We guess at this point of time, it is not weird to ask whether you are into blood, guts, pumpkins or cobwebs. After deciding on the makeup and costumes comes the important part of adding the glitter or matte details. To clear out the air, we ought to mention that the much anticipated spooky festivity goes way beyond orange and black nail polishes.

This year take inspiration from these 11 Halloween inspired styles that will be as fun as frightful.

1. Sleek and Chic Nail Art

If over the top nail designs is not your style, this sleek and chic nail art will work perfectly for Halloween and everyday wear. Try and trace the bottom and tips of your nails with contrasting colours and you will be done with a design that is minimally elegant and suits well with all the occasions.

2. Crime Scene Nail Art

If you wish to add an authentic touch to your Halloween nail art, this crime scene nail art with red fingerprint and ink splatter will definitely spruce up your Halloween game.

3. Cute Ghosts Nail Art

You can also bring the cute factor in your Halloween nail art with rough hand drawn little ghosts in the neutral shade of black and white.

4. Iconic Halloween Nail Art

Combining the iconic symbols of Halloween all in one, this mixed nail art is the perfect blend of a ghost, carved pumpkin and a haunted house. Though the design is very intricate and detailed but the end result is worth all the patience. The nail art will suit all age groups and tastes.

5. Graveyard Nail Art

If you are willing to try something realistic that is authentic to the spirit and feel of Halloween, this Grim Reaper inspired nail art is a perfect fit. In the shade of gray-blue ombre style, the design is both eclectic and uncanny with black streak imitating a dying crop in a deserted field. Reaper’s silhouette makes way for a spine-chilling nail design.

6. Blood and Bones

This blood and bones nail art is one of the minimal and neat designs to try this Halloween. If you think your skeleton sketching isn’t up to the mark, don’t worry, it is Halloween, the clumsier, the scarier. Try and use a matte shade of black and red to make the nail art equally creative and impressive.

7. Colourful Halloween Nail Art

Vibrant and fun, this colourful Halloween nail art is the best fit if you are looking for a design that is edgy and not too dark. Though the shape of the skull might be the same but the choice of the colours is definitely all upon you.

8. Thumbs Up Nail Art

Well, at the first glance the design might look random and individual, but put your ring finger and thumb together to bring the design to life.

9. Glitter Gradient Nail Art

This glitter gradient nail art is the perfect design to oomph up your Halloween outfit. With just the right gradient and glitter, the design is impressive and simple. Make sure to use a good quality top coat to not get the sparkly specs all over the costume.

10. Smoke and Mirrors Nail Art

Smoke and mirrors nail art is the perfect design if you are looking for something edgy and mysterious. Super dark and glossy, the design will surely get noticed amongst the more obvious and casual nail arts.

11. Clean Cobwebs Nail Art

Thin spider web in the neutral shade of black and white is the perfect design to pair with a witch, warlock or wizard costume. Keep the strokes clean for creating a maximum Halloween impact.

Try and use these fun and easy nail arts that might just be the missing piece to complete your Halloween costume.

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