Managing a business requires very hard work. You would need to effectively promote it to the general public to make your business grow.

Various marketing strategies should be applied to make your business known your potential clients. You can even do it without engaging in a physical interaction with your prospects through television, radio, and internet commercials, and even on printed media such as billboards, banners, and posters.

You can also promote your business through direct interaction with people through distributing flyers and giving or exchanging business cards.

On this page, we have ten of the most creative and unique business cards that you can download from the internet. These business card designs are not like the typical ones that you can find being exchanged today among businessmen. These designs are unique to help it stand out and get immediate attention from people.

Choose to use these designs for your business. They will most likely help you gain the audience and the prospects that you desire. It may even lead to the growth of your business through networking.

To get started, scroll down below and choose which design works best for you and your business.


Full-paged Typography Unique Business Card

unique business cardBuy Now - $5

Maximize the use of your business card by filling out the entire page with the necessary information about you and your career. Most designs choose to use only a part of the business card for these details and leave the rest blank to make it look neat. But why go traditional when you can always do it the unconventional way? Check out the business card mockup above. Even though this makes minimal use of blank space, it still looks appealing and creative since there is uniformity in the typography used.


Unique Creative Camera Business Card

unique business cardBuy Now - $6

Whether you’re a photographer or simply own or manage a business that sells cameras and camera accessories, this business card design is an ideal choice for you. It totally reflects the profession or the business that you are in. Use the front page to print an image that resembles a still camera and the other side to write down your name and other details. To make it even more genuine-looking, cut-out the extra area of the card that doesn’t have any print so what’s left will only be the actual shape of the camera.


Accountant Calculator Unique Business Card

unique business cardBuy Now - $5

If you’re an accountant, you deal with numbers most of the time, which means that you almost always work with a calculator in hand. Above is a perfect business card design for accounting professionals, since it comes in the form of a calculator. This is not just ANY calculator, but one that is inspired by the actual app on Android devices.


Retro Rounded Unique Business Cards

unique business cardBuy Now - $6

Business cards are commonly done in the usual rectangular shape, usually in the horizontal orientation, though you can also find some use vertical-oriented ones. There are also those business cards that can neither be in landscape nor portrait orientation since they are in a square shape. Though square business cards may seem unconventional enough, there are also those that are even more uniquely-shaped, and one such example is shown above. These business cards come in the shape of a circle, and if you use this design, your business cards are sure to stand out from its shape alone.


Cassette Tape Unique Business Card Design

unique business cardBuy Now - $6

If you’re one of those people who miss cassette tapes and find them as something that is worth treasuring, then we have a photorealistic cassette-inspired business card mockup design that you can download and use. People who would most probably use this are those in the music industry. But then, who said only they can use a design like this? If you’re a music lover, then you are very much welcome to download this design for yourself.


Apple Phone Unique Business Card Design

unique business cardBuy Now - $6

For people who work in a business that involves handling telephones, or mobile phones specifically, the business card mockup design above is ideal for you, especially if you are using an Apple device such as an iPhone. But then again, even those who have a different profession can use this design if they want to. There’s no absolute rule on who can and can not use this design.


Windows Phone Unique Business Card Design

unique business cardDownload

On another note, for those who wish to adapt a smartphone-inspired business card but are Windows phone users, we also have a design that resembles smartphones running in the Windows mobile operating system.


Clapperboard Unique Business Card

unique business cardDownload

Clapperboards are commonly used during the production of a movie or video to signal the people around the set that scene is going to start shooting. If you are working in the film industry, or you simple have a business as a hired videographer for special events, then this business card design is the right choice for you since it perfectly reflects your occupation.


Luxurious Miniature Business Card Design

unique business cardDownload

Keep your business card as compact as possible with this design. This is tiny enough to fit in small pockets, but still enough to fit all the necessary information about you and your business. To those who wish to use this card design, they can even inform the person receiving the business card that they can also use this as a bookmark or for other applicable purposes as well.


Coffee Mug Unique Business Card

unique business cardDownload


Why are Business Cards Still Important Today?

  • Business cards make you and your company look professional, prepared, and sincere in wanting to serve your clients. Because of this, your business will be able to gather an audience since people will go for businesses that are reliable.
  • Business cards are the most formal method of sharing contact details either between businessman to businessman, or between businessman to prospective client. Instead of having to write down your name and your contact details on a sheet of paper, or dictating your number for the other person to write down, you will only need to give them a copy of your business card to provide them with your contact information.
  • Business cards can help start a bigger network wherein the person who you gave a card to will pass it on to another businessman or client. Therefore, there may be a chance that one copy of your business card will be able to provide information to a group of people.

What did you think of our unique business card designs? We’re sure they are nothing like you have ever seen before, which is an advantage especially during job conventions or expos wherein business representatives from various businesses come together to form networks or gain partners since it helps them get noticed easily because of their business cards.

The flow is very straightforward. Unique business cards stand out—if they stand out, they get immediate recognition, with recognition comes new prospects, and if a business goes well and is able to promote itself well, then these prospects will become actual clients.

These business card designs can be downloaded easily from our website and for a very reasonable fee. Simply click on that red, rectangular button below every image and pay the required fee. Once the file is downloaded, you can use it any way you want and for as many times as possible.

These business cards were also chosen from among the best ones on the internet and were designed by skillful and creative graphic artists from all over the world. If you think these are the business cards that you need for your company or your own personal career, then don’t hesitate to download one now.

If you want more ideas for your own business card, you may refer to this list of the most innovative business card designs available.

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