test It’s only a matter of weeks ’til it’s Christmas day, and by now, we should already be seeing Christmas-themed advertisement materials on walls and other public places. While we commonly see Christmas decorations both inside and outside homes and establishments, business and organizations can also utilize advertisement tools that contain a Christmas theme to promote either an event, products, or the organization itself.

In relation to advertisement tools, these can either be in the form of flyers, posters, banners, and brochures. For these tools, you may be able to incorporate a specific theme to it depending on the occasion. Take for example, the summer season, you may be able to incorporate that theme on to the design, and as mentioned earlier, you may also be able to incorporate the theme of Christmas during that respective season. And for this article, we will be talking exclusively about Christmas-themed posters.

A good way that a business can incorporate the Christmas spirit in their advertisement tools is when they are going to have a Christmas sale, which is when they cut the prices of their products. For organizations, they may be able to use that theme to promote Christmas parties or events. And if you are planning on promoting either of these, then for sure you will be needing poster designs to save you a lot of time. Below are some samples of Christmas poster designs that you can download, go check them out.

Blue Bird and Wreath Christmas Poster Design


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Take a look at the first Christmas poster design on this list, which shows a little blue bird spending quality time inside a Christmas wreath filled with colorful ornaments and wrapped in a red ribbon. Below that Christmas illustration is where you can find the typography of the poster design, which simply indicates well-wishes and good cheers to the readers. This design makes use of a lot of white space, which may seem minimalistic but it actually compliments the bright-colored and high-contrasted elements, helping them to stand out even more.

Rustic Christmas Exhibit Poster Design


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During the Christmas season, various events come into play and many organizations (including nonprofit ones) give back for what they have earned or accomplished for the entire year. What this actually means is that these organizations often make charity events, which could be feeding programs or fund-raising campaigns. On a different note, the sample event poster design above actually shows an exhibit of food and gifts at a local park, and this event can also be something that can help draw a crowd, which in turn can help raise funds for a cause.

Blue Icy Christmas Poster Design


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All of us probably dream of a white Christmas, even those in warm, tropical countries would want to enjoy a white and bright Christmas. The artistic poster design above shows a neighborhood during a white Christmas, as evidenced by thick layers of snow on the rooftops of the houses and on the trees. To add to the white and bright theme of this poster design, the majority of it shows the snowy sky which is also where the text can be found. This text is written with a handwritten-inspired font and in a texture that resembles the surface of ice.

Cute Snowman Christmas Poster Design


If you enjoyed every scene Olaf was on in the movie Frozen, then you are probably into cute, walking, and talking snowmen, but fictional of course. If you are not familiar with who Olaf is, he is actually a snowman brought to life through the power of the Ice Queen, Elsa. Olaf is one of, if not, the best part of the movie, and it is because of his jolly and loving nature that makes him stand out from the rest of the characters. Now back to the poster design above, the top-most portion shows some Christmas ornaments and lights, and right below those elements is the text that indicates the occasion. On the bottom half of the design is where the illustration of a snowman can be seen surrounded by gift boxes and a tall Christmas tree. Lastly, on the bottom-most edge of the design are the details of the event which includes the date and time.

Santa Bag Christmas Poster Design


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For children, Christmas is best known to them as the occasion of giving and receiving gifts from friends and loved ones, and this gesture of gift-giving is clearly being presented on this Christmas poster design. Though on another note, it can also be interpreted as Santa Claus’s bag filled with presents to children who were nice throughout the year. Under this bag filled with gifts is a deep layer of snow wherein its surface is where the text can be seen. On these texts are the details to the event being advertised on the poster, and these details include answers to the what, when, and where questions about the said event.

Shiny Ornaments Christmas Poster Design


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One of the most commonly used decorations used during Christmas are the spherical ornaments, or as others my call it, Christmas balls. On this design, it shows a row of pine leaves on the upper edge and hanging below it are those ornaments that we have mentioned just earlier. From there and below it are the text that indicate the occasion, the names of the guests or visitors, the date and the time that the event will take place. Under all these elements is a red gradient background, and over it are orbs that resemble bokeh effects resulting from light glares.

Artistic Hand-Drawn Christmas Poster Design


Here is a simple-looking Christmas poster design that is inspired by artworks that are being done by hand. As you can see from the image above, the illustrations of the pine leaves appear to be hand-drawn and the text look like they were written by hand. Also, the background of this poster design is in solid red color, but with added skid marks on the sides that act as borders. This design is perfect not only when printed on large poster paper but also when used for other smaller advertisement tools as well.

Achromatic Chalkboard Christmas Poster Design


For those who prefer straightforward designs for their posters, then this chalkboard-inspired Christmas poster design may be what you are looking for. If you look at the sample above, not only is the design simple as it is, but its achromatic color scheme further promotes its simplicity. Even though the design contains more elements other than just the text, and this includes the Christmas bells, silhouette of two reindeer, ribbons, and a pair of Christmas ornaments, the design still appears clean because these elements have been well-arranged to allow for enough blank spaces.

Clean Vintage-Inspired Christmas Poster Design


Vintage poster designs never get old, and they almost often stand out even more from the modern ones. The design above clearly proves that claim, because as you can see, not only are the elements low in contrast which makes them appear vintage-like, but these elements are also organized in a way that they are easy to read. The background of this vintage poster design is in solid white, but to provide enhancement to it, an abstract pattern of dots are added. Lastly, a solid red border surrounds the entire poster design to further make it much more organized.

Nativity Story Silhouette Christmas Poster Design


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For Christians, the celebration of Christmas is the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, and this is being presented through nativity decorations and pictures or paintings. For this Christmas poster design, it also illustrates that nativity story in silhouette form. From left to right, we can see Joseph, the newborn child Jesus, and Mary taking shelter under a small, wooden shack. And over them is a sky full of bright stars, with the Star of Bethlehem being the brightest one in the middle.

Rejoice Christmas Promotional Poster Design


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Here is another Christmas poster design that is ideal for Christians. Based on the sample shown above, this poster design is intended to advertise a musical that is entitled “Rejoice.” Below the title of the show are the other relevant information which include the date and time, the venue complete with a street address, and some names of guests that are being invited to present during the show.

Santa and Friends Christmas Party Poster Design


“You better not shout, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why,” and we probably already know the reason behind why we should always be optimistic during the Christmas season. On this poster design, we can see Santa Claus with two of his friends having a great time and inviting the reader to “party” as well. It only makes perfect sense when we say that Christmas deserves a joyous celebration.

Video Game Graphics Christmas Poster Design


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8-bit graphics were widely used in the past, and it’s not because it was the preference of the game developers. The reason behind the use of 8-bit graphics is because of the limitations of computers and gaming consoles back then. Unlike today, when game developers use 8-bit, it is entirely because of preference, that they want to reminisce on the good ol’ games of the past, but these graphics can go beyond just video games. Take a look at the design above, this creative poster design takes advantage of 8-bit graphics, and it works wonderfully. So if you’re a video game enthusiast looking for a downloadable poster design, don’t hesitate to use the one above.

Spiral Christmas Tree Minimalist Poster Design


For this abstract yet minimalist Christmas poster design, it effectively balances simplicity with creativity as evidenced by the arrangement of the elements. The left-hand side of the design is where you can find the image of a Christmas tree that consists of multicolored spirals, and on the right-hand side is blank red surface.

Colorful Snow and Decorations Christmas Poster Design


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Though we often say not to go over the top with the addition of elements on a poster design, as long as you are able to arrange them well on a given space, you won’t need to worry about making the design look overly cluttered. Check out the Christmas poster design above, the elements thrown into it include boxes of gifts, Christmas decorations, snowflakes, and text, which may seem too much but actually look visually appealing.

White Round Box Christmas Poster Design


The last Christmas poster design on this list makes use of a red-and-white color scheme, with some added green and black elements thrown in. On the upper half of this poster design is a rounded box wrapped in white gift wrapper with black dots and tied with a red ribbon. The best quality of this poster design is on the bottom half, which indicates the occasion but clearly emphasizes the name of Christ as evidenced by its use of an upper case font and a different color.

Congratulations for making it through our collection of awesome Christmas poster designs, we sincerely hope that you were able to pick at least one that best suits your purpose. If you need more reasons as to why you should download the designs from our website, here are some of the best ones that may further convince you:

  • These samples were gathered from among thousands of the best ones from very reliable sources that offer more than just poster designs, but also other superior designs of other tools and materials.
  • These samples were created by some of the world’s experts in creating highly artistic and imaginative poster designs.
  • These poster designs have been created using vector graphics and were saved in the vector format, which means that not only are they very manageable and easy to edit, but they are also able to retain their sharpness even after being edited or resized.
  • These poster designs are very easy to download, and while they don’t come without a price, they can be downloaded for a very reasonable fee.

With all that said, we assume that you are probably completely convinced that our Christmas poster designs are really worth downloading. In fact, we can probably say that you will be getting more than what you are paying. So what are you waiting for? Scroll back up and download a design now so you can start working on your own Christmas-themed poster.

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