If your house lacks freshness and a connect with the outside world, the addition of houseplants is definitely one of the easy ways to infuse some positive energy into your home. Along with extending the Pantone color of the year, the houseplants is a great way to boost the mood and also build up your gardening skills. From tiny succulents to small trees, we have today compiled a list of 10 houseplants that can add on to the aesthetic and require minimum amount maintenance.

9. Chinese Money Plant

Pilea peperomioides, which is commonly known as the Chinese money plant sports a distinctive look with the coin-like leaves and straight stems. The plant looks lovely in short pots and grows quickly with just watering it once a week. The plant can survive in bright spaces and doesn’t require direct sunlight.

chinese money plant1

8. Oxalis

Triangular in shape, the house plant is native to Brazil and is known for its bold and vibrant colors which can range from violet to crimson. The bulbs begin to sprout after a week and then bloom into lavender flowers within 10 weeks. Put the plant in light, muted color pot for a complementing touch to your space.


7. ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas zam ii folia aka the ZZ plant grows substantially tall and will certainly leave an impression in the room. The plants are easy to take care and grows well with indirect sunlight and a small amount of plant food.

zz plant2

6. String Of Pearls

These delicate houseplants with soft tendrils of round beads overflowing from a planter are great for hanging or draping over a pedestal, preferably in a location just out of reach of direct sunlight.

string of pearls1

5. Bunny Ear Cactus

Popular for its fuzzy looking barbs, the cactus with the bunny like ears looks beautiful but needs to be used with caution. Perfect for enhancing the desert themed interiors, the plant requires plenty of sunlight and just water it when dry. The cactus can be paired with pebbles and stones

bunny ear cactus1

4. Dragon Tree

If you are looking for a tree like a houseplant that is easy to maintain, the dragon tree is definitely one option to include in your space. You can patiently wait to water the plant till the soil is dry, making them perfect for far off corners and offices. Indirect sunlight and constant temperature will help the plant to grow its strongest.

dragon tree1

3. Swiss Cheese Plant

This stunning large leafed plants makes a great statement piece and helps to bring warmth and tropical vibe to any style of interior.

swiss cheese plant1

2. Giant White Bird Of Paradise

The giant white bird of paradise grows up to 20 feet tall in ideal conditions and is certainly tall enough for any style of interiors. Along with keeping the plant in the view of direct sunlight, make sure to keep the soil moist and remember to fertilize monthly for best results.

giant white bird of paradise1

1. Grafted Ficus Bonsai

A desk plant that is sure to make an impression on the onlooker, the grafted ficus bonsai, ginseng carries a distinctive look which is tolerable to ranging climatic conditions and also to a low and bright lighting conditions. They are definitely a wonderful addition to the office.

grafted ficus bonsai1

Include these easy to maintain plants in your home and bring a nature-inspired lively upgrade in your space.

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