Over the previous years, the art of minimalism has become one of the most widely appreciated form of art both in the traditional and digital sense. Minimalist art is known to have first started along the late 18th to the early 19th century, with many artists learning to appreciate straightforward and uncomplicated visuals. One famous German architect by the name of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe even coined the phrase “Less is More” as his motto as well as the way he described the aesthetics of his designs.

But minimalism extends to other fields other than arts and designs, many would even apply it to their own way of lives. Some people would describe a minimalist lifestyle as living only with a few possessions, not owning a luxurious car, or not traveling around the world, but according to experts, this is not entirely the case. A minimalist lifestyle does not refer to the person’s material possessions but rather on their emotional status. Being a minimalist is about being free from guilt, from depression, and from worries.

Minimalist Movie Poster Template

minimalist movie poster template

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Enough about what minimalism is and what it’s not, the main point of this article is this collection of minimalist poster designs that you are about to see in a bit, and there are eighteen different designs listed down below. These high-quality minimalist poster designs were gathered here so you won’t have to go to other websites to look for them. If you want to get started, go ahead and scroll down to see the designs yourself.

Colorful Textured Minimalist Poster Design

Minimalist Poster

Planning on selling your apparels at low prices? Do it with posters. Download this minimalist yet awesome poster design for that purpose and you’ll be sure to garner the number of customers that you’ll need.

Flat Art House Minimalist Poster Design

Minimalist Poster

Blank Space Club Minimalist Poster Design

Minimalist Poster

Railway Journey Minimalist Poster Design

Minimalist Poster

Bundled Japanese Culture Minimalist Poster Design

Minimalist Poster

What Are Minimalist Designs?

From the term minimal or minimum, which refers to something that’s still within standards, but at its lowest possible condition or status, minimalist designs are just that with its overly simple appearance, flat visuals, and very limited use of colors. But even with its simplicity, minimalist designs are still up to par with those that are more complex and detailed. In fact, many people prefer minimalist designs because aside from being easy on the eyes, the entirety of the design is easier to process by the human mind as well. For the designer’s perspective, creating minimalist designs is not as stressful as creating complex ones, which allows them to save a lot of time and effort, and, therefore, helps them to become even more productive.

What Are Posters?

Posters are announcement or advertising tools that people have been using for over two hundred years already. Posters back then were used the same way as it is today; they were attached on flat, vertical surfaces for the general public to see and contained various types of information depending on the purpose. But the modern posters today date back to the mid-nineteenth century, when changes were made with regards to how posters were created. Posters are commonly visually appealing, and they should be because they are meant to draw attention from passersby.

Ship Journey Minimalist Poster Design

Minimalist Poster

Make your travel posters simple but eye-catching by using the design above. This design makes use of a flat illustration and a lot of white space, which makes the design look clean. Aside from that, this minimalist design also helps in making the more relevant details to stand out and be noticed easily.

Rustic Geometric Minimalist Poster Design

Minimalist Poster

Flat Landscape Illustration Minimalist Poster Design

Minimalist Poster

Character Silhouette Minimalist Poster Design

Minimalist Poster

Chinese Lantern Minimalist Poster Design

Minimalist Poster

What Are the Advantages of Using Posters?

  • Posters are inexpensive to make and distribute and only involves a graphic artist and a printing company, and with the abundance of downloadable design templates on the Internet, they can forego with the hiring of graphic artists and create the designs themselves out of the template.
  • Posters speak for themselves and don’t need a lot of manpower in its distribution. A few number of people is sufficient since all they need to do is attach copies of the posters in multiple locations and leave them there.
  • Depending on how well the poster design is and its location, posters will indeed capture people’s attentions effortlessly.
  • Posters are reusable wherein if its present location isn’t able to garner enough audiences, it can be removed and transferred to another location. Another is that if the business or organization plans to hold a similar campaign in the future, they can save copies of the current poster once the present campaign is over and reuse them when the time is right.
  • Posters have been proven to be both effective and cost-efficient as a marketing tool, which is why it is still being used up to this day.

What Are the Types of Posters?

  • Propaganda or Political Posters. These types of posters were used to recruit members for organizations, as well as to provide warnings to people with regards to possible threats to the country. These types of posters were very common during the first and second world wars, and were meant to create national awareness to the public. One of the most common form of these types of posters is the “We Want You” poster that features the fictional Uncle Sam on the cover.
  • Movie Posters. Also referred to as film posters, these are produced by film industries to promote their movies. Movie posters were initially hand-painted and were created by a single company which would then distribute copies of the posters to theaters. After a film has finished its run, the theater will then return the movie poster to the distributor. During the 1980s, the creation of movie posters were then given to the film industries, which is something that is still being practiced up to this day.
  • Travel Posters. Posters that have the sole purpose of promoting or proposing a travel destination to people.
  • Event Posters. One of the most common types of posters, these are generally used to advertise or promote various kind of events ranging from those related to sports to those that involve music or dancing.
  • Band, Musician, or Musical Group Posters. Posters that have no other purpose except for showcasing either a solo artist or a musical group, and are commonly attached on bedroom walls of the people who are a fan of the artist or group.
  • Pin-Up Posters. This type of posters serve an almost similar purpose to band posters, wherein these are merely for decorating a fan’s room or surroundings. But unlike band posters that featured musicians and artists, pin-up posters feature attractive women in seductive outfits, and these women have also acquired the term “pin-up girls” because of this.
  • Affirmation Posters. Also a decorative type, affirmation posters are commonly purely typographic and hold inspiring or motivational messages for the owner or reader.
  • Educational Posters. From the name itself, these posters are for learning purposes and are meant to be attached on walls inside the classroom to be seen by the pupils. Though there are also instances when educational posters are used by parents and are placed inside their houses for their children to see and gain knowledge from.

Divine Session Minimalist Poster Design

Minimalist Poster

Pixar Movies Minimalist Poster Designs

Minimalist Poster

Ever wanted to have a copy of your most favorite Pixar movies in your own home? Why not have it with a flat and minimalist theme? Check out the designs above to inspire you, though we also have a separate list of even more animated movie poster designs that you may be interested in.

Electronic Dance Club Minimalist Poster Design

Minimalist Poster

Funny Coffee Quote Minimalist Poster Design

Minimalist Poster

There are people who can never go on through an entire day without drinking a cup of coffee. While that may sound like an overstatement, what we actually mean by it is that if these people miss their morning’s dose of caffeine, they usually become less productive than usual and may even have a bad mood for the entire day. The quote poster design above is highly applicable for those people and may even bring out a few laughs, even from people who aren’t coffee addicts.

Summer Night Event Minimalist Poster Design

Minimalist Poster

For those who are planning to organize concert or music events, you will surely need to make use of posters to make your event known to the public. Above is a simple concert poster design that is enough to capture the attention from people, so why not use it?

What Are the Characteristics of Minimalist Designs?

  • The idea of having less is more is applied in minimalist designs, wherein the design being presented by the creator and seen by the audience is the most basic and raw form, which is something that is able to speak more for itself even with its simplicity.
  • The straightforwardness of minimalist designs allow its creator to make a concrete and clear message without having to use complex visuals and a lot of resources.
  • Minimalist designs maximize the use of white space which helps in creating some breathing space in between the elements, and this, in turn, makes the design easy on the eyes of its audiences.

Funny Comfort Zone Quote Minimalist Poster Design

Minimalist Poster

Indeed, you’ll never know how to fully live your life if you keep yourself confined within your own comfort zone. Check out the motivational poster design above, learn to step out from your comfort zone at least once in your entire lifetime, then you will realize how much beautiful the outside world is.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Minimalist Poster Design

Minimalist Poster

Typographic Good Coffee Quote Minimalist Poster Design

Minimalist Poster

Geometric Heart Valentine’s Minimalist Poster Design

Minimalist Poster

A Few Guidelines when Designing Posters

  • Make a short draft or rough sketch of how you want your posters to be presented, and add notes to it regarding some details and preferences that you want to incorporate.
  • Identify you target audience, and make the design of your posters appealing to your target.
  • Answer the questions “Why am I making a poster?” and “What message do I want to convey to the public?” to define the purpose of your posters.
  • Be realistic with the budget you are setting aside for the making of your posters. Invest on better quality than bigger quantity.
  • Research about effective poster designs or take a look at existing posters from successful companies and take inspiration from those. Take note how they presented their graphical elements, typography, and even their color scheme.
  • Proofread and have your poster design evaluated before taking it out to the real world.

What can you say about the minimalist poster designs that you have just seen? Did you find at least one poster design that works for you? We hope you did because these poster designs are worth every penny, and you won’t even need to spend lot to be able to download these designs. These minimalist poster designs are easy to access and download, which can help you save a lot of effort and time. We also have a separate collection of creative poster designs if you are interested.

Aside from the costs, these minimalist poster designs are also very easy to edit as long as you have the appropriate editing tool for them. For vector-based (EPS, AI) designs, the best software to use for them include Adobe’s Illustrator, GIMP, and CorelDRAW. On the other hand, for those who prefer to work with designs in the PSD format, we suggest that they use Adobe Photoshop for editing those designs.

Then again, why should you download these designs? What makes them worth downloading? The reason behind this is because these designs are not just some of the most impressive ones, but they are, in fact, the best among the best ones on the Internet. In addition to that statement, these minimalist poster designs were made by today’s most talented and skillful graphic artists from all over the world. With all that said, we hope that you are now fully convinced that these poster designs are indeed worth downloading. If you are, then start downloading a design now.

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