a look rugged and brawny.

Wolf Paw Print Ring

wolf paw print ring

Who said wolf ring designs cannot be worn by women as well? The designs, although different, make an impact that both highlights and elevates your attitude. Like this little paw designed ring is cute and minimalistic and can be worn with any kind of western wear.

Wolf Crest Ring Design

wolf crest ring design

This surely has to be one of the boldest of all the designs mentioned in this list so far. A design that so minimal yet exquisite should be must-have in the collection of men’s jewellery. Platinum is a good element for this design to come alive.

Wolf Band Ring

wolf band ring

If your man is different and distinct from all others, has a taste that is rare and exclusive, ditch the usual engagement band for this wolf band ring. The two wolves signify loyalty and friendship, forever. A wedding ring with an adorable message.

Vintage Wolf Ring

vintage wolf ring

For the lovers of all things old-school and vintage, there is this vintage wolf ring that brings out the modern through the very concept and the quaintness through the design is something that every modern day man must possess.

Silver Wolf Ring

silver wolf ring

Biker Wolf Head Knight Ring

biker wolf head knight ring

Howling Wolf Solid Men’s Ring

howling wolf solid mens ring

Statement Wolf Ring

statement wolf ring

Wolf Open Ring

wolf open ring

Cute Silver Black Wolf Ring

cute silver black wolf ring

Wolf Ring Moon Ring

wolf ring moon ring

Head Horn Biker Wolf Ring

head horn biker wolf ring

Stainless Steel Wolf Ring

stainless steel wolf ring

Wolf Spirit Ring

wolf spirit ring

It cannot be denied that animal rings aren’t something that you would find a lot of people wearing. But, it is surely a mark of you being extremely rustic, precise and robust in your choice of jewelry. If vintage is your thing, go for Celtic rings with wolf designs.

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