In computer graphics, to represent images, vectors are geometrical primitives shown as lines, points, shapes, curves, or polygons. These lines, dots, or other shapes are used to form images that a company or a person wants to convey. In small companies or businesses, simple house vectors are used with just one color and very common shapes. This style is used by most, hence it gets a little boring and redundant. Most of them use similar house vector designs, so we can’t really distinguish who used which one. However, it’s very easily recognisable because of the common and similar shapes they use. You may also see Building Vectors

Houses Collection Vector

houses collection vector

Halloween House Vector

halloween house vector

Small Fairy House Vector

small fairy house vector

In real estate companies and those companies which have the same field, they mostly use high-tech materials and software to make their own house vectors. Lines, dots, curves, and points are still used but they have all been long gone in this generation of this field. You may also see World Map Vectors

Cute House Vector

cute house vector

City Houses Collection Vector

city houses collection vector

3D Styled House Vector

3d styled house vector

Simple House Vector

simple house vector

Houses Logo Vector

houses logo vector

House Facade Vector

house facade vector

Vintage House Vector

vintage house vector

Green House Vector

green house vector

Outlined House Vector

outlined house vector

Free House Vector

simple house vector1

City House Vector

city house vector

Green Eco House Vector

green eco house vector

Houses Icon Vector

houses icon vector

House for Sale Vector

house for sale vector

Rustic Houses Vector

rustic houses vector

Home Piggybank Vector

home piggybank vector

They use colors as tricks, and some of them make 3D house vectors, and create them with shadows to make them look real. Some house vector designs add up other things to make them look more interesting and attractive. Some add plants and birds together with the house, but others really prefer to go traditional with just the house, but with a touch of creativity. You may also see Tree Vectors

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