A sunroom is that area in a house where you and your family (and friends) enjoy some bonding time while basking in the sunshine. You can have a sunroom with walls or tall windows . Or you can also opt for an open sunroom where the fresh breeze of air freely revolves around everyone. For some people, a glass roof is another great option for a more naturally lighted sunroom.

Modern Sunroom Furniture Design

modern sunroom furniture design


This modern sunroom design is incorporated with simple yet comfortable furniture pieces. The very light gray sofa set is brought to life with colorfully designed pillows. The space – walls, ceiling, and floor – gives the room a very well-lighted feel.

Sunroom Windows Idea

sunroom windows idea


The best thing about this sunroom is the several tall windows – with the bottoms windows that can be opened. The windows allow for an 180 degrees view of the wild and natural beauty of the outside world.

Four Seasons Sunroom Design

four seasons sunroom design


This sunroom is the perfect example of a sunroom with a glass roof. The sunroom ceiling is an inverted cone or conical roof, which gives a space a really unique and enticing appeal. This is a glass sunroom for all seasons.

Diy Sunroom Design

diy sunroom design

Design by : JML Interior Design

The beauty of this sunroom is in the simplicity of the design. It is a DIY project that adds a functional extension to the home. The diversity of the sofa and chairs design makes the room more interesting. It is like a gypsy room – colorful, inviting, and well-lighted. you can also see Contemporary Porch Designs

Sunroom Shades Idea

sunroom shades idea


There are times when shading is important for a sunroom. In such cases, it is essential to consider the right sunroom shade. For this sunroom, classic pinoleum blinds are used and serve dual purpose – filtering sunshine during summer and keeping the place cozy during cold winter nights. You can also see Outdoor Living Room Design

Sunroom Curtains Design

sunroom curtains design


One good way to shade some parts of a sunroom is to use curtains. Of course, the best option would be a light colored curtain to keep up the idea of the well-lighted room. For this sunroom, the white curtains effectively provide shading as they wrap around the whole space.

Glass Sunroom Idea

glass sunroom idea


The glass dividing this sunroom and the garden is visually nonexistent, making any space almost a part of the green backyard. The glass roof matches the glass walls to perfection.

Small Sunroom Design

small sunroom design


Even if you only have a small space available to be converted into a sunroom, you can still make it look elegant and comfortable. Light blue for the wall makes this room sunshiny, and the windows are perfectly positioned where the outside light is given easy access to penetrate inside.

Sunroom Flooring Design

sunroom flooring design


A side from the wall and the roof, your sunroom’s floor is also an important part of your whole design. This space, for instance, has rustic stone tile flooring which provides a nice contrast to the elegance of the rest of the room.

Patio Sunroom Decor Idea

patio sunroom decor idea


For a patio sunroom, it would be a good idea to create a space that looks like an extension of the living room with viewing access to the street and the neighborhood. The huge flowers printed on the rug is definitely an eye-catching feature for this sunroom.

Mountain View Sunroom

mountain view sunroom

Design by : CWB Architects

Sunroom in Winter

sun room in winter


Florida Sunroom

florida sun room idea


Sunroom with Beautiful Flooring Carpet

sun room with beautiful flooring carpet


Sunroom with Interior Decor

sunroom with interior decor


Sunroom Mountain View

sunroom mountain view


White Modern Sunroom Idea

white modern sun room idea


Sunroom with Best Flooring

sunroom with best flooring


Wood Furnished Sunroom

wood furnished sunroom

Design by : Altius Design Group

Ultimate Beach View Sunroom

ultimate beach view sunroom


If you are going to build your own sunroom, one of the first things that you need to consider is the location of the space. It can be an extension that leads to the backyard. Or you can convert a part or your whole patio into a sunroom.

Sunrooms are just decorative parts of houses. They are quite functional too. They can be great options for entertaining guests. Creating a modern sunroom requires a lot of creativity and resourcefulness and some patience.


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