All of us at some point in our life must have come across an advertisement or poster aimed at spreading the anti-smoking message to the public. From creative, artistic to pure dull, we are exposed to many designs, it is the unique and innovative that strikes the chord while influencing our thought. Keeping in mind all the necessary aspects and pointers that make a good design inspirational, we have today compiled a list of 10 anti-smoking advertisements that played their part well in spreading the message.

1. 42

This creative anti-smoking ad is funny and at the same time strongly impactful with the serious message that smoking causes premature ageing. The message is aptly supported with the visual of lady celebrating her 42nd birthday looking like an 80+ old women. Designed without any unnecessary element, the advertisement delivers the message at the very first glance.

2. For More Information on Lung Cancer Keep Smoking

This clever and straight advertisement is designed with a clear and simple thought. All text no graphic advertisement makes the design effective with a crisp copy written in legible typography.

3. Stop Consuming Your Body

The striking visual shows the cigarettes burning in the shape of vital organs. The consuming and disturbing visual is designed precisely to catch the smoker’s attention. With a dark choice of colour and one core connective component, the design is visually clear and impressive.

4. Get Unhooked

This was one striking advertisement that became too much for some people to handle. The advertisement shows the images of people with fish hooks fastened to their faces representing a smoker’s addiction to cigarettes. The ad was banned after 774 complaints were received by the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK. Even though it was banned, we still think it delivered the message with a punch.

5. Chair

This clever advertisement photoshops an adult arm on children to show that when the adults in the household smoke, the kids too pick up on the habit.

6. World No Tobacco Day

The world no tobacco day advertisement make you view the consequence of your action by showing a cemetery with the non-smoking area free and empty of any burials. The copy in coordination with the visual gives the message that would be understood by everyone even in a rough glance.

7. Lung Cancer Foundation

With no copy, the advertisement does the simple yet creative swap by implementing the colour of the cigarette on the bed of the hospital. The ad with its creative and minimalist design brings an instant connect with the viewer.

8. Generation

Another purely visual oriented advertisement creates a brilliant connect with the burnt cigarette buds and human ashes and the name of the individual written beneath each featured element. With a graphic this strong, it will definitely be one advertisement difficult to overlook and forget.

9. World No Tobacco Day

On a clear white background with a clean ashtray and cigarette buds spread all around the tray, the visual reads smoking can kill your eyesight first. You don’t need a second thought to understand the meaning and the purpose of the advertisement.

10. Smoking Kills

This illustrative advertisement stating smoking kills 14000 people a day shows a set of human figures gripping for life on the burning top of the cigarette. The visual makes the advertisement gripping and engaging.

If you think we missed out on any, feel free to add to our list and comment and let us know your pick on the best anti-smoking advertisement.

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