Who wouldn’t want to be a princess? Whether graceful and serene, or proud and warrior-like, princesses have commanded respect from time immemorial in history, ranging from Princess Diana to the future Queen Elizabeth I (then a quiet but brave daughter of King Henry VIII), the princess who would become the first female sultan, Razia in the twelfth century to Mirabai, the bhakt devotee of Lord Krishna in India. Let’s also not forget our favourite fictional princesses – Snow White, Aurora, Jasmine and others!

Today, it’s easy enough to pretend to be a princess whenever you want – just have a royally cool hairstyle. Here are some popular ones:

Selena Gomez Princess Hairstyle

selena gomez princess hairstyle

It goes without saying that to be a princess, you need to accessorize like one. And what’s more elegant than a tiara! Don’t worry, you won’t look like a child – just style your hair into soft waves and set a simple circlet into them, like Selena Gomez’s princess hairstyle.

Diane Kruger Princess Wedding Hairstyle

diane kruger princess wedding hairstyle

You needn’t go as far as a tiara either. A princess hairstyle can be achieved by styling your hair into a low-do, leaving a few queenly locks of hair free and clipping it with a large, classy barrette like Diane Kruger does here. Pair it with white or darker shades like oxblood and ink blue dresses.

Miranda Lambert Princess Prom Hairstyle

miranda lambert princess prom hairstyle

There’s one way you actually can become a queen – at prom! But if that’s not in the cards, why not be a prom princess (and there are plenty of princesses in the world). Check out Miranda Lambert’s wedding hair where she gets the look right – long wavy hair neatly swept to the side and held together by a very Kate Middleton-esque hat. Accessorize with something that brings attention to your layers, like Lambert’s necklace here.

Taylor Swift Princess Wedding Hairstyle

taylor swift princess wedding hairstyle

You’ve seen the Disney movies, you know it’s a big deal when a princess gets married. But sans the singing birds and fairy godmothers, you can still wear a hairstyle that makes you feel like a royal anyway, anytime. Just ask Taylor Swift with a cascade of teased French-plaited ringlets down her back, with matching lipstick to boot.

Kristen Dunst with Princess Hairstyle

kristen dunst with princess hairstyle

Okay, so there is one more thing from those lovely Disney weddings that you can add, which can make you feel like you’re floating down the aisle like a betrothed goddess whenever you wish. A crown of flowers is the perfect element of bohemia, like Kirsten Dunst below.

Princess Crown Flower Hairstyle

princess crown flower hairstyle


You can also just let your hair down, but make sure you’ve set it properly before doing so, otherwise the flower crown may just end up looking messy (no princess has ever had a nest for hair).

Princess Prom Hairstyle

princess prom hairstyle


You can also fluff your hair into a half pony tail, make a bun out of that, and let the rest of your hair rest over one shoulder. Add a pearl-like hairband to complete the look.

Princess Wedding Hairstyle

princess wedding hairstyle


Brides can also wear their hair in an elegant updo, twist into a knot atop the head, and accessorize it with a diadem-like clip under the veil. Leave that one strand out for a touch of romance.

Princess Bridal Hairstyle

princess bridal hairstyle


Kid’s Weavy Hairstyle

kids weavy hairstyle


Side Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

side fishtail braid hairstyle


Twist Wedding Hairstyle

twist wedding hairstyle


Side Bun Princess Hairstyle

side bun princess hairstyle


Vanessa Hudgens Tiara Princess Hairstyle

vanessa hudgens tiara princess hairstyle

Wedding Princess Hairstyle

wedding princess hairstyle


Curly Princess Haircut

curly princess haircut


Awesome Princess Hairstyle

awesome princess hairstyle


Vintage Princess Short Hairstyle

vintage princess short hairstyle


Princess Blonde Hairstyle

princess blonde hairstyle


There you go, some very to-be-queen-like hairstyles for your inner princess! Make sure to wear these for formal occasions to really feel special and to make your mark out there. It’s true when they say that confidence (which truly defines a royal) comes from within, but sometimes you need to look good to feel good. And hairstyling is definitely an art, so you’re not wasting any time either. Have more ideas? Don’t forget to share them with us!


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