Interior designers, from the title itself, focus on the arrangement of furniture, appliances, and mostly everything inside a house, office, or any establishment. Landscapers or gardeners, on the other hand, focus more on beautifying the exterior aspect of the house, particularly the front lawn. Though landscapers usually work on the land area that is visible from onlookers and passersby, they also cover a much wider aspect which includes the backyard and other land areas covering a residential property.

Here, we have gathered the best business card designs from the internet for the convenience of landscapers, gardeners, and lawn care service people out there. You won’t have to go to other websites to look for high quality, downloadable landscaping business cards. If this is what you are looking for, check out the sample designs provided below.

Simple Landscaping Business Card Template

landscaping business card

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Size: 3.5×2 inches + Bleed

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Unique Vintage Landscaping Business Card

landscaper business card

Promote your landscaping business with these unique vintage business card designs. What makes it unique? The portrait orientation of this business card is enough to make it stand out among the pile. Choose from among various color schemes for your business card. Regardless of which one you go with, the design will still look formal and elegant because of the typography and the arrangement of the images.


Multi-schemed Layered Landscaping Business Card

landscaper business card


Creative Landscape Designer Business Card

landscaper business card

Spread to public the importance of having a green environment by downloading this double-sided business card. You can even turn ordinary lawns to contemporary gardens if you work hard on it. The motif for this business card design is green, but in different shades to add an artistic effect on both sides.

For this design, the front page bears the name of the landscaper over a backdrop of green and yellow citrus fruits, while the back page is where the contact details, such as the email address, website, and phone number, are found.


Retro Color Coded Landscaper Business Card

landscaper business card

For a business card mockup that looks timeless, download the one above and have a retro-theme for your business card. The arrangement of the details are kept simple—from the name of the business on the top-most portion followed by actual pictures of previous projects.

Below that is a list of some, if not all, the services that your business is offering. And finally, on the bottom portion of the business card is your contact details for the convenience of the reader.


Grass Theme Landscaping Business Card

landscaper business card

As mentioned earlier, we want to make the world as green as it could be by planting more trees and by taking care of plants. When we take good care of plants, they become healthy, and healthy plants are beautiful to look at, which is the goal of landscapers: beautify the outer aspect of a home through plants. Use this grass textured business card and let the people know that you mean business when it comes to going green.


Landscaping and Lawn Service Business Card

landscaper business card

In landscaping, you will only need one color and you should keep that color in mind, and that color is green. For this business card mockup, the only colors used are green and white, which makes it look clean and easy on the eyes. On the back page of the business card, you can maximize the space to write down in the most creative way all the services that your business is offering. For the sample above, the services are written all over the green area.


Garden Carer Business Card Design

landscaper business card


Artistic Landscaping Business Card Design

landscaper business card

How to Increase the Effectiveness of your Business Cards

  • Make sure to invest on quality, and not on the quantity. What does this mean? If you are willing to spend money for the production of your business cards, do not spend in order to have more copies. Rather, spend it on having the best quality business cards to help it stand out and get noticed.
  • Keep the information and other details on the business card clean and organized because people will most likely lose interest in reading cluttered business cards.
  • You can take advantage of technology by incorporating a QR code on the design to take readers to either your website or your social media page to get more information about your business.

Flat Minimalist Landscaping Business Card

landscaper business card


Flat Lawn Care Irrigation Drainage Business Card

landscaper business card


Flat, minimalist business card designs have slowly become a trend nowadays. Even operating system icons are adapting to this trend since it looks simple but still appealing. For this business card design, it makes use of multiple colors but is still able to effectively make it look like a flat image. Promote your landscaping business by using this clean and artistic business card design.


How Important are Business Cards?

  • Unlike sharing information through emails or text messages, which are actually more convenient and don’t cost anything, exchanging business cards to share information is more formal. It can initiate a direct interaction between two businessmen or an entrepreneur and a prospective customer.
  • Since exchanging business cards have been considered formal, it can be healthy for the business since it leaves a good impression, and you can perform marketing strategies directly to a prospective client.
  • Business cards may cost you a little amount of money for its production, but you can actually make a save some if you make your own using the designs we have shown you on this page. Print it in bulk instead of individually. If you have your own printer that is capable of printing cards in high quality, then it will be more convenient for you.
  • Business cards only show that you are sincere and committed to the growth of the business, and you are always prepared to market it regardless of where you are. You may simply be doing an errand when you come across a person who is looking for a landscaper or gardener, so to promote your business and services in the most formal way, give them a copy of your business card.

Now that you know the importance of business cards, download your own design now and pair it with landscaping flyers to promote your landscaping business to the world.

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