Who would have known that there was such a thing as a World Kiss Day? To those who are aware of this celebration, good for them. But for those who aren’t, then now’s the time to be familiar with it.

The 6th of July is celebrated as the World Kiss Day, or International Kissing Day, wherein the act of kissing to show love is being appreciated. This is not only celebrated among partners or couples, but among friends and family as well.

Kissing may seem as a very simple gesture to express affection to others; you simply need to stick your lips or cheeks on to another person’s face. But this gesture can go a very long way, especially if done sincerely. You wouldn’t want to give a kiss to a person without actually feeling the gesture, it would be similar to the kiss that Judas Iscariot gave to Jesus right before giving Him up to the arresting soldiers.

When giving a kiss, be sure to give it wholeheartedly that the person you are kissing can feel that it is genuine.

On this website, we have collected the most adorable human vector illustrations we can find that displays two people showing love for one another in the form of a kiss. Use these for presentations, visual aids, or even for promotional tools, these illustrations can be used any way you want or for any purpose you deem appropriate. If these are the kind of illustrations you are looking for, then don’t hesitate to scroll down to see the samples below.


Boy and Girl Kissing Illustration

There is nothing cuter than two children expressing their admiration towards each other. We say admiration because in their very young age, they may already know that love is but they don’t really have a bigger and romantic picture about it. Download this hand-drawn inspired illustration of you also think that this is more adorable than words.


Couple on Bench Kissing Illustration

Couple Kissing Under The Rain Illustration

Being in a relationship means caring for each other and protecting each other from anything negativity, just like being under an umbrella when it’s raining. In this graphic illustration, it shows us a gentleman protecting his lady from getting soaked by holding an umbrella over their heads and her giving him a kiss as way of reciprocating his sweet gesture. This is what it means to be a couple—looking out for each other no matter what.


Young Couple Kissing Illustrations

The History of World Kiss Day

The very first World Kiss Day was celebrated roughly eleven years ago, in 2006. The purpose of this celebration is to remind people of the importance of this simple gesture to express not only our love, but our appreciation towards other people.

Many people all over the world don’t fully understand what it truly means to kiss someone, which is why when they give it, there is no meaning behind it. Giving a meaningless kiss is almost the same as not giving it at all. And, there are also people who completely neglect this gesture since they find it irrelevant or unimportant.

During World Kiss Day, we are reminded that the act of kissing has its own place in society; it is one factor that keeps us human. Why is that so? We are constantly being told that we should always love and not hate, and the act of kissing is the most common gesture of love.

There is the romantic kiss that we give to our respective partners, and is one of the greatest form of expressing one’s affection since it is done in a slow and calm pace.

On the other hand, there is also the casual kiss that we give to our friends and family members, wherein we simply touch either our lips or our cheek to their cheeks. In some parts of Europe, people give casual kisses by touching both cheeks of one person to the opposite cheeks of another, and this is commonly done around Italy.


Royal Couple Kissing Illustration

In fairy tales, a kiss is not only a way of expressing affection. It is also a powerful and magical gesture, wherein it can break curses and even bring the dead back to life. In the case of Snow White, a kiss from Prince Charming was enough to bring her back even after she had already been poisoned by the apple.

For the sleeping beauty, though Aurora was not really confirmed dead, but the curse was very strong that it kept her from waking up. But what was the secret to breaking that curse? The kiss of the prince. Though all these are exaggerated representations of the act of kissing, it definitely tells us that even a simple act can be miraculous.


Sunny Summer Time Couple Kissing Illustration

Cute Girl and Boy Kissing Illustration

Comic Pop Art Couple Kissing Illustration

Girl Loves Boy Kissing Illustration

Where to Use these Illustrations

  • Advertising media. The purpose of World Kiss Day is to remind people of the importance of kissing. Because of this purpose, there are organizations that set up an event gathering people all over to participate in simultaneously giving a kiss to their respective partners. Since events need to be publicized, it would be best to make use of advertising tools to inform people about this. You may want to go with posters, flyers, or banner designs for your advertising media. Regardless of which one you will be using, these illustrations will work perfectly on them.
  • Presentations. If you are not contented with just setting up a kissing booth or organizing a kissing event as a way of celebrating World Kissing Day, you can spread awareness through a short seminar or lecture. In reality, people are more interested and attentive to discussions if they see a visual aid. To make your seminar more effective, use these vector illustrations as visual aids to keep your audience’s attention going.

Boy and Girl Hugging and Kissing Illustration

Couple Kissing Vector Illustration

Valentines Boy and Girl Kissing Illustration

Couple Kissing Flat Cartoon Illustration

They always say that when you kiss your special someone, you not only make your lips do the work, but your entire body and soul as well. When the lips touch, we also want to make sure that the bodies touch to make the woman feel secured in the man’s arms while he also constantly caresses her. On this flat illustration, we are shown a couple that is passionately kissing, with the man’s arms are around the woman’s waist, and her’s are on top of his shoulders.


Elderly Couple Love Kissing Illustration


If a couple continues to love each other unconditionally, then they will also continue to be together for as long as they live. During a wedding ceremony, it is stated that the couple should always love each other “in sickness and in health, richer or poorer, and that only in death will they be parted from one another.”

As long as the couple is still going strong in their relationship, they should never cease to show their feelings and give expressive gestures to one another. If you truly love someone, you would do everything just to keep them. In the case of this elder couple, we can clearly see that even at their old age, they still know how to make each other feel special.


Twelve O’Clock Couple Kissing Cartoon Illustration


Twelve o’clock could mean that it’s already lunchtime, and it could also mean that the new day just started. But with fairy tales, this hour has a bigger meaning. In the story of Cinderella, this is the curfew time that her fairy godmother imposed after giving her the chance to enjoy a life of luxury and freedom. After the clock struck twelve, everything fell back to how it was, and Cinderella was forced to leave the Prince behind without getting the opportunity to express herself to him.

Based on that story, we could say that the couple on this love drawing are re-enacting that scene. But, instead of the outcome that we are more familiar with, they are able to express their feelings here just as the clock is about to strike twelve.

Spread the love to others with our kissing illustrations. You don’t need to be a couple to give kisses. You can give them to friends as well, but they are more like a friendly gesture than an intimate one. Friendly kisses are mostly given on the cheeks, with the exception that some girls kiss their female friends on the lips.

For couples, kissing is done passionately and romantically, and it should not be done in a hurry for them to savor the moment. This way, they will be able to build intimacy in their relationship, which is important if they want it to blossom and grow.

Don’t hesitate to download any of these illustration designs, they can be yours for a very reasonable fee. These illustrations were done by skillful and inventive graphic artists, who have given their best to be able to provide you with outstanding quality illustrations that you deserve. These illustrations are also fully editable, and you may use any photo editing software to edit these, but if you want the highest compatibility, we recommend you use Adobe Photoshop.

So, what’s keeping you? Get your fingers ready and start downloading an illustration now.

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