Going to concerts is something that every music enthusiast would wish to experience at least once in their entire lifetime. But even if you aren’t that into music, the experience of going to an actual concert is very different than when you are simply listening to music on the radio. In concerts, audiences get to witness the enthusiasm as well as the pure talent of the performer. On the other hand, the performers will also be able to benefit from the cheers and support from their audiences, and this helps in motivating them to give their best performance. There is an actual interaction between the singer and the audience in concerts, and this alone is what makes a concert experience very magical.

When we talk about concerts, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the one that is performed by a band or an artist, there are also concerts that are being initiated by the church or any religious organizations. These concerts come in the form of contemporary worship music events and congregational worship services, though many conservative people would not want the two to be compared since for them, praise and worship music events are not of the same level as concerts. But the only thing similar between the two is that it brings together people to witness music being performed live for them.

If you are in need of cost-effective promotional tools to help you spread the information to the general public, you may want to check out what’s in store for you below. Right after this introduction, we have 25 concert poster designs that you can choose from, and all these were designed to become appropriate for any type of concert events which include rock music concerts, jazz concerts, folk music concerts, and even worship music events. We guarantee that you will be able to find at least one design that works best for your concert event, so go ahead, scroll down, and check out our collection of highly creative poster designs below.

Worship Experience Concert Poster Design

Church Music Ministry Concert Poster Design

For the first two concert poster designs in this collection—the ones that you can see above—these are the poster designs that we were referring to that are meant for church-related worship events. As you can see from the two event poster designs above, the typography is large enough for people to see even at a distance. And, unlike most poster designs for regular music concerts, these ones specifically feature the people that will be performing on stage during the concert, and these people are actually worship singers.

Acoustic Guitar Concert Poster Design

For this design, it is intended for those concerts that are more on the mellow side and less on the wild audiences. That is the main difference with acoustic concerts, the music is softer and more calming. Think of an Ed Sheeran or a Jack Johnson concert, the performers use a regular guitar attached to an amplifier without the use of any distortion effects. The connection between the performer and the audience is made possible from the music alone and not from any excessive amount of energy from both parties. The awesome poster design above simply shows an image of an acoustic guitar with all the details regarding the concert listed down beside it.

Fantastic Rock Concert Vintage Poster Design

Double Exposure DJ Concert Poster Design

Here is a very artistic concert poster design that will sure to grab the attention from passersby because of the effects applied to it. This effect is called a double exposure and this can be achieved simply through Adobe Photoshop. To those interested in learning how to achieve this effect, check out our guidelines on how to create double exposure effects using Adobe Photoshop. But with regards to this poster design, this is intended to be used for DJ concerts or those dance parties that are purely driven by the music played by a disc jockey on stage.

Colorful Music Note Concert Poster Design

Grunge Typography Rock Concert Poster Design

You don’t necessarily have to incorporate photos on your poster design, some posters are mostly or even purely made out of text and this will be further discussed below. But for this concert poster design, it takes advantage on the contrasting colors and the large fonts for the elements to stand out and be easily noticed by passersby. When using a purely typographic poster design, make sure to use large enough fonts for the very important information and smaller ones for those additional details—similar to those fine printed details on other advertisement tools.

Classical Music Festival Poster Design

What Are Posters?

By definition, posters are advertisement tools made up of any piece of paper—usually thicker and larger than regular-sized paper, and some may even have a slightly glossy surface on one side and a matte surface on the other—and is designed to be attached to any vertical surface such as walls or poles for the public to read. Some posters may hold a purely typographic design while some may also have illustrations or images and no text. But for most poster designs, they would contain both graphical and textual elements that work together to not only be informative but also attract attention from the general public.

Posters serve a lot of purposes which include being a replica of an actual famous artwork to provide people with the same image but in a much lesser cost than its original counterpart. Posters can also be used as tools for teaching in providing pupils—most especially children—with a visual aid to help them understand the topic easily. But the most common purpose of posters is for advertising or promoting anything ranging from events, to movies, and even to businesses or their products. The use of posters has since been proven effective, which is the reason why it is still being used by different industries and organizations up to this day.

Underground Grunge Rock Concert Poster Design

When we hear the word grunge, we commonly associate it with the music that was made famous in Seattle by bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden, just to name a few. But grunge actually refers to something more than just 90’s music. Grunge is actually a theme or an effect applied to images and design, which involves a rugged and organic look. For the design above, the grunge texture effect applied on the poster appropriately fits the grunge-themed music that will be played during the concert.

Hand-Drawn Symphony Orchestra Poster Design

Elegant Mass Choir Concert Poster Design

Metal Punk Rock Concert Poster Design

Independent Music Concert Poster Design

Let’s all face it, indie—shortened term for independent—music is just as good as those that are already widely recognize, which is basically the same as indie movies when compared to big budget Hollywood films. Many people would want to go out of the norm and explore other musicians just to hear something fresh and new; these people are actually looking for indie music. If you are one of those people and you are putting together a concert to be performed by indie artists, you may want to check out the artistic and visually attractive concert poster design shown above.

Electronic Dance Music Concert Poster Design

Electronic Dance Music, or EDM for short, is basically the same as DJ music wherein all the tracks being played during the event are the result of a disc jockey’s mixes. Commonly, no actual instruments are in use here, only a laptop, a drum machine, and a turntable, thus the name “electronic music.” In EDM events, it involves a lot of dancing and not so much on singing because the choice of music here are more on the danceable beats. Check out the modern concert poster above if you are in the process of organizing an electronic dance music event, and as you can see from the sample, the abstract illustration effectively compliments the design’s theme.

Saxophone Jazz Concert Poster Design

Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Dizzie Gillespie, and Ray Charles—these are just a few of the most renowned jazz artists of all time, but there are actually countless ones in the history of jazz music. If you have seen the movie La La Land, you will definitely learn to appreciate jazz music just by seeing how Sebastian (played by Ryan Gosling) is so passionate about it and hearing him describe jazz music based on his own opinion. To him, jazz music is something that works together to be appreciated and loved, just like how we are in our lives, no matter how independent we are, we will often need the support from others to be able to go on with our lives. Above is a jazz concert poster design that is perfect for the type of event, but if you are looking for more designs, you may also check out our other collection of jazz concert poster designs.

Winged Guitar Acoustic Concert Poster Design

What Are the Advantages of Using Posters?

  • Posters independently speak for themselves and need not any further explanation from its creator. Simply attach it to a surface in a public place and it can help itself in reaching its desired number of audiences.
  • A single poster design can be reused multiple times for different events, just as long as the next event has a similar purpose to the previous one. Or another case of reusing posters is if one copy fails to attract audiences, it can be removed and re-attached at a different location.
  • Posters don’t require a lot of manpower and gathering the required number of audiences can be done even with just a few people. The important thing to consider is to make sure that you have enough copies of the posters to be able to cover a designated area.
  • Posters are versatile enough that they can be printed in different shapes and sizes. Smaller-sized posters for the convenience of being able to send them through mail, and bigger-sized posters for attracting more people in large locations.
  • Posters have been proven both cost-efficient and effective in serving its purpose. All that’s required from the advertiser or whoever is planning on using the poster is an easy-to-download poster layout, a person who is knowledgeable enough in the use of graphics editing tools, and a printing company.

Pop Music Diva Concert Poster Design

Blue Bird Music Fest Poster Design

Check out this cute concert poster design that is somewhat inspired by hand-drawn flat illustrations. Because of the simplicity of this vintage-inspired poster design, it is very versatile and can be used for any kind of concert event. The illustrations on this poster design show the headstock part of the guitar with a small bird singing on top of the guitar’s neck part. Whatever type of concert you are planning, we guarantee that not only will this design look good when attached on walls, it will also stand out and be easily noticed by the public.

Techno Rock Concert Poster Design

Rock-and-Roll Festival Poster Design

Club Event Modern Concert Poster Design

Hand-Horns Rock Festival Poster Design

Here is an awesome poster design for a rock music concert that you may want to use, and when we say rock music, it is actually a very broad term to describe a specific genre. There are many categories of rock music, and each category has its own multiple subcategories. Below are a list of some of these categories of rock music with their respective subcategories:

  • 60’s rock. Instrumental rock, surf music, pop rock, garage rock.
  • Psychedelic rock. Blues rock, folk rock, jazz rock.
  • 70’s rock. Glam rock, hard rock, Christian rock.
  • Punk era. Punk rock, new wave rock.
  • Alternative rock. Grunge rock, Britpop, indie rock, rap rock, nu metal rock.
  • Present. Digital electronic rock.

Jazz Player Silhouette Concert Poster Design

Colorful Guitar Puzzle Concert Poster Design

What Are the Dos and Don’ts in the Designing of Posters?

  • DO limit the word count on a poster design to 1000 words or less. DON’T make it too wordy because it may cause the audience to lose interest in it.
  • DO take advantage of the design’s white space between images and text boxes to make the poster pleasing to look at as well as easier to read. DON’T cramp up the poster’s design with too many elements because not only will this end up looking unprofessional, but it will also look disturbing on the eyes.
  • DO use different fonts for the headings, subheadings, and the body. To be specific, use a non-serif font such as Helvetica or Arial for the headings and subheadings, and a serif font such as Garamond or Palatino for the body text.
  • DO add a thin gray border around images regardless of the color of the background to help in making the image stand out.
  • DON’T ever plagiarize other poster designs. Avoid the trouble and DO make your own unique poster design.

Macro Chromatic Electric Music Poster Design

Did you have a good time going through our collection of concert poster designs? Have you found a design that captured your interests? We hope you have since you don’t get to find deals as awesome as this all the time. Why do we make such a claim? It is because our concert poster designs are guaranteed to have outstanding quality and they can be downloaded without much hassle. To go into the specifics, our concert poster designs were gathered from different reliable sources, and we made sure to choose only the most exceptional ones from hundreds of designs to be able to provide our clients with designs that are worth their every penny. As to the people responsible in creating these poster designs, these were actually done by some of the most impressive graphic artists from all over the world, who contributed their work to make high-quality poster designs conveniently available to everyone.

As you have seen from the collection of designs above, their prices range from around $5.00 to $10.00, which is not at all bad; it only means that you can download these professionally-made concert poster designs for a low and reasonable price. For other websites, the price for downloading designs depend on its quality—higher quality designs call for higher rates—which means that if people wish to avail of the best quality designs, they will have to invest on it. But fortunately, that is not the case for the designs here on our website. The amount asked from you for downloading these designs is actually far lesser considering the quality that you will be getting.

Lastly, you may be thinking what the catch is for being able to download high-quality poster designs for less, but there actually isn’t any. As mentioned earlier, the goal here is to make professionally-made poster designs available to everyone. But what about the level of editability for these designs? It may come as a surprise to many people when they find out that these poster designs are actually fully editable. This way, it gives people the freedom they need in making modifications and personal touches to the poster design that they downloaded. Just make sure to use the appropriate graphics editing tool to be able to enjoy that freedom. Now, where else will you be able to find a similar bargain? Don’t let this opportunity pass and start downloading your own concert poster design now.

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