The beauty of embellishing your designs with decorative elements can give you a great advantage regarding style and character of your projects. There is a great deal of designs that one can use and silhouettes are a great part of it. From heart designs to bird silhouettes you can choose any design that draws your attention like the following designs. We gathered a collection of butterfly silhouette designs that will help you create amazing graphic projects.

Monarch Butterfly Silhouette

The monarch butterfly has a royal look that is stunning and impressive. You can choose this design in order to create a fabulous design with extra character. A butterfly silhouette will help you decorate your projects with a carefree look.

Monarch Butterfly Open Wings Silhouette

Black Butterfly Silhouette

If you are not sure which butterfly silhouette you should choose you can get a pack of various designs that will allow you to pick any silhouette you want. The variety in design is based on actual and imaginary butterflies.

Free Black Butterfly Silhouette

Tribal Black Butterfly Silhouette

Flying Butterfly Silhouette

Flying butterflies have a fun look that adds a pleasant tone to every project like web sites and blogs. You can create a carefree design with a flying butterfly that will help you style your projects with a fashionable look.

Flying Butterfly Sunset Silhouette

Free Flying Butterfly Silhouette

Simple Butterfly Silhouette

A simple butterfly silhouette can give you a minimalistic version that in no way lacks in style or personality. You can choose a design in psd, eps and png that will allow you to customize depending on your project’s needs.

Simple Butterfly Vector Silhouette

Simple Paper Butterfly Silhouette

Vector Butterfly Silhouette

Vector designs can give you incredible results for your projects. There is a great variety of styles and butterfly types that will add a unique quality to your graphic designs. Make sure that they are resizable for easier editing process.

Free Vector Butterfly Silhouette

Colorful Vector Butterfly Silhouette

Butterfly Wings Silhouette

The wings of a butterfly are what make it look beautiful and lovely. You can use them in many projects like scrapbooks, web sites, posters and greeting cards that require a design with creative style and fashionable personality for elegance. You may also see Bird Silhouettes

Black Butterfly Wings Silhouette

Free Butterfly Silhouette

You can find many designs of butterfly silhouettes that come for free. These designs can be used for personal and commercial projects giving you a free of cost element to decorate your projects with while incorporating creative and stunning designs.

Free Colored Butterfly Silhouette

Free Beautiful Butterfly Silhouette

Butterfly With Flower Silhouette

In combinations of butterfly and flower silhouette designs you can find incredible silhouettes that will complete your projects. They have a unique look that takes a romantic tone with a girly touch from both the butterfly and the flower designs

Black Butterfly with Flower Silhouette

Small Butterfly Silhouette

Even a small butterfly can give you incredible style. You can find them in single designs as well as in packs giving you stylish decorative elements that look elegant and delicate. They are suitable for blogs, greeting cards and blogs.

Free Small Butterfly Silhouette

White Butterfly Silhouette

White butterfly designs can give you a startling alternative when the background you use for your projects is black or some other dark color. Create a stunning antithesis in order to add character and to create a strong focal point.

White Lineart Butterfly Silhouette

Tree silhouettes would look great in a combination of designs that feature elements inspired by nature. Choose a design that acts complementary to your project’s style making for a fantastic end result. Feel free to check them all out and give them a try to experiment with styles and moods.

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