There are various sofa designs to help you set up a comfortable seating in your living room. The space behind your sofa looks incomplete and empty without a sofa table. It fills in the gap between your sofa and the wall. It can be decorated to add a personal taste to your sophisticated interiors. While it makes your living room more appealing, it is functional as well. Let us look at some interesting sofa tables. You may also see Sofa Designs

Rustic Sofa Tables

To add rustic look to your living room add a barn wood sofa table with cross legs. You can also use a barn wood table with metal legs and a wooden foot shelf. Experiment with the look by combining an old wood table top with slightly carved and painted white elegant legs.

Rustic Narrow Sofa Table

rustic narrow sofa table

Rustic Wood Sofa Table

rustic wood sofa table

Small Sofa Tables

If you have small living room opt for smaller sofa tables. It can be narrow table to fit in the narrow space behind your sofa. It can also be a small corner table which can serve the purpose of a sofa table. You may also see Curved Sectional Sofa Designs

Small Glass Sofa Table

small glass sofa table

Modern Sofa Table Designs

Modern sofa tables are minimalistic designs that merge well with your modern indoors. A simple three sided wooden frame with firm footing looks sleek and stylish. A sofa table with wrought iron legs and white wood table top enhances the look of your all white interiors.

Modern Living Room Sofa Table

modern living room sofa table

lee CALISTI architecture+design

Industrial Sofa Tables

To give an industrial look to your living space use a slim industrial table with narrow iron frame and wooden table top as the sofa table. A narrow table with metallic frame and embedded wooden or treated cork table top are enough to add industrial touch you always wanted. You may also see Corner Sofa Designs

Vintage Industrial Sofa Table

vintage industrial sofa table

Outdoor Sofa Tables

Sofa table which can be used indoors are not much different from the once used outdoors. Metal sofa tables are the best choice for outdoors but wicker is also equally liked for outdoors. Durable wooden sofa tables are also good for both open and covered outdoor seating arrangements.

Wooden Outdoor Sofa Table

wooden outdoor sofa table

Curved Sofa Tables

If you have a curved sofa then curved sofa table goes best with the curves of your sofa. It safes space and adds a feminine touch to your interiors. Curved sofa table improves the aesthetics of living room but it is also a functional addition. You may also see Sectional Sofa Designs

Curved Glass Sofa Table

curved glass sofa table

Vintage Sofa Tables

Add style to your room by adding an antique sofa table to it. Antique furniture is easily available online. In case you want to get one made than go for a table made in polished dark wood with intricate carvings and carved legs.

Vintage Oak Sofa Table

vintage oak sofa table

Design by Chalet Development

Contemporary Sofa Tables

Consider a slim three sided sofa table which can be slid under your sofa to make a mini table for you. Simple narrow wooden frame use as legs mounted by a thin acrylic table top makes for a sleek and stylish sofa table.

Contemporary Wood Sofa Table

contemporary wood sofa table

Corner Sofa Table Designs

Corner sofa tables are usually short to be at hands level while you sit on the sofa. It is an ultimate utilisation of space. You can have one made in wood, metal, acrylic or glass as per your interiors. You can use them to keep books or decorate them with fresh flower vase. You may also see Leather Sofa Designs

Corner Wooden Sofa Table

corner wooden sofa table

Storage Sofa Tables

Storage space never goes for waste in any home. Instead of a plain sofa table you can opt for one with lower shelves or drawers which can be used for storage. A slim sofa table with drawers would make for a wonderful storage alternative. You can also have one with open shelves to keep books.

Traditional Storage Sofa Table

traditional storage sofa table

Glass Sofa Tables

If you have modern or contemporary interiors than glass sofa tables would enhance the delicate looks of your interiors. A curved glass sofa table with clean steel legs and fresh flower vase above will give a different definition to your living space.

Contemporary Glass Sofa Table

contemporary glass sofa table

Round Sofa Tables

Your sofa tables need not have angles all the time. It can be a rounded table with three legs. It can be delicate curved wooden table or a heavier one with metal legs and marble top.

Small Round Sofa Table

small round sofa table

Country Sofa Tables

Slim sofa table made in dark wood and slim drawers with vintage style metal handles are enough to add that country look to your space. Painted tables foot shelf used to keep baskets and lamps also looks beautiful. Use white or blue in case of painted sofa tables.

French Country Sofa Table

french country sofa table

Traditional Sofa Tables

Heavy dark wood sofa table with carved details on body and heavily carved legs will give you the desired traditional look. A simple wooden top on heavily carved base with foot shelf looks every bit traditional to please your eyes.

Traditional Wood Sofa Table

traditional wood sofa table

Eibensteiner Real Estate Group

Cottage Sofa Tables

Narrow wooden sofa table with foot shelf and faint while paint looks amazing. Enhance the cottage look by filling the foot shelf with baskets, ornate lamps or candle stands. A wicker sofa table is a perfect example of cottage sofa table.

Beach Cottage Sofa Table

beach cottage sofa table

Photo by Douglas Johnson

Wooden Sofa Table Designs

Wood undeniably is the first choice for sofa table because of its versatility. Wooden sofa table can be designed in any way to suite traditional, modern, rustic or vintage interiors as well.

White Wooden Sofa Table

white wooden sofa table

Farmhouse Sofa Tables

Narrow wooden sofa table coloured in faint blue paint with visible wooden grains looks beautiful. Consider a cross legged wooden sofa table with levels of lower shelves making for an amazing storage space.

Farmhouse Wooden Sofa Table

farmhouse wooden sofa table

Black Sofa Tables

Black adds class to ay interior. A simple black sofa table with block legs and table top looks every bit stylish. A black sofa table with straight lines and simple drawers supported on slim metal legs looks sleek and perfect for minimalistic interiors.

Simple Black Sofa Table

simple black sofa table

Metal Sofa Tables

Just mount a wooden table top on a cross legged metal; frame for a rustic sofa table. A sofa table made of slender steel legs and glass top looks perfect in modern interiors. Metal is versatile and can be smartly used to get different looks.

Metal and Glass Sofa Table

metal and glass sofa table

Sectional Sofa Tables

If you have an open space your sectional sofa table can help you divide different areas in style. It works as a boundary between our living room and kitchen and serve as a storage space as well.

Corner Sectional Sofa Table

corner sectional sofa table

Sofa table adds to the aesthetics of your interiors and at the same time are highly functional. You can use your sofa table as a beautiful divider between different spaces. It also serves a perfect storage solution. You can decorate a sofa table with candles, books and fresh flower vases as well. You can also personalise it by keeping some of your favourite table frames on it. Beautify your house with sofa tables.

There are various table designs available for you to choose from and decorate your personal space. Sofa tables are one of such functional parts of interior designs. Use these innovative ideas to change the look of your living space forever. Select the best designs and use your sofa table in style.

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