Almost no one will deny that posters make for good advertising tools. After all, they are able to market businesses and events so as to generate a lot of interest. Of course, there are other uses to posters, even if only for decor. Of course, posters can also be used as motivational tools, as evidenced by the spread of motivational posters.

Naturally, if you were looking for something to help you motivate yourself or adjust your mode of thinking, you might want to check out the poster designs available here. Using posters to motivate yourself can be an effective way to motivate yourself as opposed to using more active methods being that posters can convey their message simply by being seen by large numbers of people.

Vintage Motivational Poster

Sports Motivational Poster

Sports Runner Motivational Poster

sports runner motivational poster

Sports Quotation Motivational Poster

sports quotation motivational poster

Fitness Motivational Poster

Vintage Fitness Motivational Poster

vintage fitness motivational poster

Motivational Football Poster

Motivational Football Goal Poster

motivational football goal poster

Motivational Teamwork Poster

 Motivational Teamwork Poster Design

motivational teamwork poster design

Simple Motivational Teamwork Poster

simple motivational teamwork poster

All About Motivational Posters

Put simply, a poster is a sheet of paper printed with some kind of image and/or message. Posters are then hung in places where people can see them so that whatever message can easily reach whoever reads it. Of course, this naturally makes posters adept at advertising as they can pass on ideas to passers-by, much like a smaller version of a billboard. Indeed, people have used posters for advertising purposes for centuries by now.

However, that is not the only purpose one can find for posters. Because creative poster designs can automatically pass their respective messages along simply by virtue of being seen, it is possible to convey other, more abstract ideas via posters than just business advertising. As a matter of fact, you may have seen posters endorsing political candidates, or promoting some kind of political statement. Posters have also been used for those purposes for a long time, long enough for some such political posters to become internet memes in their own right.

But if posters can be used to support political messages, it is only logical to assume that posters could similarly push for other messages. The internet is flooded with many such motivational posters, some humorous, some serious, but all conveying messages that might help get people through their daily lives. Whether related to work or personal issues, there is no denying that the point of these posters is to simply provide uplifting messages.

Parts of a Motivational Poster

As the name implies, motivational posters are meant to push people toward certain actions or attitudes. This is true of practically all motivational posters, regardless of type, so you can expect even vintage posters to have the same message. Yet, there are some design elements that have to be present in the poster design as a whole for it to really succeed in convincing anyone of the point that it wants to make.

  • Inspiring message – A motivational poster is meant to convince and turn people’s minds to its points, it helps to have an inspiring message present. This usually takes the form of a moving image, usually depicting virtues such as determination, industry, perseverance, and others. The adage of a picture being worth a thousand words still stands, if the poster design can get its point across with the help of appropriate imagery.
  • Bright colors – This can be a subtle way for a poster design to gain the attention of its viewers. Bright colors are generally good for grabbing the attention of viewers, thanks to how the eye is drawn to intense colors. Aside from drawing the eye, bright colors can generally evoke positive thoughts since they imply happiness and joy. By evoking positive thoughts and emotions, a poster design can more easily encourage viewers to think positively, and be more accepting of what the poster wants to say.
  • Call to action – In marketing, it is often a useful strategy to address the audience directly. This can serve to forge a more personal connection with the audience, which can make viewers more likely to take the advertisement’s side. That may still be the case with motivational poster design, in that directly addressing the viewer can be taken as a challenge for the viewer to improve himself. This would definitely be useful in a work setting, as this could push workers to give their work their very best effort.

What a Motivational Poster Needs to Be

Aside from how motivational posters are designed, there are some qualities that they must possess if they are to succeed at actually motivating anyone. Like other kinds of advertising, motivational posters need to have similar qualities. In a way, motivational posters are still attempting to convince people, only their goal is to convince people to adjust their way of thinking rather than promote some a product, service, or event. In any case, some of those elements include:

  • Interesting – Advertisements, in general, need to be able to get the attention of their intended audience lest they miss the poster entirely. Thankfully, as posters are visual, they are usually able to include imagery that can easily get an audience to pay attention to them. The poster will also have to keep the audience’s attention once gotten, but if it can do one, it should be able to do the other.
  • Appropriate – If a poster has a particular message, the imagery naturally needs to support that idea. After all, everything on a given poster is meant to support a particular idea, and that includes the imagery. Since the motivational poster has a specific message, the images need to fit that theme, or else the poster is in danger of sending mixed messages; having such a contradictory message can make the poster seem confusing at best, or send the wrong message at worst.
  • Persuasive – You can still think of a motivational poster as an advertisement in its own way. And as an advertisement, the poster is still trying to sell positive thinking to its viewers. To do that, then the poster will have to convince its viewers that the message is a worthwhile one. Thankfully, it should be fairly easy to use the poster’s imagery and text together to help get that message across.
  • Concise – Sometimes, less is more, and that is usually the case with advertising. Messages are more easily received when they are shorter, as that makes it more bite-sized for its audience. Even vintage-themed posters tend to do this, as their messages are still, delivered in short bursts rather than give monologues. This is even more evident in posters that conform to modern sensibilities, perhaps in the form of a quote poster, as they focus on delivering their message directly but succinctly.

Motivational Office Poster

Motivational Office Wall Poster

motivational wall office poster

Motivational Love Quote Poster

Motivational Health Poster

Motivational Health Fitness Poster

motivational health fitness poster

Eat Healthy Motivational Poster

eat health motivational poster

Motivational Business Poster

Motivational Startup Business Poster

motivational startup business poster

Motivational Business Quote Poster

motivational business quotes poster

Motivational Wall Poster

Motivational Wall Art Poster

motivational wall art poster

Diy Motivational Poster

Diy Motivational Printable Poster

diy motivational printable poster

Motivational Art Poster

Get Motivated with these Designs

For the sake of classifying motivational posters and making them more orderly, it is possible to classify these posters into more specific groups. While motivational posters might have the same goal, namely that of pushing people to be better, their purposes are not necessarily identical. After all, some poster mockups are made for specific reasons or types of people and can differ in some of the details. With that in mind, some of the possible subdivisions of these awesome posters can include:

  • Sport Posters – Many motivational posters have to do with sports and their related virtues, such as team work and determination. As such, these are excellent motivators for sportsmen, and are excellent at inculcating those traits. Sportsmen have those virtues inculcated into them on a regular basis, and posters would certainly help in doing that. Many of these virtues have applications beyond sports, and can definitely be used even in one’s personal and professional life.
  • Health and fitness posters – This is clearly related to sports, but still distinct. Rather than spread the virtues of sports, these posters instead promote the benefits of healthy living. One does not necessarily need sports to remain healthy, so these posters can help promote healthy living in a different way. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are inherently self-evident, but some people do still need reminding, hence the need for a visual.
  • Business posters – Many posters also promote virtues in the workplace, such as teamwork, industriousness, perseverance, and others. While these virtues can be found in other areas of life, these posters present those qualities as they would be used in the workplace. Your work can be difficult and taxing, but motivational posters can definitely push you to work harder at it and not give up.
  • Personal development posters – Of course, some of these posters are not precisely concerned with inculcating virtues for specific reasons; in those cases, the idea is to simply give you those virtues for the sake of your personal development. Above and beyond motivating you to become better at certain things, one could argue that it is simply good for you to have these virtues, hence the possibility of just encouraging yourself to be better.

No one can deny that posters are an effective means of disseminating ideas. A medium that has persisted for nearly two hundred years is nothing to scoff at, as evidenced by the timeless quality of vintage posters. Of course, while most people may think of them as advertisements, that is not to say that that is all they can do. Being that posters are an excellent way of spreading ideas, especially if they happen to be seen every day, it is no surprise that some people would turn them into tools to motivate themselves. In any case, if you needed your own motivational posters, those available might just suit your purposes, whatever they may be.

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