A year may seem like a short time for some people but for establishments and relationships alike, every year is a milestone of progress. This is why anniversary celebrations are held because a year means twelve months of thriving. Twelve months of swimming rather than sinking. Twelve months of survival.

Anniversaries are usually to commemorate the year behind and to cheers for the year that is up ahead. It is like a ceremony that involves the everyone who have made an impact in shaping the establishment, or relationship, over time.

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Church Anniversary

church anniversary

Pastoral Anniversary

pastoral anniversary

Wedding Flyer

wedding flyer

Most Common Anniversary Celebrations

  • Birthdays. Although un-tagged with the word ‘anniversary’, each birthday is an anniversary of your birth, but of course you already know that. While most of the older people think less of celebrating their birthdays as their age on the number scale progresses, birthdays are still worth a celebration, no matter how simple. Get started with the birthday party flyers, just in case you are planning to surprise the old folks with a party next year.
  • Wedding anniversaries. Husbands and wives need that one day to congratulate one another for keeping up with each other for a full sun’s rotation. Kidding aside, a wedding anniversary is also an important celebration because it stands as proof of a strong marriage and relationship. If you’ve been celebrating wedding anniversaries with your immediate family, shake it up a little this year and invite those who’ve been there on your wedding day, too!
  • Church anniversaries. This is one of the highlights in every religious congregation. In most cases, although not applicable to all, the bigger the church is, the longer the building has been built. Since it is really hard labor to start a congregation, every year that a church survives means that God or Allah or Yahweh, or whatever name they call their Higher Being, has been faithful to them and this is their way of giving thanks.
  • Company anniversaries. It is not uncommon knowledge that business is a tough field to be in, so a year in the game is a year of hard work and success, so every year that a company stands deserves a celebration treat. Besides, it’s always a good idea to treat your dedicated employees and thank them for keeping you afloat in the industry.

Vintage Anniversary PSD

vintage anniversary psd

Luxury Anniversary Flyer Template

luxury anniversary flyer template

Anniversary Celebration

anniversary celebration

There is really no rule as to how one should celebrate an anniversary – some prefer it in a small and intimate gathering while some go all out in painting the whole town red, it’s all up to you. Either way, it is important to remember that anniversaries are not just markers of a year that passed but a celebration of all the hard work and perseverance each one has contributed to reach a milestone, no matter if it’s only a team of two, like an exclusive relationship.

For a much bigger team, like a company, it’s not a bad idea to celebrate it in an extravagant way, after all: the more, the merrier. Just make sure your party flyer designs that you hand out goes well with the theme so your guests will at least have an idea on what to expect.

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