Who’s excited for Valentine’s Day? I’m sure a lot of you are, and if you’re someone who’s single, then why shouldn’t you be excited as well? There was never a rule that said Valentine’s Day can only be celebrated by couples. If you don’t have a partner, then celebrate it with your family, friends, and relatives. Valentine’s Day is a day of giving love, nothing less, so express that love to everyone close to you.

Before and during Valentine’s Day, you will find a lot of events and parties in a theme appropriate for the occasion. These events range from dance or club parties, discounted prices for products and services offered by businesses—most especially those that are being offered to couples—to restaurants hosting a romantic dinner event for couples. You will find a lot of these in every corner all throughout the love month.

If you are one of those who are planning on hosting an event, then surely you will need to market that well to be able to gather customers or attendees. While there are various methods that you use to promote your event, may we throw in our collection of posters to those options. Below are sixteen of the most impressive Valentine’s Day poster designs on the Internet, and you can access them easily from our website, check them out yourself.

Modern Romantic Valentine’s Party Poster Design


Welcome to our collection of Valentine’s Day poster design, and the first one that you can see above is something that club or event organizers can use to promote a Valentine’s Day music party. The event poster design contains images of heart symbols and a pair of doves, and in the middle area of the design is a large text that indicates the type of event being promoted. On the top and bottom edges of the design are some important information about the event which includes the date and time, the venue, and some contact details.

Clean and Simple Valentine’s Day Poster Design


Dark Background Valentine’s Party Poster Design


Pink Typographic Valentine’s Day Poster Design


For those who prefer to take it down a little simpler, they may choose the minimalist poster design shown above which simply contains an abstract pattern of heart symbols and large textual elements over a gradient background. If you want the attention of the audience focused on the details of the event, then this would be a perfect poster design to use.

Sweet Couple Love Poster Design


What Are the Legends of Valentine’s Day?

For years, we have celebrated Valentine’s Day, but do we really know what it means or how it started? While we’re not entirely sure how it did, there are actually a few legends on how the occasion originated, and they are listed down below for you to read.

  • The first of the three legends took place in ancient Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius II. During his time, the emperor’s army lacked the number of soldiers and it was slowly becoming evident that they were being outnumbered by their enemies. According to the emperor, he believed that one reason for the lack of soldiers is that they were married and didn’t want to leave behind their wives. As an intervention, Emperor Claudius made engagements and marriages illegal, which came as a big shock to many Romans. Then came a young priest named Valentine who, in secret, conducted weddings for Roman couples. After the emperor found out about this, he had Valentine arrested and beaten to death. After a few years, Valentine became a saint for his bravery and dedication to love.
  • The second legend told of a Fr. Valentine, who was also a young priest that offered assistance to persecuted Christians. Valentine helped these Christians escape prison which eventually got him arrested as well. During his imprisonment, he was given miraculous talents by God that allowed him to heal the sick. One of the prison’s keepers who had a blind daughter heard of this and brought her to Valentine in hopes of healing her blindness. Fr. Valentine prayed for the girl and she was then able to see, which made the young priest even more popular. Just moments before he was executed, he was known for writing a farewell letter in which he signed “from your Valentine.”
  • The third and the last legend about Valentine’s Day told of a priest who was martyred for refusing to renounce his faith in God. Unlike the first two legends, this one doesn’t talk about the priest’s selfless acts toward his fellow Christians but toward God. According to the legend, Valentine was executed on February 14, a date in which Romans started to celebrate in honor of the martyred priest. Among the three, it is believed that this is the most accurate legend since archaeologists have uncovered an ancient church as well as a catacomb dedicated to a St. Valentine.

Mint Lollipop Valentine’s Poster Design


Romantic Gifts Valentine’s Day Poster Design


Beautiful Quote Valentine’s Day Poster Design


Here is a perfect Valentine’s Day poster design to use for personal purposes, which contains a patterned background and a beautiful quote over it. Surprise your loved ones with this quote poster design by having it printed and attaching it on the wall for them to see. Indeed, this will make their hearts melt because of its very beautiful message.

Sultry Lovers Valentine’s Day Poster Design


Chalkboard-Inspired Valentine’s Birthday Party Poster


Love Dose Valentine’s Day Party Poster Design


How Is Valentine’s Day Celebrated across Different Countries?

Since writing down every single Valentine’s Day tradition would take up all of the space in this article, we will only be including a few of those traditions, those that you may find quite unusual.

  • In France—considered as one of the most romantic places in the world—Valentine’s Day is widely celebrated as a day for couples. A common French tradition practiced during this day is the “drawing of love,” which involved single people filling houses that faced one another. Men will then take turns calling out for a match from the house in front. If they didn’t like the woman, they can leave her to look for another one. The unmatched (and infuriated) women would then gather around a bonfire to burn pictures of the men who rejected them while throwing insults at the opposite sex.
  • In Wales, instead of celebrating February 14 in honor of St. Valentine, Welsh people honor St. Dwynwen, who is the Welsh patron saint of love on January 25th. As early as the 17th century, it became a common tradition for Welsh people to give our love spoons as a token of affection for the women they loved. These love spoons are carved out of wood and contained highly detailed patterns and symbols that had meanings behind it. The tradition of giving love spoons is still being practiced today, most commonly during weddings and anniversary celebrations.
  • In Germany, celebrating Valentine’s Day is also very common among couples, but they celebrate it in a rather unusual way. While most countries have the couple exchanging flowers, chocolates, or greeting cards, German couples exchange pigs instead. The exchange doesn’t have to involve the actual living animal, a figurine or an image of a pig is already sufficient, and according to Germans, the pig is actually symbolic of luck and lust.

Sparkling Heart Valentine’s Day Party Poster


Rose Petals Valentine’s Affair Poster Design


Check out the Valentine’s Day poster design above, which makes use of a lot of white space to fully emphasize its textual and other graphical elements. As you can see from the image above, it shows a heart-shaped symbol that is comprised of rose petals. On each side of this symbol are a pair of champagne glasses meant for the couple, and on the left-hand side is an image of a flying dove. On the bottom half of the design are the text, which indicates the relevant details about the event.

Simple Heart Decorations Valentine’s Poster Design


Heart and Key Rustic Valentine’s Poster Design


We often see couple jewelries that involve a symbol of a heart and a key, with the former worn by the guy and the latter given to the girl. With this is a cheesy quote that the guy “should” say upon giving the girl’s share of the jewelry, and this quote says, “You hold the key to my heart.” The rustic but awesome poster design above brilliantly illustrates that cheesy gesture by showing an image of a heart and key on top of it.

Folded Heart Symbol Valentine’s Night Party Poster


How did you find the poster designs above? Did you find at least one that perfectly suits the kind of event that you are planning? We sincerely hope you did because it would be a waste of such beautiful poster designs if you didn’t. These designs were actually gathered from various websites and were contributed by today’s most talented graphic artists from all over the world. That alone already gives you an idea as to the quality of these poster designs.

If you are concerned whether or not these designs can be easily edited, it is our pleasure to inform you that these designs come in fully editable formats, such as PSD and vectors. With these formats, they not only provide you with the freedom to fully edit the designs, but they are also capable of withstanding changes in the arrangement and size of the elements. What this actually means is that regardless of the extent of modifications applied, the design will be able to retain its quality, but you may only be able to enjoy this if you have the right editing tool for the design—e.g., Photoshop for PSD files, and Illustrator for vectors. If you wish, you may even be able to add more graphical elements with the use of our Valentine’s Day illustrations.

Lastly, you won’t have to worry about the cost since these Valentine’s Day poster designs are actually priced at a very reasonable rate. Which means that for a very low price, you will be getting visually stunning poster designs that are guaranteed to catch the attention from people even at a distance. Don’t believe us? Give it a try, what’s there to lose? You are, after all, paying far less than the actual quality that you will be getting, so there’s actually no loss. Now go ahead, click on that download button to start working on your poster.

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