The month of June has been considered as the African-American Music Appreciation Month, as declared by United States President Jimmy Carter in 1979. Formerly called the Month of Black Music, it was later changed to the name it is now known last 2009 by US President Barack Obama who considers their music and musicians to have helped the country express their faith through song.

While there are other styles of African-American music in existence—rhythm and blues, hip hop, and funk music—one of the most common and widely recognized style is jazz. What better way to celebrate this event than to listen to jazz music or attend jazz concerts and festivals? You can find various poster designs that you can use to promote jazz-related events in celebration of the African-American Music Appreciation Month.


Sketched Jazz Concert Poster Design in EPS


For an entertaining and interesting vintage poster design, check out the one above. There’s nothing better than a marketing tool done by hand because it shows the roughness of the lines drawn, which is appealing because it gives the illusion of movement within the image.

If you don’t understand what we’re trying to imply, compare animated shows from the previous decades. You can notice they were more hand-drawn than digitally-generated, and you can compare that though the digital ones are smoother; the old ones had more life because of its ruggedness.


Abstract Jazz Festival Poster Design



What is Jazz Music?

Jazz is a genre of music that has originated in New Orleans during the early 1900’s. Jazz music was developed by the African-American population and inspired by both the blues and ragtime genre. Notable characteristics of jazz music include the presence of different instruments playing all at the same time, each with its own improvisation.

Jazz music tends to change its beat or tempo along the way. This means that slow music gradually or suddenly becomes upbeat, and vice versa. Since jazz music is mostly fast in tempo, it is an ideal choice for a style of dance with the same name.


Typographic Jazz Festival Poster Designs


To get a good deal from these posters, download this set of mockup designs above to get more than what you’re paying. For the price of only $8.00, you will get a total of six typographical jazz poster designs that you can choose for your event.

For uniformity, you may choose to use only one design out of the six for all your poster advertisements, but you can also use all six designs if you like.


Jazz Music Nights Poster Design


Helpful Tips when using Posters

  • Place it in the right location. Just because you made a poster, it still doesn’t assure you of gaining an audience if you don’t know where to place it. Survey around locations and look for the ones that have a large crowd, such as shopping malls, train stations, or parks. Find the perfect location so your poster becomes very visible to the public.
  • Make the text legible. It is best to make the typography large enough so that it can be seen by people from a distance. This way, they will still get an idea on what the poster is trying to say.
  • Avoid overly cluttered designs. Too much of anything is never good. The same goes with designs. Avoid putting too many elements, only include those that are relevant and can also add to your poster design’s level of appeal. A design that is overly cluttered can make the poster appear unprofessional.

Stylish Vintage Jazz Poster Design


Promote your jazz-themed party with this colorful vintage-inspired poster design. The image above simply bears the label of the event to notify the audience that this poster is advertising a jazz party, and the saxophone in the middle symbolizes jazz music. To enhance the quality and increase its authenticity as a vintage design, the text and the saxophone are placed over a background with a spiral pattern and faded edges.


Microphone and Trumpet Jazz Music Poster



Embrace minimalism with this photorealistic poster design which bears an image of a microphone and a trumpet over a white and black background, respectively. This is intended to deliver a message to the public without having to complicate it with a lot of features.


Grand Piano Jazz Concert Poster Design



Jazz is a formal music genre. Jazz musicians, regardless if they are playing slow or upbeat music, are always in formal attire while performing their musical pieces. The event poster design above is very ideal since it embraces the formality and elegance of the genre.

The design on the poster simply shows a piano and a golden microphone, with the information regarding the event written on the blank spaces. Download this design if you want to keep your poster simple and straight to the point.

Jazz music is layer after layer of different instruments. The music is produced from sounds of string instruments such as guitars and cellos to wooden and brass ones like trumpets and saxophones. Jazz music is always full of life. Even though jazz band members are playing a song together, they play their instruments is as if they are separate entities comprising the entirety of the song. This is the reason why it is best to listen to jazz music live: to experience the life brought by it.

The awesome poster designs were selected carefully to and are guaranteed to turn heads and get read by the public. We also made sure that our products will be affordable enough that even those organizations with a tight budget can manage just to be able to make a profit from the event. Maximize the quality of your posters by using high quality poster paper to bring out the best and most vibrant colors of the design.

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