Rolling rings are elegant and sophisticated jewelry that stand out for their designs. Platinum rings are very popular and available in various designs. Message rings are all-time favorites and continue to be in trend. Explore the rolling ring designs and select one that suits you personality and ups the style quotient. A ring can make a beautiful difference. Here are 10 beautiful rolling ring designs to give you some idea and insight.

Tricolor Rolling Ring

tricolor rolling ring

This tricolor rolling ring features a sterling silver, a rose gold filled and a yellow gold filled ring. This classic ring makes for a fine anniversary gift.

Rolling Stones Ring Design

rolling stones ring design

This Rolling Stones ring design is made of stainless steel and features the word. This is a ring, officially licensed and sold at the Rolling Stones tour.

Rolling Band Ring

rolling band ring

This rolling band ring features three super thin sterling silver bands that are soldered in an interlocking design. The bands are hand forged and hammered.

Platinum Rolling Ring

platinum rolling ring

This platinum rolling ring features three bands made of platinum, rose gold and yellow gold. The ring measures approximately 7.5 mm wide.

Twisted Rolling Ring Design

twisted rolling ring design

This twisted rolling ring design is made of 925 sterling silver. It has a beautiful twisted design and measures 2 mm wide

Vintage Rolling Ring

vintage rolling ring

This vintage rolling ring is made of 18K white, rose and yellow gold. Each band measures approximately 2.5 mm wide.

Trinity Rolling Ring

trinity rolling ring

This trinity rolling ring features three bands made of rose, green and white gold. Each band is around 3.5 mm in width.

Black Diamond Rolling Ring

black diamond rolling ring

This black diamond rolling ring features a round black diamond stone. The ring is made of 14K white gold.

Sterling Silver Rolling Ring

sterling silver rolling ring

This sterling silver rolling ring features three interlocking sterling silver bands, each measuring 3.25 mm wide.

Gold Interlocking Rolling Ring

gold interlocking rolling ring

Nine Band Intertwined Rolling Ring

nine band intertwined rolling ring

Triple Rolling Ring

triple rolling ring

Eternity Rolling Rings Set

eternity rolling rings set

Natural Rolling Ring

natural rolling ring

Modern Silver Rolling Ring

modern silver rolling ring

Silver Love and Hope Faith Ring

silver love and hope faith ring

These were some beautiful rolling ring designs. Rolling ring designs make for great engagement rings for women. Statement rings are also a popular choice of ring. There is a wide selection of rolling ring designs that you can check out. Get a ring for yourself or gift your loved one.

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