About 6 billion greeting cards are purchased every year in the United States alone. This number could only be higher worldwide since the use of greeting cards is not an exclusively Western custom but is also practiced even in traditional Eastern societies. Greeting cards allows its users to express various emotions creatively through writing and art. It is also a more socially-acceptable way of sending messages of kindness compared to formal letter writing during holidays and special occasions.

To spruce up ordinary greeting cards, crafters, and card-making companies have come up with pop up greeting cards as a more imaginative way to express oneself and cheer up others.

How to Create Pop Up Cards

Creating simple pop up cards is really easy. It’s one of the art skills that school-age children first learn. So before you dive into the complicated kirigami or origami pop up cards, you should start on the basics of pop up greeting card selection.

Here are the items that you will need:

  • pair of scissors
  • card stocks in two colors
  • embellishments and/or pop-up elements
  • pens and markers
  • glue

And now, the steps:

  • Create the card face (front facing portion of the card) first. You should design the card face based on the card’s intended purpose. For example, if you are creating a surprise birthday greeting card, you may use non-obvious elements, lettering, or color scheme.
  • Now, it’s time to make the pop up elements. These are the tiny images, phrases, and cutouts that you will stick into the flaps inside the card. You may use pre-made scrapbook embellishments for this portion.
  • Then, fold your card stock base horizontally in half.
  • Cut out parallel lines that are perpendicular to the fold. You need to cut two lines so that you could push this portion forward into the inner portion of the card. These cutout portions will serve as the base of your pop up elements.
  • Paste or glue the pop up elements into the protruding flaps/portions that you have cutout earlier.
  • Arrange these elements into your desired position based on the message or picture that you are trying to paint.
  • Add a message on the blank portion of the card stock.
  • Glue the newly cut card stock into another card stock, or preferably, into the back of the card face that you have made. This way, the inelegant back portion of the pop up will not be shown.
  • And that’s is all! You now have a basic pop up greeting card. If you wish to create other card designs or more complicated laser paper cuts, feel free to browse through this site for different sources.

18th Birthday Popup Card

The 18th Birthday Pop Up Card is made out of intricately cut elements that together brings out a festive effect fit to mark a person’s 18th year. The card design also follows a light violet color scheme that can appeal to different genders.

This card may be flattened to fit inside an envelope without destroying the design structure. Sentiments or notes may also be written in a hidden page element on the middle of the card. This pop up card may also work well with other colorful gift card designs.

Pink Tree Pop Up Card

This next pop up card design idea features a pink flower tree. The front cover shows the delicate paper-cut outline of the same flower tree. If you are looking for a minimalist but subtly feminine card design, then this one is for you. This is also an example of a completely handcrafted card design. Note that the cherries hanging from the little pink tree are not included with this card design.

Multi-Colored Hot Air Balloon Pop Up Card

Pop up cards are also sometimes called 3D cards because of the three dimensional effect that they create. On its cover, this card design boasts a simple outline drawing of hot air balloon printed on red card stock. But inside, a colorful hot air balloon pops up. It is also realistic enough because of the balloon basket that acts as its base. The entire hot air balloon structure is collapsible so it will not be destroyed if you fold back the greeting card. This card design is perfect for both kids and adults who have a penchant for adventures and little surprises.

I’m So Sorry! Pop Up Greeting Card

Who ever said that pop up cards are only for birthdays and other happy events? The I’m So Sorry Pop Up Card is a testament that pop up cards may also be used to express one’s regret. In this card, you will see a pop up sad face with a floating ‘I’m so sorry’ text bubble. The inside flap also includes paper cut sad faces. The entire design follows a yellow color scheme.

Using this card is a really witty way to express remorse and sadness. If that is the emotion that you are trying to convey, then this card may be the right one for you.

Fun Fair Pop Up Greeting Card

This pop up card design is available as an instant digital download. You will need to print out the file and follow the instruction to handcraft the images before you can set it up on a card stock base. The Fun Fair Pop Up Greeting Card features a row of houses and buildings as the backdrop of five different people walking on a street. In the example shown above, a red card stock is used as a cover page. But you may use any color depending on your preference.

It has a solemn quality to it that makes this greeting card perfect for giving to friends and guests during the holidays. This is just one of the many artistic card designs that you can find compiled on this page.

Flower Bouquet Pop Up Greeting Card

This is another laser cut pop up greeting card that showcases a bouquet of flowers on a vase. Even if the individual items on the card were laser cut, it took considerable manual care in constructing the finished product. There are three versions of this card: cream and orange flowers with purple vase, cream and blue flowers with red base, and cream and red flowers with blue vase.

Pop up greeting cards like these can serve as a piece of memorabilia for its recipients. So make sure to write something memorable using elegant font styles on the card to pair with the elegant pop up design.

You Go Girl Pop Up Greeting Card

The perfect women empowerment greeting card is this You Go Girl Pop Up Greeting Card. It features a girl driving a scooter with city skyline cutout as background. The card follows a pink and purple color scheme. It is a 100% handcrafted card and you may also customize it to feature different greetings. This is just one of the myriad congratulatory greeting card designs we’ve compiled on this site.

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