Swimming pools form a part and parcel of several contemporary mansions. A cool bath in the summer or a refreshing dip in the afternoon, everything can be personalised when you choose the right design of the private swimming pools. Recent trends show a striking variation among the pool designs, ranging from above the ground swimming pools to in-ground swimming pools. Here are some amazing customised Private Swimming Pool Design ideas that you can incorporate in your home. You may also See Small Swimming Pools Designs

Luxury Swimming Pool Idea

luxury swimming pool idea


When you crave for grand luxury, you can opt for this pool design. The blue water of the pool boosts up the appearance of the mansion with the sloping design. The blue and white color combination of the house complements the luxurious pool. Design the walkway around the pool with white and black pavers for optimum looks.

Private Villas Pool Idea

private villas pool idea


The private villas can personalize the pool designs. You can opt for an ‘L’ shaped swimming pool. The look can be further enhanced when you fix large glass panes in the villa with a white border. Build a cream-orange walkway around the pool, keeping a match with the color of the walls of the house.

Custom Swimming Pool Design

custom swimming pool


There are houses with backyard pools, which come along with exclusive garden designs to complement its looks. The pool lies beside the outdoor sitting area. Pave the surrounding walkway with stone, preferably reddish in color. A wooden fence along the border looks great.

Home Swimming Pool Design

home swimming pool design


Well, if you have kids at home, you can opt for the kids swimming pools idea inside the house. You can decorate the pool with cool pool lamps. It is small in size and complements the interior of the house. The slides beside the pool provide entertainment to the kids when it comes to an indoor bath.

Private Swimming Pool Fence

private swimming pool fence


Sometimes people install a glass fence around the swimming pools to make them look elegant. When you have a swimming pool in the backyard, you can boost up the looks with a clear and transparent glass fence. The light colored pavers around the pool forms the walkway. With the green turf around the pool, you will get a really nice setting around the pool. You may also See Swimming Pool Lighting Designs

Indoor Swimming Pool Design

indoor swimming pool design


The indoor swimming pools can be tailored as per your needs. When you have a plastic swimming pool at home, you can get some sitting arrangements and sofas beside it. A white wooden plank for diving makes a good contrast with the pool.

Above Ground Swimming Pools

above ground swimming pools

Design by : The Above Ground Pool & Spa Company

When you have an outdoor swimming pool in the midst of nature, you can incorporate the elevated swimming pool idea. It has brick walls around it and stands above the ground. You can enhance the looks of the pool by installing some traditional flower pots around it. The wooden planks form a classy floor around the pool.

Inground Swimming Pool Idea

inground swimming pool idea1


The indoor swimming pools can be tailored as per your needs. When you have a plastic swimming pool at home, you can get some sitting arrangements and sofas beside it. A white wooden plank for diving makes a good contrast with the pool.

Small Private Pool Design

small private pool design1


Small Swimming Pool Design

small swimming pool design1


Private Swimming Pool Design

private swimming pool design1


Swimming Pool Accessories

swimming pool accessories1


Modern Private Swimming Pool Design

modern private swimming pool design


Traditional Private Swimming Pool Design

traditional private swimming pool design


Private Luxury Swimming Pool Design

private luxury swimming pool design


Private Garden and Swimming Pool Idea

private garden and swimming pool idea


Interior Villa Private Swimming Pool

interior villa private swimming pool


There are a number of Private Swimming Pool Design ideas that you can choose from. Considering the exterior areas of the pools, you need to incorporate the right design. In case you choose an indoor pool design idea, you can customize it according to the available space, interior designs, floor colors and so on. You can even come up with your own ideas. Let us know about your innovative ideas about the swimming pool designs.

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