It’s almost spring season, and we all know that summer comes after spring, but have you any idea what that actually means? It means it’s vacation time! The time when we can finally relax and unwind after all the stressful months at work or at school. It is during these days when we can finally get the R and R we deserve, though the question still remains, how should we spend our vacation? The answer to that my friend depends solely on what your heart desires. Many people spend it at the beach basking themselves under the sun or enjoying the pleasurable feeling of having the grains of the white sand touch your toes and the fresh seawater soak up your hair.

But if you’re not too much of a beach-goer, then you can spend your vacation through other means that are just as fun and memorable. How? By going on road trips with your family or closest friends, of course. There are endless possibilities to how you can spend your vacation days. If you want to have some alone time, then feel free to do it. That way, you will be able to manage your time fully and you won’t risk slowing yourself down. But then again, it would be more fun if people tagged along, thus the saying “the more, the merrier.” If you are looking for vacation-themed poster design that you can use for any purpose, we have an huge collection of them down below that you can freely check out.

Realistic Summer Vacation Travel Poster Design


Pack up your bags, prepare your camera for souvenir photos, and go spend a few days off to relax and unwind. Above is a travel poster design that is very versatile, it can be used for various purposes. Feel free to do whatever you want with this vacation poster design.

Aloha Hawaii Vacation Poster Design


Aloha! When it comes to summer vacations, many people would associate it with Hawaii, which would make a lot of sense since it is one of the most popular vacation spots in the world due to its awesome beaches and white sand. Whether you are trying to encourage people to visit Hawaii or you just want to use this solely for decorative purposes, the design above would undoubtedly make for a very good vacation poster.

Best Summer Travel Vacation Poster Design


Minimalist Cruise Ship Vacation Poster Design


Going on a cruise ship vacation is without a doubt a costly way of spending a vacation, but it will also be a very memorable one if given the opportunity. Think of it as being in a hotel but in the middle of the ocean, and you get to experience various cultures throughout the duration of the trip, how amazing is that?

Type of Posters

  • Advertising Posters. The name already strongly suggests the purpose behind this type of posters, which is to advertise. These posters are commonly used by businesses and organizations to advertise a wide range of things which include but are not limited to goods, facilities, and services.
  • Political Posters. The type of posters that were widely used during the First and Second World War. These posters were used for both informative and recruitment purposes. The most notable political poster is the “We Want You” poster that features Uncle Sam.
  • Movie Posters. The first of the few types of posters that are both for marketing and entertainment purposes. Movie posters are used to promote a movie, and also to inform people regarding the cast and crew responsible in the making of this film.
  • Motivational Posters. This type of posters usually focus on textual elements rather than graphical, and the message written on these posters are meant to uplift a person’s spirit. Some motivational posters are dramatic or emotional, while some are also comical. Though one thing’s for certain, they are really meant for motivating the readers.
  • Event Posters. These are those posters that are used to announce upcoming events relating to sports, holidays, or special occasions. And sometimes, establishments would also use event posters to announce that they will be cutting down the prices of their products in celebration of an event.
  • Travel Posters. These posters feature awesome travel destinations, and it could either be presented through an illustration or an actual photograph. This type of posters are created for the purpose of promoting and encouraging people to visit these locations, though it can also be used purely for decorative purposes.
  • Educational Posters. These are the posters that are usually used within school premises, for the purpose of trying to promote a particular topic that will need to be discussed. But there are also educational posters that are being used outside school premises, and these posters are meant to inform people regarding current situations and how to be able to overcome present issues (e.g., Cessation of smoking to prevent the risk of cancer).

Colorful Road Trip Summer Vacation Poster Design


Once in a while, vacations are necessary to allow people to have time for themselves and the people close to them. For families, they can always take the time off and go out camping, disconnecting themselves from all stressors, and even technology. This way, they can focus fully on what’s important, which is each other’s company.

Vintage Luggage Summer Vacation Poster Design


Native Houses Summer Vacation Poster Design


Bundled Camping Vacation Poster Designs


Best Places to Spend Your Vacation

  • Rome, Italy. This timeless city is the home of many historical churches, ruins, and monuments that were constructed during the Roman Empire. These structures, along with the wonderful culture, make Rome one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world.
  • Florida, USA. Florida is the state where Miami and Orlando are located, which are homes of one of the world’s best beaches and other water-themed attractions. Also, it is in Orlando where one of the world’s most favorite amusement parks is situated, and this amusement park is no other than Walt Disney World Resort.
  • Belize. Formerly known as the British Honduras, is a nation found on the eastern coast of Central America. Belize has been known to feature both modern and historical attractions, which makes for a good travel spot. But the reason why Belize has become a favorite destination among travelers is because of their cheap meals and highly affordable accommodations.
  • Costa Rica. Considered as a biologically diverse place, Costa Rica has easily become one of the most favored travel destinations because it is home to a lot of national parks where people can enjoy nature and experience amazing encounters with wild animals. Aside from that, Costa Rica also has one of the best beaches that allows people to go surfing.
  • Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona has often been compared to other tourist-attracting cities such as Paris and London, but the advantage with this city is that it is very affordable. Meals as well as accommodations in Barcelona are very affordable, and visitors can even explore the famous La Boqueria Market to get an even better bargain.

Simple Typographic Summer Vacation Poster Design


Pink Flamingo Summer Vacation Poster Design


Pink Themed Eternal Summer Vacation Poster Design


Happy Hour Vacation Retro Poster Design


Dos and Don’ts When Using Posters

  • DO be clear in defining your goals and expectations behind the posters. Are you inviting them to participate an event? Or are you simply trying to encourage people to go on a vacation? Whatever message you want to convey to the readers, be sure to make it as crystal clear and understandable as possible.
  • DO understand your target audience, take into consideration the age group, the gender, and the people’s preferences. To effectively do this, be familiar with what your target audience wants to see and read from your posters. You can then make those preferences as the basis for your poster design.
  • DO be creative and make an effort to stand out; after all, you would want your poster design to be easily noticed among the competition. Take advantage on the use of different vibrant colors and typography to make your posters look creative and unique. But be sure to organize the elements well on the design.
  • DON’T go over the top in the use of graphical elements. As I said on the previous bullet point, arrange your elements properly that it will prevent your design from looking cluttered. The best way you can do this is by allowing to have sufficient amount of white space in between elements. And when it comes to the typography, limit your number of font types to three: one for the header, another for the main body, and a third one for the fine prints.
  • DON’T forget to incorporate a call to action. It would be a major mistake for marketers and promoters to neglect the use of a call to action. After all, your posters are there for a purpose that is more than just being decorative, so make the most out of your posters and encourage people to actually take action.
  • DON’T, and we mean don’t ever forget to proofread your work before actually attaching or putting your posters to use. Forgetting to proofread is considered as a mortal sin when it comes to designs and publications. To attract more prospects as well as to get the impression that you are sincere in what you are trying to promote from your posters, always see to it that there aren’t any spelling or grammar errors before posting them for the world to see.

Beach Party Vacation Poster Design


Surf Holiday Vacation Poster Design


Whether you are a professional surfer or not, you may be interested in the surf-themed poster design above. The design is very simplistic, it features various graphical elements with an actual photo of a surfer girl in the middle. This minimalist poster design can also be used as a marketing tool by professional surfers who are willing to conduct lessons to people who want to learn how to surf.

Toucan Illustration Summer Vacation Poster Design


Indeed, we wish the summer was endless, but the only thing that would remain endless during summer are the treasured memories. A vacation would be deemed meaningless if no memories made out of it. The vacation poster above would be a great way of promoting R and R’s, and the toucan is there to tell you about it.

Cool and Fun Party Vacation Poster Design


We can tell how excited you are to finally go on your vacation, but don’t forget to do the thing that got you here in the first place. The reason why you landed here was to look for vacation poster designs, and it would be such a waste if you left without being able to download at least one. Though chances of you leaving empty-handed is very unlikely, and we say that confidently because we know that these poster designs are not only the best, but they are in fact the best among the best and were created by some of today’s most skillful and creative graphic artists from all over the world. Those details alone are sufficient to tell you that these awesome poster designs are indeed worth downloading, but allow us to continue filling you in with even more juicy details.

These poster designs are more than just inviting and creative, they are also customizable and inexpensive. With regards to being customizable, we are actually referring to the extent that you are allowed to make changes to how the elements are being presented. Thankfully, with the right editing tools, you can actually edit these designs fully and easily; they are also capable of preserving their own quality even after all the modifications applied to them. And lastly, we did mention that these creative poster designs are inexpensive, and we actually meant it. You don’t need to spend a fortune just to be able to download professionally-made vacation poster designs. Finally, go get yourself and all your friends the vacation you’ve always wanted, click on that download button now.

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