Hallway lights were used a lot in the palaces and castles with art work displayed almost everywhere. Not just the elite places, hallway light patterns were used at public places too to keep the pathway bright and clear for people to pass by.

Contemporary Hallway With Glass Globe Light

contemporary hallway with glass globe light


White Foyer With Lantern Pendant Lights

white foyer with lantern pendant lights

Photo By: Eric Perry

Neutral Archway Hall With Traditional Light Fixtures

neutral archway hall with raditional light fixtures

Photo By: Custom Home Concierge

The thought of hallway lights is used by the people who have a lot of art collection. Having an entire gallery dedicated to paintings, then this is the light form for you. Being a minister or some important person of your state, the pathway lights used in the form of hallway lights, fixed on bridges and such places may get you goodwill.

White Hallway and Bathroom With Recessed Lights

white hallway and bathroom with recessed lights


Transitional Hallway With Reflecting Light Designs

transitional hallway with reflecting light designs


Contemporary Hall Features Minimalist Lighting

contemporary hall features minimalist lighting

Photo By: By Design Custom Home Concierge

Modern Charcoal Gray Hall With Contrast Lighting

modern charcoal gray hall with contrast lighting

Photo By: Bercy Chen Studio

Traditional Hall With Elegant Light Designs

traditional hall with elegant light designs


There are some specially designed passages at homes of people having different tastes and preferences. Having a passage that is dark and lighting it up using lanterns, it will add mystique and drama to that entire space.

Contemporary Hall With Track Lighting System

contemporary hall with track lighting system


Bowl Lighting in Modern Hall

bowl lighting in modern hall


Contemporary Hall With Beautiful Lights Hanging

contemporary hall with beautiful lights hanging

John Sutton Photography

Modern Lights in Transitional Hall

modern lights in transitional hall


Narrow Hall With Ambient Light Designs

narrow hall with ambeint light designs

Powell/Kleinschmidt, Inc.

Traditional Pendent Lights In Traditional Hall

traditional pendent lights in traditional hall


Mediterranean Hall With Classic Pendent Lights

mediterranean hall with classic pendent lights


Farmhouse Hall With Rustic Light Designs

farmhouse hall with rustic light designs


Modern Hall With Minimal Lighting Design

modern hall with minimal lighting design


Traditional Hall Entry With Unique Designed Lights

traditional hall entry with unique designed lights


Traditional Hall With Glass Pendent Lighting

traditional hall with glass pendent lighting


Set of Lights in Contemporary Hall

set of lights in contemporary hall


Lights balls will let you have the child inside you still be alive. For such lights on bridges, it is best to go in for non-glare causing light. There are times when the ceilings are made low, here; flush mounted lights can be used. An art gallery, dedicated to art only, can use the concept of monorail.

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