Caring for a pregnant mother’s health is very important not only to their own well-being, but also for their baby while it is still developing inside them during pregnancy. These health benefits of the baby may even continue for week or even a few years after they are born. If ever complications are experienced by the mother during pregnancy, these should be intervened as early as possible to avoid lifelong effects towards the baby.

On this page, we have various flyer designs that healthcare workers can use to help promote health, prevent illnesses to pregnant mothers, and help make their 9-month journey less burdensome as possible. These designs were selected from among the best ones all over the internet, so looking for professional-grade flyer designs is no longer a problem.

You won’t need to go to other websites since the best are already gathered here. Don’t believe me? Scroll down and check them out yourself.


Maternal Care Advertising Bundle


Download this business flyer design and use it to assure pregnant women that they will have a happy and healthy pregnancy. With this flyer, write down the services your health clinic is offering and include images supporting those information. You may use either stock images downloaded from the internet, or you may also use actual images taken in your clinic, with the latter being the best option.


Blue Obstetrics-Medical Flyer Design


For a visually appealing flyer that is also very informative for readers, download the service flyer design above and simply change the image used with your own. Then, add the relevant information according to the services your clinic is offering. You have a choice of three (3) possible editable template designs for this flyer, and you may either pick just one, or you can also use all three for a varied design for each prospect.


Green Obstetrics-Medical Flyer Design Template


This flyer design is quite similar with the previous one, wherein you have 3 designs to choose from. However, this set costs $8 since it maximizes the use of the image, and actually sets it as the backdrop for the flyer. If you want, you can use downloadable stock photos on the internet for the background image, but that would require you to spend even more money just for the photos. So to ease up on the expense, we recommend you use your own photos for this. It is more believable and sincere than those downloaded online.


Maternity Hospital Flyer Design


This advertising flyer design focuses on the what a pregnant woman should eat and how they can stay active to keep them and their baby healthy during the pregnancy. Here, you can also provide education on the benefits of eating well and exercising during pregnancy. If they wish to talk to a health care professional personally, you can also write down your contact number on the bottom part of the flyer for their convenience.


Medical Gynecology Vector Flyer Designs


Benefits of Being Healthy During Pregnancy

  • Pregnant women are at risk of developing hypertension and diabetes during pregnancy. Aside from that, pregnant women often get leg cramps, morning sickness, and other ailments during the process. This is why it is important for them to be careful with what they eat, and to perform easy exercises regularly to decrease blood pressure as well as blood sugar levels.
  • A mother who is healthy during her pregnancy will also give birth to a healthy baby, and this includes a healthy body weight as well. Women who are either overweight or underweight are at risk of developing complications especially when giving birth. The health benefits of maintaining the ideal weight for the mother may also apply to the baby as well.


Maternity Icons Vector Flyer Design


How to be Healthy During Pregnancy

  • Always get yourself checked during pre-natal checkups. Just because all your findings were normal during your last pregnancy or even your last checkup, it doesn’t always mean that it will be the same on the next. It is strongly advised not to miss pre-natal checkups for the sake of your baby’s well-being.
  • Be mindful of what you eat. The most important foods to eat during pregnancy are those that are rich in protein and calcium. On the other hand, you should AVOID eating fatty foods and those that are high in sodium because these may lead you to develop hypertension during pregnancy or when giving birth.

Maternity Hospital Poster and Flyer Design Templates



Why settle for just a single flyer design when for the price of one, you can also get a downloadable poster design as well? Download this set of flyer and poster design to get a good deal for your health clinic. This way, you won’t need to rely solely on flyer distribution, you can also leave it up to your posters. Just make sure to attach them in locations where many people pass by to gain a lot of audience.

The goal of this page is to help you, as healthcare providers, to spread awareness to the public regarding the importance of maternal and child care.

This dissemination of information is not only relevant to women, but to men as well. Just because men can not get pregnant, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be knowledgeable about this matter. Men should be aware of maternal and child care since they are indirectly part of the process of pregnancy, but directly involved in its initiation.

Aside from that, the pregnant women would also need the emotional support from their husband or partner during the entire pregnancy.

These health flyer designs can be downloaded easily and for a reasonable fee. The respective prices are even indicated on some samples. These designs are in vector format, which means they are fully editable and in high quality. Even when enlarged, vectors are able to retain its sharp resolution, which means you don’t need to worry about having blurry or pixelated images on your flyers.

Lastly, these designs are compatible on any photo editing software. However, it is best to have Adobe editing programs installed in your computer system and use for the highest compatibility when editing these designs.

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