Golf is a sport that requires a lot of patience. When you play it, you don’t really just rush into swinging your club to hit the golf ball if you want to achieve a low score, or even a low handicap.

In golf, taking your time is very important. This is applied all throughout the game:  choosing the right club to get the ball flying in the appropriate angle to either make it stick to the green or to have it roll a little further, setting up for a tee shot, and taking the time to study where and how hard the wind is blowing.

It is probably most important to take your time during putting, since you will need to read the curves on the green and your distance from the cup in order to get the ball inside in the least number of putts as possible.

Here, we have some golf tournament poster designs you can easily download, edit, and print. Scroll down and start choosing from among our collection of poster designs.

Fireballs Tee Off Golf Tournament Poster


Download this golf tournament poster and promote the tournament you are trying to organize. Invite both amateur and professional golfers to join and inform them that not only will they play and get the chance of winning $5,000 in cash, but they can also enjoy the dining and other amenities of the golf club. If you choose to use this event poster design, then it is highly recommended to use your own photos of the actual golfer playing in your golf course instead of using stock photos from the Internet. You are trying to promote not only the tournament but also the golf course.

Game of the Year Golf Tournament Poster



Get golfers excited with this awesome poster design that promotes the most anticipated golf tournament of the year! This poster design comes in vector format, which means editing can be done effortlessly. Just give this a spin using Adobe Illustrator, and you might end up with an improved poster design than the one pre-made above. An advantage when using vector format is that each feature is separate from the others, which allows you to edit them individually. Since vectors don’t use blocks or pixels, another plus is that they do not get blurry when stretched out or enlarged. This gives you a chance to emphasize certain features without having to worry about the quality.

Magazine Style Golf Tournament Poster Design


This poster design may look outdated since the date on the sample above shows the year 2014. Fortunately though, these designs are fully editable and you will be able to change the date as many times as you want especially if you intend on using this design for other golf tournaments in the future. For a fun experience making a poster using this design, and also to possibly create a higher sense of appeal to your poster, do a photo shoot with a golfer around the course. Or, you may simply take candid photos of golfers actually playing in the golf course and use those images for your poster design. This way, your poster will look even more prepared and inviting to onlookers who are interested to join.

Fireballs Golfing Tournament Poster Design


Why go for a design that’s unnecessarily complicated when you can opt to go with a simpler one that’s both informative and appealing? On the poster design shown above, it only uses one photo of a golfer in his follow-through pose after hitting the golf ball. Since a single photo isn’t enough to help sell your event, a few more enhancements are done on the poster design to help it capture the attention of the public. On this design, the name of the event and the relevant details are written on the bottom half which is occupied by white space only, and this makes the text on the poster easier to read.

Vintage Golf Annual Tournament Poster


For an old-school feel to your posters, download this vintage poster design; this is hand-drawn, slightly unsaturated, and filled with grain effects to achieve the desired vintage look. To complete the theme, look around for vintage-style text and typography and use it on the design. To avoid having the images and text clash on the design, make sure to write the text only in areas where the background is blank or empty, as shown on the sample above. If you find the given sample incomplete, you can always add a few more features or text to the design to convey more information about the event to the readers.

Set of Retro Golf Tournament Posters


What do you call something that’s older than vintage? These are referred to as retro items, and the poster design above shows just that. If you are indeed looking for poster theme that is older than old-school, then download this retro-inspired golf poster design. Everything on this design looks genuinely retro: from the washed out colors, the typography used, the art work, and the uneven edges to further make it appear old. If you wish to change the symbol on the design, then you may refer to our separate collection of inspiring golf logo designs.

Set of Flat Golf Club Competition Poster Design


You won’t have to go to other websites to find other possible alternate designs or ones that you can use for similar events in the future. With this one, you get a total of six different designs for the price of one. These are not your ordinary golf poster designs, these are all flat, vintage poster designs that are editable and can be used for different purposes.

Most people may have the impression that golf is a rich man’s game, but it doesn’t really connect. While it may indeed be a costly sport to play, but is there actually a sport that’s not costly in the first place? You don’t necessarily have to buy the most expensive golf clubs, balls, and gear to enjoy golf, though it may really help to use durable ones. Just like any other sport, golf requires a lot, and we mean A LOT of practice as well as patience if you want to excel.

These creative poster designs can be downloaded easily as long as you have a good and stable Internet connection. These can be yours for a very reasonable fee which you only need to pay once. Quality-wise, these designs were chosen from among hundreds of the best ones from reliable sources, and were designed by talented graphic artists worldwide.

That said, you can already determine that careful screening and selection were done to pick out only those designs with the best quality to provide you with poster designs that are worth your money.

These poster designs are also fully editable, you may take individual elements and edit them without affecting the rest of the poster design. These elements can also be resized freely without ruining their quality. If we were able to convince you enough on the advantages of downloading our poster designs, then scroll back up and start choosing which one to download.

For more sports-related promotional tools, don’t forget to drop by our collection of the best sports flyers.

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