Top of the morning to you, lads! A luck-filled holiday is fast approaching, which is why it is best to get rid of all negative thoughts and bad luck to welcome the holiday with nothing but positive vibes. But what holiday are we actually referring to? This holiday is called Saint Patrick’s day, which is celebrated in many parts of the world, but more notably in Ireland since Saint Patrick is the patron saint of the country.

During this day, you may notice that green is the motif for most people, and this is because in many portraits and painting of Saint Patrick, he is seen wearing green clothes. Another reason behind the use of the green color is based on the leprechaun which, according to Irish folklore, are little bearded creatures, wearing a green coat and a green hat. Whichever the real origin may be, the green color will be seen not only on people’s clothes but also on their accessories, hair color, and face paint as well.

But enough about the origin of the holiday and the color scheme the surrounds it, that will be discussed further below, let’s talk about what this article is really about. What we have below is a collection of some of the best Saint Patrick’s day poster designs from the Internet, and if you are planning on hosting a party in time for the holiday, you have these poster designs that you can use. Feel free to scroll down and check out the poster designs yourself.

Lucky Four Leaf Clover St. Patrick’s Day Poster Design


Starting to feel lucky already? You should be. Check out the awesome poster design above which shows an image of a four-leaf clover surrounded by text that indicate details regarding the event. As opposed to the shamrock used by Saint Patrick that only had three leaves, the design above shows four, which can only mean one thing—the more leaves, the luckier.

Elegant Vintage Style St. Patrick’s Day Poster Design


Vintage Typographic St. Patrick’s Day Poster Design


Above is a typographic and vintage-inspired poster design that resembles those posters from the previous decades that were used for promoting shows and events. For this one, almost everything that a viewer needs to know about the event are indicated, which is a good thing, actually.

Modern Pot of Gold St. Patrick’s Day Poster Design


Leprechaun Portrait St. Patrick’s Day Poster Design


Don’t let the portrait of the leprechaun scare you, he’s actually friendly and is trying to lead you to his pot of gold, and that pot of gold can be seen on the previous poster design above this one. You will most likely enjoy the company of this friendly leprechaun if you choose to download this poster design.

Irish Flag Colors St. Patrick’s Day Poster Design


Green Wooden Planks St. Patrick’s Day Poster Design


What Is Saint Patrick’s Day?

The Feast of Saint Patrick—otherwise known simply as Saint Patrick’s Day—is a religious as well as a cultural celebration to commemorate the death of Saint Patrick, the most notable patron saint of Ireland. This day is celebrated on March 17, and aside from being a public holiday only in Ireland, it is also observed in other countries as well. These countries include Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and even in Montserrat—a British territory in the Caribbean.

Who Is Saint Patrick?

Saint Patrick—also known as the “Apostle of Ireland”—was a Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop of Ireland. Along with two other saints, namely Saint Brigit of Kildare and Saint Columba, Saint Patrick is Ireland’s primary patron saint. Though there aren’t any certainties regarding the most important dates in his life, the only information known about him is that he was an active missionary in Ireland during the late half of the 5th century, and that he had been honored as Ireland’s patron saint by the 7th century.

What Is the Origin of Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day?

As mentioned earlier, Saint Patrick lived during the 5th century and served Christianity by bringing it to the people. According to one legend, he was kidnapped when he was only sixteen but was able to escape from captivity and managed to go back home to his family. From there, he then was known from bringing Christianity to its people. The use of the three-leaf clover—also known as a shamrock—as one of the symbols for the celebration is taken from the Irish mythology that narrated how Saint Patrick described the Holy Trinity to his listeners.

Though Saint Patrick is a patron saint of Ireland and the celebration of his feast day has been going on in the country since the 9th to 10th century, the first Saint Patrick’s Day parade occurred on March 17, 1762, in the United States—specifically in New York City. This parade was initiated by Irish soldiers who served under the English army who wanted to reconnect with their roots.

Modern Leprechaun Hat St. Patrick’s Day Poster Design


St. Patrick’s Day Green Beer Party Poster Design


Where’s the leprechaun? All we can see from this poster design and the previous one is his green, little hat and a couple pieces of his gold coins. He must have went out to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with his fellow leprechauns. Nevertheless, feel free to download either of those two event poster designs. Don’t worry about taking the leprechaun’s hat with you, I’m sure he’s got a spare one.

St. Patrick’s Day Gentlemen’s Club Poster Design


Shamrock Pattern St. Patrick’s Day Poster Design


Earlier on this article, we mentioned about the relevance of the shamrock in the life of Saint Patrick, in which he used it as a metaphor for the Holy Trinity. Because of this story, this little sprig has become an important symbol for the entire Ireland. For the poster design above, the design itself is very straightforward with its textual elements placed over an abstract pattern of shamrock images.

Leprechaun Woman Elegant St. Patrick’s Day Poster Design


What Is the Importance of Posters?

Posters, when used wrongly, will end up cluttering public walls and other surfaces, which is not what we want for them. Posters are meant to advertise something—either products, services, or events—and should be used properly to avoid from looking like garbage. This can be realized if we are able to determine the real purpose of our posters and we know who our target audiences are. This way, we may also be able to decide on where to attach them and how many copies we may need to use in order to get the attention of the desired number of audiences.

The advantage of using posters for advertising is it lessens the need for manpower and posters are able to function on its own if placed strategically. The main reason why posters still exist today is because they have since been proven to be an effective marketing and promotional tool. The only stressful phase when using posters would probably be the planning and preparation stage, wherein you will need to plan carefully on how to present your ideas to the public to be able to entice them to whatever you are trying to advertise.

Once you are able to get that done, you will simply need to attach copies of the poster to your planned sites and wait until prospects will reach out to you. If it fails, then you can either tweak your poster’s design or you can move to another location. But if it does succeed and you are using a reusable poster, you can always remove it from where it is being attached to and keep it for future use.

What Are the Types of Poster Designs?

  • Retro Poster Designs. One of the most common types of poster designs being used is the retro poster design. The reason behind this popularity is because retro poster designs are simple but very catchy and is able to make an impact to its audiences.
  • Vintage Poster Designs. As mentioned earlier, posters have since been proven to be an effective advertising tool, but how long have posters been used for such purpose? For a very long time, that’s for sure. Today, there are still poster designs that resemble those that were being used in the past, and these are referred to as vintage poster designs. Whether it is the choice of colors or its typography, there is really something about the vintage type that makes it very visually appealing to a lot of people.
  • Typographic Poster Designs. Considered by experts as the hardest type of poster design to master, these posters involve only textual elements or if ever they also contain graphical elements, it would be very minimal. Typographic poster designs are intended for viewers to focus on the message that the poster is trying to convey, as well as to make the message clear or legible even at a distance.
  • Pin-Up Poster Designs. Pin-up poster designs are almost as similar to the retro and vintage types, but the only feature different with this one is its use of an endorsing lady to add to the attractiveness of the design, thus the pin-up title given to it. Today, pin-up posters have become more of a decoration than a marketing tool.
  • Innovative Poster Designs. To keep things simple, innovative poster designs make use of abstract processes and ideas that look like they were taken straight from the mind of the artist. Just like abstract illustrations, innovative poster designs encourage its viewers to read between the lines or think outside the box.
  • Modern Poster Designs. This may probably be considered as the exact opposite of both retro and vintage poster designs, wherein the message is being conveyed with the use of modern and complex elements. The beauty behind modern elements is that they are able to convey not only the message, but also some emotions to support those messages.
  • Movie Poster Designs. What else can we say about this? This type of poster design is all about advertising a film by featuring its characters, and also giving credit to the people off-camera. Aside from that, movie posters also provide people with what to expect from the movie by setting up its tone on the poster’s design.

Tips When Using Posters for Advertisements

  • While flyers are small in size and are handed personally to prospects, posters are left attached on walls or flat surfaces and work independently to get themselves noticed by passersby. Because of this, it is important for posters to be large in size. But aside from just being large, it is also important for posters to be legible even at a distance so that people will no longer need to move closer just so they can read what’s written on the poster.
  • Your poster should always be easily noticeable to the general public. This is one effective way that can gather the needed number of prospects, but how are you able to do this? Amp up the contrast level and try out a unique font type. Just make sure that the font type that you will end up using is easy to read, otherwise, your poster won’t be able to convey its message effectively.
  • Previously, we mentioned that the placement of posters should be strategic or organized to prevent it from cluttering the walls and looking like garbage. Now, let’s talk about the placements of the elements on the design. To prevent your poster design from looking chaotic, it is best to put a considerable amount of space in-between elements to provide enough breathing room for them. In fact, it is even advised that you exaggerate the spacing between elements. This will increase the readability and impact of your poster design.

Chalkboard St. Patrick’s Day Party Poster Design


If you want a rather simpler look for your poster, the chalkboard-inspired design above may be an awesome choice. The design is pretty simple, and the green colors exist only on the areas that need to be emphasized. As the text on this minimalist poster design goes, “less talk and more drink,” so what are you waiting for?

Green Wood Shamrock St. Patrick’s Day Poster Design


After looking at all those poster designs, you may end up asking yourself one question, “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do you? If ever you weren’t familiar with those lines for whatever reason, those were actually taken from the movie Dirty Harry, which starred Clint Eastwood, and we incorporated it here since we mentioned about luck and fortune. But to help you answer those questions, you should feel lucky from these poster designs. Why? Because these are only a few of the best ones from among so many beautifully-made poster designs on the Internet.

But are these creative poster designs pricey? Or are they affordable? They are, in fact, very affordable that you won’t need to spend a fortune just to be able to get your hands on high quality poster designs. While other websites price their designs according to quality, which means that the best ones are priced higher than those designs that are just “so-so” in quality. Luckily, that’s not the case in our website. Every single design here has exceptional quality and has been priced reasonably.

Lastly, you may be wondering whether or not you are allowed to make changes to these designs, and to what extent? To tell you frankly, these designs are fully editable that you may even be allowed to apply individual changes to each element without altering the rest of the elements or the entire design in general. Aside from just being editable, these designs are also capable of preserving their sharpness and overall quality even after undergoing a lot of modifications. So what do you think? If you feel like you have found your pot of gold from our collection of Saint Patrick’s Day poster designs, start downloading one now.

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