When it comes to logo designs, they have to be creative, catchy and have a strong message carrying along. The logo basically speaks everything without having to speak much. Yoga logos have to be unique and effective and of course should have a great design, being simple at the same time. Yoga logos generally are made up of lotus flowers, female silhouettes etc. Following are a list of unique yoga logo designs, let us have a look.

Fresh Yoga Logo

fresh yoga logo

This is a refreshing logo for yoga studios. It features a female body figure sitting cross-legged and hands joined together with a yoga pose. The background is a lotus flower that features several colors including hues of yellow and green.

Yoga and Fitness Logo

yoga and fitness logo

This yoga and fitness logo that features a blue color lotus flower in the background and a human figure in white that rests with one hand and the other hand is up in the air. The blue color signifies fitness, health and exercise and the white denote the importance of meditation.

Physical Yoga Logo

physical yoga logo

This yoga logo is in red and gray. The red color signifies power and the athlete figure which is drawn in gray and is wearing red boxers and has a bulky physique. This logo is powerful and shows yoga can create an impressive bodily impact.

Yoga Logo Design

yoga logo design

This is yet another unique yoga logo design that is different from the rest of the designs and uses the colors gray and green which again are powerful colors of meditating. Around the head are surrounding green dots which determine the impact yoga does on a mind.

Green Yoga Logo Design

green yoga logo design

Green is the color that represents peace, gratitude, health and well-being. That is exactly what yoga does to the mind and body. This yoga logo is a green leaf patterned lotus flower in color green. The logo can be incorporated in yoga centers promoting green and eco-friendly living.

Yoga Center logo

yoga center logo

This logo can be used in yoga centers, studios and the like. It features a multi-colored half lotus. Below is the space for adding a tag line and an interesting name for the center. This is a simple but strong logo which can prove to be effective.

Chakra Yoga Logo

chakra yoga logo

This is a yoga logo design about a Chakra yoga studio where the symbol of the globe has been customized with a female figure sitting cross-legged and colors like bright yellow, green and white have been incorporated in this design.

Lotus Yoga Logo

lotus yoga logo

Lotus is the primary symbol used in yoga and meditation centers. This lotus yoga logo is very powerful, simple and unique. It can be incorporated in yoga studios and centers likewise. The logo design claims to be easily editable without losing any resolution in the image.

Yoga and Wellness Logo

yoga and wellness logo

This yoga and wellness logo feature a human figure sitting cross-legged in the perfect beginner’s yoga pose. Surrounding the figure are two large curved leaves that form a circle. It represents the importance of nature and its soothing effects on the body and soul.

Studio Yoga Logo Design

yoga studio logo design

Another studio yoga design that features a globe where the featured female figure with her body striking a yoga pose. The female body figure is carved inside the round circle and primary colors like yellow, blue and green have been used to design the logo.

Yoga Company Logo

yoga company logo

Colorful Yoga Logo Template

colorful yoga logo template

Lotus Yoga Studio Logo

lotus yoga studio logo

Yogaman Logo Design

yogaman logo design

Yoga club Logo Design

yoga club logo design

Free Abstract Yoga Logo

free abstract yoga logo

Colorful Yoga Logo Template

colorful yoga logo design

Sun Yoga Logo

sun yoga logo

Yoga is the finest form of meditation and exercise which has several benefits. The logo of yoga studios, spa and centers should be designed keeping in mind its benefits to the mind and body, thus colors like green, orange, yellow, white and brown are integrated to create the perfect logos.

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