Yes, we know posters are mainly used as a marketing and advertising tool for advertising products and services that are being offered by a business, and can also be used for the promotion of upcoming events and celebrations. But aside from simply being used by both businesses and organizations for the reasons previously mentioned, posters can also be used for decorative purposes. These type of posters include replicas of famous paintings, mockups of movie posters, and those that contain motivational messages, just to name a few.

On this article, we will be talking about the third type of posters that we have mentioned above, which are quote or motivational posters. To those who are unfamiliar with what quote posters are, these are basically typographic posters that bear messages for uplifting a person’s spirit. Since we mentioned that these posters are typographic, most of its contents lean more toward text with very little to no graphical elements. If you are in need of decorative posters that can help you get through even the toughest of days, then we have a huge collection of quote poster designs below that you may be interested in. These poster designs are not only motivating, but they are also visually appealing. Check them out now.

Solid Yellow Backdrop Quote Poster Design


For the first poster design in this collection, it states the obvious that success will always be a result from hard work and it can never be interchanged, ever. The only place that you may be able to find success precede hard work is in the dictionary, and this is actually referring to the words since the dictionary lists down the content in alphabetical order. In life, it is the other way around—hard work before success.

House Cat Quote Poster Design


Cat lovers may find this quote poster design both amusing and funny since it shows an illustration of a smiling cat, and on its body is where the quote is being written. According to this poster design, a home wouldn’t be complete without some feline friends to greet you upon your arrival from work or school.

Bold Colorful Typography Quote Poster Design


It is a common attitude for people to do things just for the reason of pleasing others, regardless whether or not it would please themselves. Afterward, they would be regretful of what they did because it was not wholeheartedly done. As much as we want to please others, we should try to stay away from this attitude because it will only lead us to regrets. This vintage poster design teaches us that we should focus more on pleasing ourselves and do things that make us happy. It may sound a little selfish since we may (or may not) end up disappointing others, but if you think about it, at least we are happier and less regretful toward ourselves.

Priceless Actions Quote Poster Design


In other words, action will always speak louder than words. A person may be a very skilled and persuasive speaker, but what use are those words being spoken when there are no signs of action taken? Yes, words may be able to drive others to doing something, but to be able to make that drive even more effective, a little acted push should be initiated by whoever the speaker is. Also, when keeping promises, many people would say “promises are made to be broken,” so prove them wrong by staying true to your word.

Vegan Recipe Quote Poster Design


Rustic Risks Quote Poster Design


According to this minimalist poster design, life is all about taking risks and not holding ourselves back all the time. Many of life’s risks come only once, so it is best to take them once in a while to be able to make the most of our lives. While we may not be entirely certain with regards to the outcome of these risks, at least we are 100% sure that we will gain a few insights regardless if we succeed or fail from it.

People’s Perceptions Quote Poster Design


The quote on this poster design states how sad reality is nowadays. This is somewhat in relation to a previous poster design that spoke of doing things that make us happy, because this one narrates the other perspective of the story wherein people would be selective on what they want to see. Because of this attitude, people end up doing things according to what pleases others even if doesn’t please themselves. Another concrete example to visualize this quote is the fact that people would rather criticize others for their mistakes rather than praise them for all the good deeds that they have done.

Chill Out Summer Quote Poster Design


It’s almost summer, so it’s that time of the year when we take our much needed break and just chill out at the beach. Take the day off, pack up everything you need for the beach, and go soak up the sun because you all deserve your much needed break!

Humble Worker Quote Poster Design


When we go out to the real world, it is important to always be humble regardless of your status. What benefit will you get from others if you are rich or are in a top position in an establishment if you aren’t humble? If you want to have trustworthy relationships, then be humble. This is also very applicable at work, especially for high-ranking employees, if you want your subordinates to respect you and do their best in their job, be humble and let them know that you can be trusted.

Colorful Highlights Quote Poster Design


If we haven’t made it clear the last time, let us take this opportunity to tell you that life is short to be full of regrets. Live life and do more things that make you happy.

Summer Memories Poster Design


Winners Never Quit Quote Poster Design


The message written on this poster design is definitely true, and it relates to a previous design here that spoke about taking risks. Today’s most successful people didn’t get to where they are now without experiencing failures along their journey, they became successful because they persevered and got back up every single time they fell down, and that should already be enough to motivate us to do the same. You can never declare someone a loser simply because they failed, but you can call them that if they stop trying again. To quote a line from a movie, “We fall so we can get back up again.”

Yellow Rustic Motivational Quote Poster Design


This awesome poster design bears a very literal quote that we can apply to our everyday lives, how can we finish something if we didn’t even bother starting it? Once again, it relates to the poster design about risk-taking since when we initiate something, we are actually taking a risk because have no idea with regards to the outcome. But along the way, when we work hard and persevere, we will eventually reach an endpoint. Take for example a marathon, every single runner has an equal chance of winning, they took the risk when they signed up, and even though none of them knows whether they’ll win or not, they will try their very best to reach the finish line.

Ballet Dancer Silhouette Quote Poster Design


We can relate the quote on this poster design with the one that talked about doing things that make you happy, since the dance on this one does not necessarily mean to literally dance, but it refers to the act of unwinding and taking the time to enjoy the simple little things. Once in a while, we should always find the time to pamper ourselves, to appreciate what we have, and to simply do things that we enjoy doing.

Failure and Success Quote Poster Design


Once again, a quote poster design that talks about successes and failures, and this one makes it very clear that on the journey toward success, it is inevitable that we encounter mistakes and failures along the way.

Inspirational Smile Quote Poster Design


Let’s just face it, life is stressful, and that is a fact that can never be erased. What we can do, though, is be a source of relief from all those stressors, but how can we do it? By doing what the quote on the poster design above says, be someone who can help others to smile. The act of being sympathetic and comforting is already sufficient, allow someone to voice out their concerns and the mere act of being there and listening to them is already sufficient.

Hand-Illustrated Typewriter Quote Poster Design


Love and Chocolate Chalkboard Theme Quote Poster Design


The quote on this poster design is already enough to motivate people, but it also incorporates a little bit of humor to make things even more interesting. We have read it on the Bible or heard it many times in church, we need to love not only our friends and families but our enemies as well. Indeed, love is all we need in life.

Don’t Stop and Keep Going Quote Poster Design


The quote on this vintage poster is somewhat relatable to those from two previous designs, one of which talked about winning not being a result of not losing but rather on not giving up, and the other one that mentioned about the only way to finish is to start. The only difference with this one is it focuses more on being tired but the main idea still remains—when we start doing something, we should never give up halfway even when we are tired—a little rest is all it takes and we should continue what we have started and only stop when things are fully done.

MLK Jr. Moving Forward Quote Poster Design


In life, it’s all about moving forward and not looking back. What does this mean? When we fail on something, we compensate and we never look back at our failures. This is how we can succeed in life, but learning from our mistakes and not looking back at them. The poster mockup above tells us that whatever we are not capable of doing, we should compensate by doing something else as long as the end result is just as the same. What’s important is that we are able to move forward and get things done in the end.

Foot Print Success Quote Poster Design


Lastly, another poster design that teaches us that we can never achieve success without taking risk. Everything has a start, and it can only begin when we take the first step. Afterward, everything will follow and we can only call it a success if we never give up on our target. Indeed, one small step can make a huge difference.

After going through all those quote poster designs, how motivated would you say you are in downloading any of the designs that you have just seen? Were we able to convince you to download at least one of the designs? While we would admit that many of the quotes used here aren’t original and have been used many times before, what we would like to show off are the manner of which these quotes are being presented. For one thing, these quote poster designs were created by very talented graphic artists who know how to get things done the best way possible, while also preserving the message that the poster is trying to convey.

Even though these designs are mostly text and not so much on images and symbols, you may still be able to edit them depending on your own preferences. From the background to the color of the text, you may be able to edit them freely without having to worry about ruining the entirety of the poster design. And when it comes to the cost of having to download these designs, you’ll be glad to hear that you won’t need to spend a lot to get your hands on them. For very reasonable prices, you may be able to download these professionally-made poster designs, and be able to customize them as much as you want, no catch. That said, we hope you are now fully motivated to download from our collection of creative poster designs. Go ahead and do it now.

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