For the French, the 14th of July is one of their most important and highly celebrated occasions since it honors a historic event during the French Revolution.

This occasion is called “La Fête Nationale“, which translates to “The National Celebration“, but the most common name given to this occasion is Bastille Day since it is the commemoration of the Storming of the Bastille that occurred on July 14, 1789.

On this page, we have gathered the best multipurpose Bastille Day designs that can be used as flyers, posters, or banner designs. These designs are all in vector format, which allows you to edit them freely, isolate each element to specifically make changes on them without affecting the rest of the design, and have them enlarged while still retaining its sharp quality. If you wish to check out the designs, feel free to scroll down.


Splatter Effect Bastille Day Vector Card Flyer Poster

For a clean yet artistic event banner or poster, download the awesome design above. This design bears a splatter effect on a white backdrop with the image of the Eiffel Tower and the elegant typography done in the negative space.


Layered Bastille Day Illustration Vector Banner Poster

Minimalist Happy Bastille Day Card Banner Poster

The Fourteenth of July

The 14th of July actually commemorates two events in the history of the French people—The Storming of the Bastille, and the Fête de la Fédération

The storming of the Bastille in 1789 became a memorable event because it led to the downfall of the Bastille, the symbol of royal authority at the heart of Paris, as well as the symbol of the monarchy’s dictatorship.

The following year, in 1790, another historic event took place in Paris, the Fête de la Fédération. This event was a holiday festival that took place all throughout France in honor of the French Revolution that occurred in the previous year. It was a first in France’s history that people all over the country came together in unity.


Raised Flag Bonne Fete Nationale Flyer Banner Poster

Bonne Fête Nationale, which translates to English as “Happy National Day” is the perfect greeting for this occasion. This flyer/banner/poster design shows us the map of France with an arm holding the French flag. During this event, you will be able to see a lot of people doing this, sticking their arms up holding the French flag to honor their ancestors who have participated in the French Revolution.


Bastille Day French Holiday Vector Banner Poster

Happy Bastille Day Poster Vector Design

Keep your event poster simple with this minimalist design which simply bears a linear art of the Eiffel Tower. To keep the design from appearing dull, an overlay of red and blue circles are added, the same colors found on the French flag.


National Bastille Day Illustration Card Banner Poster

Importance of Using Flyers

  • Flyers are easy to make, especially with the abundance of downloadable flyer design templates on the internet. They are also inexpensive. To make the deal even better, printing companies offer price cuts if you print in bulk.
  • Unlike digital advertising, flyers are easily measurable since they are tangible. They may even provide you with an on-the-spot feedback regarding the outcome of your marketing.
  • Without a doubt, flyers are informative and fun to read, just as long as you do it right. Be sure to organize the contents, and don’t make the design appear cluttered by adding too much images or using too many fonts.


Spectacular French National Day Banner Poster Design

Creative Bastille Day Flyer Poster Banner Design

Download the design above if you want a celebration or event poster that looks similar to those used for movies. This poster design shows as a silhouette image of Paris, with the Eiffel Tower being the focal point of the image. On the side opposite the tower is where the greeting for the celebration is placed, and is written using a formal and graceful typography.


Happy Bastille Day Flyer Banner Poster


Viva France Bastille Day Vector Design

Download this vector design for an uncomplicated flyer/poster/banner. The entirety of this design resembles the French flag, but is done in a grunge-style painting. The use of white space in the middle portion is maximized to write all the information needed about the celebration. If ever you wish to have this made as a banner, instead of the usual horizontal orientation, it is best to have this done vertically and turn this design into a roll-up style banner.


Colorful French Map Bastille Day Flyer Banner Poster

The Importance of Using Posters

  • Posters don’t need to be distributed individually to people to reach the desired number of audiences. Even for a limited number of posters, you will be able to reach a lot of people, just as long as you place them in a good, strategic location.
  • Just like flyers, posters are also both easy and inexpensive to make. Poster design templates can also be found on the internet, some paid and some for free.
  • Because of its large size, posters can be easily seen by people, passersby, and onlookers even at a distance. This may be made even more effective if your poster design has a high level of appeal that it can easily capture the attention from people.


France Bastille Day Vector Design


French Bastille Day Party Flyer Design

Importance of Using Banners

  • The largest of the three advertising methods, a single banner can reach a wide number of audiences if it is placed in a high location, either on walls of buildings or from one end of a lamp post to another. One thing to consider though, don’t place your banners in isolated locations since there will be a lesser chance that it can reach multiple people.
  • Banners, unlike flyers and posters that are disposable, can be reused again in the future. But to maintain a professional reputation, only reuse those banners that are still in its pristine condition.
  • Banners have been used during the previous centuries, back when they were still done exclusively by hand. They are still used up to this day since it has been proven an effective advertising and marketing tool.

As you have seen, the designs above range from straightforward Bastille Day greetings to an actual party announcement. So whatever purpose you intend on using these designs for, we have them all here for your convenience.

Use these colorful, high quality designs to make your own greeting cards, holiday flyers, posters, both printable or web banners, or simply as an illustration for part of a much bigger image.

The process of downloading these designs is very easy. You simply need to click on the download button and pay the required fee, with the latter being at a very reasonable rate. We assure you of the satisfaction you deserve since we have carefully selected these designs from among the best ones and from reliable sources as well, and these were also made by talented and inventive graphic artists.

So what are you waiting for? Bastille Day is just around the corner. Celebrate this wonderful event by downloading any of these designs.

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