Over the years concrete countertops have become the must have trend for many homeowners. It is not just because of their strong traits which make them durable, but they also offer various finishes. Unlike other countertops, each concrete countertop is unique and gives you total control for customization. With these countertop designs, you even get to include personal memoirs. They also have a natural organic look that will make any modern or traditional home feel cozy.

Diy Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops give you the freedom to add unique colors and finishes that are impossible when your countertop has other materials. You can customize your countertop pigment to match the wall paint color. With DIY concrete countertops you can even personalize your countertop to include personal memories like seashells or colored glass.

Diy Concrete Vanity Countertop

diy concrete vanity countertop


Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Are you in the process of remodeling your kitchen? If your answer is yes, then go for concrete kitchen countertops. Apart from their durability, they are also heat resistant, easy to repair in case of chipping and provide the ideal flat surface to incorporate a chopping board. When remodeling your space, you can even add rivets next to the stove top.

Outdoor Kitchen Concrete Countertop

outdoor kitchen concrete countertop


Traditional Kitchen Concrete Countertop

traditional kitchen concrete countertop


Stained Concrete Countertops

Stained concrete countertops often use acid or stencils to give countertops a one of a kind image. For a bright look opt for concretes that incorporate pigments in their entire palette to make that particular area the focal point. To get a high-quality product make sure the staining process is done after the countertop is cured. You may also see Marble Countertop Designs

Kitchen Bar Stained Concrete Countertop

kitchen bar stained concrete countertop


Cool Stained Concrete Countertop

cool stained concrete countertop


Concrete Bathroom Countertops

Whether you prefer rustic or a polished surface, concrete bathroom countertops are practical and can easily act as a decorative surface. They have a smooth finish and warmth that will complement both modern and traditional bathrooms. For a busy bathroom, go for concrete with a sealant that will make the countertop water resistant and long lasting.

Concrete Bathroom Vanity Countertop

concrete bathroom vanity countertop


Modern Bathroom Concrete Countertop

modern bathroom concrete countertop

Mosaic Architects

Black Concrete Countertops

Black is the primary color that will match with any décor making it a favorite for many homeowners who want sleek concrete countertop. For an organic look, opt for concrete countertops that use natural black pigments. With pigments, you also get a black countertop that is consistent hence giving you a product that you can be proud to show off.

Black Concrete Kitchen Island Countertop

black concrete kitchen island countertop


Outdoor Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops have a natural weather resistant character that makes them ideal for outdoor usage. Outdoor concrete countertops can withstand freezing temperatures without cracking. To increase their sturdiness, ensure they are properly sealed. The texture can also be customized to complement your outdoor décor. You may also see Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Designs

Outdoor Bar Concrete Countertop

outdoor bar concrete countertop

Promised Path Landscaping Inc

White Concrete Countertops

White concrete countertops will give your home a mix of modern and traditional look. They complement any décor or interior theme, and you can even match with white cabinets and drawers. To get the exotic beach look, opt for honed white concrete countertops for your kitchen or bathroom with charcoal stained cabinetry.

Modern White Concrete Countertop

modern white concrete countertop

Angela Dechard Design

Modern Concrete Countertops

Modern concrete countertops will make a bold statement in kitchens or home bar area. They have a smooth polished surface with straight, unadorned edges. The color schemes also vary from neutral to vibrant shades. Custom design your countertop to have earthly tones so that the space area can be your safe heaven.

Modern Kitchen Island Concrete Countertop

modern kitchen island concrete countertop


Concrete Sink Countertops

When remodeling either your bathroom or kitchen, the sink and countertops are the most important elements you need to consider. Concrete sink countertops are very strong hence will last for a very long time. They are also adaptable so that you can get sinks in different sizes and shapes.

Concrete Bathroom Sink Countertop

concrete bathroom sink countertop


Polished Concrete Countertops

Do you love unique countertops? Then polished concrete countertops will make your remodeling process worth the money. These surfaces are smooth and easy to clean. Polishing your concrete countertop will help remove blemishes and flaws as well as show your decorative additions. A polished countertop will also make cleaning more enjoyable. For a sleek look, go for countertops with polished edges.

Contemporary Polished Concrete Countertop

contemporary polished concrete countertop


From polished to stained, concrete countertops can be decorative as well as functional. These countertops make remodeling fun as they give you full control of customizing the end results. In the process, you create either a smooth, neutral colored surface or bright pigmentation that includes personal embellishments like coins. They also easy to add built-ins like chopping boards and drain boards.

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