The 21st of June celebrates the International Yoga Day, as declared by the United Nations. People all over the world are encouraged to unite and perform it in one particular place. Yoga Day has been observed all over the world ever since its declaration in 2015, which helps in promoting the physical and mental health benefits from this exercise to a large crowd.

When trying to promote yoga, you would always need to provide visual representations in all advertisement tools, which is why we are providing you with illustration designs of people doing yoga positions. Here, you may find an entire gallery of yoga vector illustrations to choose from, and these are all downloadable and editable for your convenience. Scroll down and see them for yourself.


Children Yoga Vector Illustration Designs


The set of graphic illustrations above shows us a group of happy boys and girls doing yoga positions. This can only imply that while resistance exercises are discouraged for children, yoga is not. It is targets flexibility more. Download this set if you want to promote an active and healthy lifestyle to children.


Woman Yoga Asana Illustration Designs


These character illustrations show a woman doing different yoga positions, from the tree pose to the downward dog. One way that you can make use of these images is by including them on a yoga brochure or on instruction materials if you wish to become a yogi or you simply want to teach someone the different positions of yoga.


Tree Pose Women Yoga Illustrations


What are the Health Benefits of Yoga Exercises?

  • Performing yoga exercises regularly will gradually loosen your muscles and joints, which can help in increasing flexibility.
  • Yoga, especially balance exercises, requires a lot of concentration. This, in turn, can also lead in improving one’s level of focus.
  • Yoga can also help in improving muscle strength, which is beneficial in the prevention of muscle and joint-related illnesses. Unlike resistance training, wherein you build muscle strength without improving your flexibility, yoga balances both aspects.
  • Yoga promotes posture improvement, which can aid in strengthening the spine.

Meditating Man Flat Yoga Illustration


No one ever said that yoga is only for women. Even big, muscular men can do it if they choose to go outside their comfort zone when exercising. To cover all their muscular areas when working out, they should also perform other exercises such as yoga and Pilates to improve their flexibility and core fitness.


Colorful Silhouette Yoga Asana Illustration


International Yoga Day Illustration Designs


Cute Couple Minimalist Yoga Illustration



Where To Use These Yoga Illustrations

Since these illustrations are in vector format, customizing it is easy. You can modify each element on its own without affecting the entirety of the image.

  • Advertising media. Use these illustrations along with your fitness logo on your printable promotional tools—flyers, brochures, or posters—to provide visual examples of people doing yoga. These can help in gaining more audience, since most people are interested when there are actual images to be seen than just words to be read.
  • Visual aids. When presenting to an audience or when discussing a topic related to the practice of yoga, an image in your visual aid increases your audience’s level of focus. This helps them in getting the required information that your are trying to convey.

Cute Yoga Kids Illustration Designs



Yoga Positions Character Illustration Designs



Above is another set of character illustrations showing children doing yoga. If flat illustrations are not enough for you, then use these more cartoonish images for a more life-like yet still adorable appearance. Increase your project’s level of appeal by using these character illustrations.

Yoga has been practiced for over thousands of years, and it has transitioned from being a spiritual practice to an exercise involving both physical and psychological aspects. When you perform yoga, you don’t just work on your body’s strength and balance, but also your state of mind since it also helps in relieving stress.

Download any of these human vector illustrations for a very reasonable price, and use it for any of your projects. Impress others and drive them to join you in celebrating the International Yoga Day, and let them experience first hand, the wonderful benefits of practicing yoga.

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