Architect and Interior designer, Rocco Borromini, from Italy, recreated a contemporary home from an old rustic structure with stunning views of the Italian Alps. Borromini added glass and wood to contemporize the architecture which was more local and rustic in appeal. The name of the house is S.V. House and, it now looks stunning.


Rocco Borromini, as an interior designer has done a fabulous job with the efficient use of the building’s 22-square meter footprint. The space was limited but it was the choice of materials and the principles of rural and academic architecture which helped to make the place look like what it looks like now. The place looks warm and cozy and the natural light makes it look much spacious.


The house looks much traditional from the outside but the interior and the front wall are modern in design. The large windows provide a fantastic view of the mountains and countryside and also adds space to the house, making it look modern and elegant.

old rustic

The first floor is mostly made with stone walls and the second floor and roof are made with brushed larch wood. The larch wood provides a timelessness to the house and gives a very soft vibe as compared to the hard, strong and powerful vibes created by the natural stones. Overall it looks like a well balanced modern space.


This was simple manufacturing technique used by the architect that was easy to apply but the results were extraordinary.

Since the area is only 22 square meter, the place was made into 3 floors. The ground floor comprises of the kitchen and an exotic fireplace.


The bedroom and bathroom are located on the first floor and the third floor has a master bedroom.
The Architect used the stained glass windows as the ‘dialog between the interior and the valley’ since they are partly fixed and partly open.

exotic fire

The objective of the project was to construct a house on the ruins of an abandoned outhouse. The house is located on the coast of Orobica Valtellinesi Alps and has a great view to enjoy.

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